Charlotte NC -Roastery To Door Milk Man Delivery Of Specialty Coffee January 08 2021

Our homes are becoming our sanctuary and what better way to pay homage to the fourth industrial revolution than having fresh roasted to order coffee delivered to your door like the milk man used to do back in the day. This is 87+ specialty coffee, Strong Like Bull, sustainably sourced from all around the world roasted to order just for you. Unmatched & mind-blowingly different and delicious. One you go Toro you never go back.

Are You Human Oro Ready? September 27 2020

So this is what's up-- we are opening a warehouse in the NODA district in Charlotte, NC. to roast and hold our greens from every harvest per usual. We will continue our venture to be bold, live free, and never fucking settle.

New regions from all over the world arrive in Charlotte before we even do on the 30th of Sept with all of our equipment. We arrive on the 1st.

We have new ads, new influencers we are working with, new art...just a new era. Artisan, unique, US. Or shall I say, YOU!

Coffee Conversation- The Only Way Out Is Through September 13 2020 1 Comment

I know right now things seem dire. They feel surreal. With politics, wildfires, and a pandemic. I mean, we are living through so much history at once. It is our generation who will teach others how to be strong, how to build, how to persevere like no other generation prior and how to be bold, live free, and never settle in a time when all those things seem decided for us. However, you were literally made for the times.

Coffee Talk- Let's Talk Depression July 16 2020

I am optimistic because of the shift this generation and the one behind it is making. I am optimistic about the dialogue happening now though on social media. If anything, when the clouds of depression clear you feel like a victor. I understand why many youth list the afflictions they have in their bio. It's obviously so you understand why they may be this way or that way and it's also because they are survivors. They are continuing survivors of what seemed like a never-ending journey through hell. That's something to be proud of. Hanging in there is enough.

To Be An American Is To Stand With The Protesters #BLM #EndPoliceBrutality June 02 2020

Stay Strong, Human Oro! This is how we change things. Don’t let the news skew the narrative. It’s time to burn the system DOWN and RISE and GRIND to an EVOLVED WAY FORWARD!

The Toro Foundation is Giving Back & Evolving to Micro-Grants April 29 2020

We started the Toro Foundation 4 years ago to build our own charity. We are starting with feeding America and the idea of maybe even starting our own micro-grant allocations to our community.

About That Virus March 30 2020

Fact of the matter is there is no us without you.

This is how things go down at Toro Coffee:

We get your green beans from our farm or one just like it. We literally disinfect the box before we remove the beans. We then put it in our small warehouse to keep them dry and cool. When we are ready to roast, we put on a masks which I have since the very beginning. It was always to prevent inhaling smoke but also to keep precautions in place from the start. We then put on gloves that are changed again when we package your coffee in your shipment and take it to the mail.

We are dealing with an invisible enemy as we all know. We keep all of our roasting equipment, roasters, and tables spotless for packaging and disinfected after each day. Many times during the day.

We are all in this together and we want all of our customers to make it with us to the other side of this. We follow all federally, state and local standards to bring you the fresh roasted movement.

Love Always,



But First Humanity February 27 2020

Dear Toritos, Human Oro (Gold), Conquistadors of the Soul,

This blog is long overdue. I haven't been writing as much as I would like to for Toro, but that content drought is going to end soon. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to make sure we relaunch in 2020. And now that we have slowly but surely, we are picking up where we left off! It's exciting and there's lots of growth to come.

I am writing this because in order to grow there are policies we believe Andrew Yang offers that not only helps business owners but it helps our customers grow too. We fully supported Andrew Yang as a candidate and all his campaign represents. From second chances/reinvention which is the heart of Toro Coffee, to a UBI (Universal Basic Income) that would put the capital we need back into the business to give back to the community.

These past 3 years have been a teaching experience for me in so many aspects of life. First, let me start out by saying welcome to the many people flooding to our website. It has been nothing short of exciting to see our analytics. Thank you especially to #YangGang and your interest and support.

Coffee and tea have a way of bringing us all together so grab a cup this is long as hell. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you why we are 'Yang Gang' as a company, and why it is so important to us to echo those ideas here at Toro Coffee Company now that 3 years of fascism, racist ideals, and an influx of violence have been a platform from a tactless US president who naturally sets the tone for the world.

Some people say, why do you even get into politics? "Stick to coffee."

Well, that's the thing, I never thought I would "get into coffee". It was an unknown in life. In middle school and high-school, even as I struggled to attend the last two years, which I openly talk about my upcoming memoir and first book, 'Cartel Baby,' I was a stellar English student and debate champion. I have always loved political science and sociology.  In my last two years of high-school I showed up for only 3 classes; Physical Education, Sociology, Paideia- two classes melded together for an advanced study of Civics and English, which I took all 4 years of high-school. This is what I cared about. I lived for the theater, debate, politics, and history.

If I hadn't had such a difficult last two high school years dealing with my sexuality and an all white school in then very small Raleigh, NC, that saw my presence there as something of a token piece, I would have been able to focus better on what it was I wanted from life. Add the complexities of my youth, sexuality, and larger than life backstory which led us to live in witness protection as a family with financial problems and you can see how my family was disseminating. This is only part of why a UBI means so much to me.

The idea of what I could do in life and what was possible didn't enter my then barely formed mind until long after I lost myself to addiction and anything that would keep me from embracing my sexuality, back story, and the complex reality of being the daughter of someone infamous, Colombian, a lesbian and a POC that looked "white".

When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I  wanted to be an artist of some sort and help others. That's all I knew and that hasn't changed. I know art is subjective, but helping others is not. You either do or you don't try to make the world a better place. If it wasn't for the families of my friends who helped me escape when I wasn't fully aware I needed to, I may not be here today. I knew I wanted to make this about reinvention. I wanted to take my story of being born into a life that was anything but normal, as stable as possible and beat all odds. I demanded to change the narrative.

Toro Coffee has always been about so much more than specialty coffee. It is about YOU. It's been about all of us as a collective. When I first walked onto the coffee plantations of Colombia from Bogota, Armenia to Medellin, and I made this investment in life I wanted to help my community. It was based on what my grandfather had built with his legacy, and much like in the movie COCO, making sure his picture was in the "ofrenda of the internet"..

So in honor of my grandfather and all he built to inspire me today and that mixed with Yang's policies I guarantee us here at Toro Coffee will be looking forward to supporting any candidates that support UBI and doing all we can as a small business to push the narrative of big picture thinking, and putting the power back into the hands of the people.

Andrew is no longer in the race but his policies were ahead of his time. I believe they  should have been implemented long before Yang was born. Point is, Toro Coffee is going Humanity First and will fight for UBI any way we can as a small business that mixes coffee, tea and conversations. As we say on our podcast, a broad analysis of the zeitgeist.

Cheers to the Humanity First Era!

Are You Ready For That Worldly Drip?! February 20 2020

Toro Coffee Worldly Menu


We are one week away from these regions arriving at Toro Organics so we can take care of the most worldly Human Oro! This also means worldly packs are BACK!

Every region is graded at an 87+ plus and a well rounded cup of heaven. Sustainable Specialty Coffee means higher green prices but we will do anything to make sure from farm to cup everyone is being taken care of. This is Oro after all.

If you Conquistadors of the Soul have any questions please contact us!

Rest In Power- Juárez artist and activist Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre January 24 2020

Isabel was a  26 -year- old clothing designer, painter and active member of a women’s collective, Daughters of Maquila Worker Mothers. She disappeared riding back home on her bike after swinging by a bar in Juarez, Mexico. Chihuahua prosecutors announced on Sunday morning the discovery of a woman’s body in the downtown area. It was confirmed to be Isabel.

Toro Coffee Brewed Proper featuring Benjamin Brandon August 18 2019

We were honored to have influencer and social media media sensei, Benjamin Brandon. He reached out and created such a dope advert that reflects the style and vibe of this unique brand. Thank you, Brandon for being one of the most generous videographers we know and capturing the essence of Toro Coffee. Go check out Ben's Instagram when you can @AccessBenjamin! He is truly the definition of Human Oro.

Toro Merch - Live Boldly August 12 2019

View this post on Instagram

Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Scroll left to see our take on the #handmaidstale. Leave the grinding for coffee and for making your dreams come true. This is so much more than #specialtycoffee.💥💥💥 #ToroCoffee is a #movement & always has been! You guys have been asking for merch for FOREVER. We are starting small with some thought out tees that represent perseverance and strength—here are the first two shirts. I just ordered mine. La just ordered hers. They are American made. American Apparel soft. Toro cozy. Join the freshly roasted movement. Let’s change the world one bold buttery effect at a time. ☮️#abundancemindset PS- we have a few pounds, first come, first serve, of fresh farm to cup 87+ specialty reserve from the #torocarofincas en #Colombia. Grab yours while you can. You guys know if you have a bag in your possession it’s #ORO!! Fall we will have a full menu as we wait on more harvests to come in. 🌍 ............ #torocoffee #toroorganics #coffee #resist #torocoffeehouse #beboldlivefreeneversettle #fuckfascism #coffeeandactivism #persist #coffeesesh #toromewithcoffee #igdaily #humanityfirst #yanggang2020 #lgbt #americanmade #softaesthetic #socialactivism #coffeeandcannabis #coffeeholic #coffeecoffeecoffee #coffeeislife #coffeebringsustogether

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Twitter, Black Rifle Coffee and the NRA June 13 2019

Toro Rekts Right Wing Nut Job Site Twitchy "News", The NRA, their hypocrisy, and how weapons of war and a war mentality are for the unevolved.

Social Media Cleanse May 01 2019

Dear Toritos/ Conquistadors of the Soul/ Human Oro,

I am taking this time to take a short social media cleanse. It seems impossible for a business to do this. However, more podcast hosts, life coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, public speakers, business owners, YouTubers, etc., are essentially in the same mood. Saying things along the lines of, 'I am going to try to exit social media to focus more on my content, channel, website, tangible businesses, my work detail overall; Maybe I'll even take some time to better me. I need to be sure not to pour from an empty cup, metaphorically'.

Even if I were the only one thinking this, it's something I must do.

When you are never living in the present moment to engage people every second on social media, you probably aren't offering your best work despite what you think. 

Toro Coffee taking time off social media means revamping a team (meaning hire people we know see this vision and can handle 'the freshly roasted movement' and what it entails), working on our CBD coffee, working on fundraising, expanding the outreach portion of the Toro Foundation, exporting/ importing, the family farms, business development, project managing, and a new podcast which is evolving from the last one, The Antihero Voice. 

It's about not letting Toro Coffee go at any cost. We are dealing with MULTIPLE copycats. We are an international brand. I know how beloved the power behind the Toro name is and our messaging has been to bounce off of since our inception. It's my name and message so I feel honored and flattered. It's generations of really incredible coffee harvest, our Toro named and blooded ancestors, not just some copycat who wants to be us. We are the one and only Toro Coffee. Nothing will change that. Trademark/Copyright.

We are taking this time to solidify that difference. It is about big picture thinking. Self care. Love of my customers, and fans of the brand. It's about taking action to make sure perseverance continues until I get the beyond epic results I want for this bold brand you all helped me build.

It is about making sure I am ready with full transparency, health, and energy to give you what you all deserve like I always have, but taking it up the many notches I have been dying to raise it, yet haven't had the chance, because of the fact there are not enough hours in the day.

It is about the optimization of achieving a goal and doing what you have to do to stay clear and keep the power of our message going. A legacy.

With projects, a vision of so much more than specialty coffee and cannabis, I have future travels, and fundamental personal growth that is needed to build the brand/who I envision to be as a leader as I move forward. I will be taking on as many orders as I can on the side and working on that very reinvention, public speaking and focusing on what I need to work on to become even stronger to give you everything you expect from this unique and bold AF movement.

You will receive all my love and attention with each order as always. If you are able to place an order for a private roast to order it means you were able to make the list for that time period. It is my honor and all proceeds go to charity.

I'm your private roaster to fuel your life as you raise down to earth kids, start college, get released from jail after that mistake and start over, beat that odd, make that team, transition, come out, take that new risk, leave that toxic relationship, when you return from war, the front lines of the medical field, after standing in that picket line, after nights of litigation in the courtroom, for the good intention based people working the border who "didn't sign up for this", the migrant who is you in another time, the professor, the activist, aka the bold and free of every walk of life. We are fueling butterfly effects of change.

How is this more than specialty coffee? It's reinvention. We are multidimensional beings, and we need a caliber of a brand that encompasses that message of abundance in willpower and fuel the wealthy forces of your complex lives.

That's exactly what I am doing. I am focusing on what matters after 6 years. I am still here, and you know I am not going anywhere. This is Toro Coffee, the real deal. After I return from my travels to Mexico I may or may not turn the lights back on social media. Otherwise, you know where to find me. I will be posting blogs and vlogs much more on the site.

Always imitated, never replicated,


Melissa Toro (Mel)


Illegitimi non carborundum

If you need me you know you can contact me at: or





Burundi Kibumbu Kayokwe March 17 2019

Blends and Single Serve Oro to fuel your Reinvention March 13 2019

Starting a #specialtycoffee, #community & #cannabis fresh roasted movement, meant sacrifice, taking risks we thought we would never take. Sacrifice = Reward. Stay tuned, #Toros. Things are about 2 get as lit as #torocoffee itself. #StayTuned #BeBoldLiveFree #Revamp

International Women's Day 2019 March 08 2019

 "I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay." ―Madonna

National Cereal Day 2019 March 07 2019

Toro Coffee Combo February 28 2019

The epic one and only #ToroCoffeeCombo! What's your favorite Toro Coffee Combo?

Be Bold, Live Free, Never Settle September 20 2018

Happy Day, Epic Human Oro! 

We love the smell of specialty coffee & reinvention in the air.

It's Time for All That's Lovely and Nice, It's Time for Cinnakin Spice™! September 10 2018

Your private roaster and fiery souled friends at Toro Coffee Co. are preparing for the most exciting time of the year!

The 2018 holidays are fast approaching with pumpkins, change, and all the reasons we have to celebrate life and be more present. To top it all like a metaphor for whipped cream on the sundae of life, the finest, artisan crafted gift of a blend with Specialty Coffee, demerara azucar, organic pumpkin spice, cinnamon spice and more is back!!

September 23rd CINNAKIN SPICE™ makes its return to the marketplace for the worldly!

We are entering Fall 2018. Much has changed for so many of us since Toro Coffee started early in March 2014 as a webshop. It's an honor to fuel the one constant in life: change!


What started as an idea to take on a mainstream drink that is filled with artificial flavors turned into a magical specialty style dry coffee with only natural holiday spices. Cinnakin is handcrafted, roasted to order and blended just for you.

Humanity is trekking through some of the most reinventive and redemptive times in history. We are evolving into better and more intellectually aware people. We are more connected. We are bolder and ready to free ourselves from the truths that have been exposed as we become more inundated with social media and our devices.

Being Bold, Living Free, and Never Settling is a way of life. It is a state of mind. It's also naturally infused in the specialty coffee you drink at Toro with every order that comes in. It's undeniable. There is still a company that wants you to feel something tangible. Something Real. Something Free and Something Bold! 

We do this for the love. Cheers to you and the Toro Coffee roasted to order next to your coffee maker every morning and all day long. 

Conquer on, Champions! See you September 23rd!

Toro Coffee REKTS Twitchy News (aka Mommy Meth Head News), The Alt-Reich, and The NRA-- blasts them ALL on Twitter September 06 2018

Twitchy News is an alt right site run by moms in the USA who don't like watching over their kids and would rather be on the internet.

Toro Coffee admires Nanea Hoffman (Sweatpants & Coffee) September 06 2018

It was November 2016, and our country had shifted massively after 45's nomination in the primaries-  then to the shift that occurred when he won on such a disturbing platform. A year later, we are still in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with technology. 45's rhetoric is as tumultuous as ever, but the hope is still alive by the will of the people and brands that are willing to take the risk to stand for civility.

El Viaje Now Featuring Maca Root August 23 2018

Cinco de Mayo Giveaway! April 03 2018


“CBD Oil can also contain ZERO amount of THC. If this were coffee, it’s all in the grind. It still is, figuratively, for hemp CBD oil.” via

**Only available in Hemp legal states in US. 

Happy Easter April 01 2018

Happy Easter- Toro Coffee

Select Oil February 12 2018 1 Comment

Have you ever been so excited you ran & jumped into the air? So freaking stoked you wanted to yell the amazing news to the WORLD?!?

Today, we are proud to open a new chapter to share with all of you, Conquistadors of the Soul! And this blog post is my virtual yell off a mountain top to you!

Toro is now affiliated with Select Oil CBD to sell you enriched oils & vape pens! Yes, you can now click from your computer to then graciously await at the mailbox not just for Toro Coffee, but your CBD products too!

Toro Coffee Co. is the coffee of the cannabis industry. Since inception 5 years ago, we have cultivated our signature Budda’ Brew & spread our name, and Toro love across the PNW.

Now, proudly in Oregon, we have found the cleanest extracted CBD oils & vape pens JUST FOR YOU, via Select Oil. We discovered Select immediately in Oregon and are now bouncing off the walls excited to be able to bring it to you!

“Select CBD is extracted from industrial hemp. CBD is a compound that interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. The series of receptors regulates pain, mood, the immune system, memory, appetite, stress, and other important functions.”

Questions? Let’s hammer 🔨 them:
1. Is CBD cannabis? Select CBD products are derived from the industrial hemp plant.
2. Will I get high? CBD will not produce a psychoactive high (aka THC high) but it will certainly put your mind & body at ease. You only feel better.
3. Is it legal? "CBD is legal as long as the product is derived from the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant aka a non-controlled substance." (Like caffeine in coffee) quoted directly from DEA.

More from Select:

“Select CBD Blends combine the medical benefits of CBD with essential oils and natural extracts to help you Relax, Focus, and Revive. 

Relax offers release at the end of a stressful day with sweet-smelling, calming lavender extract.

Focus is formulated to provide the clarifying benefits of CBD combined with soothing, refreshing peppermint extract. 

Revive lifts you up with invigorating, rejuvenating grapefruit extract to help you recover, reconnect and regain energy.“

Check out both the Drops & Disposable Vape Pens!

If you care about awards: Select Oil - Winner of the 2017 Dope Industry Award for Best Concentrate Company 🌟

Stay Lifted & Gifted™

If you live in these 6 states - not available for sale - we are waiting for your! Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia—still consider every part of the cannabis plant, including CBD, to be illegal.

This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. This product should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. A Doctor's advice should be sought before using this and any supplemental dietary product. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual weight loss results will vary. By using this site you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and all Terms & Conditions printed on this site. Void Where Prohibited By Law.

Toro- Fourth Wave Specialty Coffee Steeper February 09 2018

Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Natural & Chlorine Free. 

More time means eliminating bulky machines and costly to the earth pods that clog up our very earth, bodies, and coffee machines with old stale debris.

We take all of the steps you require, a craft, artisan, personalized fresh roast, highest graded beans, single origins, epic blends, and perfectly ground. Biodegradable in rice paper. You then open up your steeper and conquer the world. Place one in your favorite backpack, or your briefcase for an adventure of the soul!

Coffee & Cannabliss Pairing- Brand- Evolvd Oregon February 01 2018


We have heard people in the industry speaking about Evolvd Oregon and their Artisn extracted oil and carts. I am never too convinced by word of mouth because many times it is just hype produced by people who genuinely want to support one another. I love that, but it is also misleading when talking about something you want to "review".

Let's get to the point: this is no certain "hype". This is a humble brand with a larger than life product, packaging, and design we can only admire. I say humble because when we put together this little piece on Ripple they swung by on Instagram to show some love about the post with a little comment.

We appreciate that kind of engagement from brands minus all the pretentiousness flooding the market.

In order to write these blogs, we manage and always strive to create long-lasting relationships with humble and kind owners of dispensaries, producers, cannabis writers, growers, and entrepreneurs. Thank you for your ability to network. It is what sets amateurs apart from people who understand how important it is to work openly with paraprofessionals in cannabis and in all fields. It is imperative to keep power in possession of many small/medium sized businesses in order keep the peoples' leverage out of the hands of greedy corporations and our very own government(s) that started the epically failed  'war on drugs'.

When Lala and I traveled down to Oregon we knew we would be learning a lot about how Washington State and Oregon operate differently when it comes to legalization/quality of cannabis and hemp production. Washington had a technical head start being right behind Colorado in legalization, but both were already operating for decades in the cannabis/hemp markets. 

What we have noticed is Seattle & Portland obviously have more of a population of producers that are able to meet the demand of the many dispensaries there that call for quality oil and bud. When it comes to prices, they are higher on the outskirts of any PNW major town. Seattle has enough dispensaries in an overpopulated place to offer those inexpensive prices. When you start exploring the "outskirts" so to say, of any state, things get pricier.

Toro Evolvd Review

For a half gram of Philosopher's Breath, we paid $32 bucks. That's a steal in Eugene. Shout out to Bud's Cannabis Collection LLC, in Eugene, Oregon. It is usually about a $35/40 price point for half a gram.

Travis at Bud's piloted us through Evolvd and his experience with this clean burn. He was kind and straightforward. A tall and strong looking fella with a calm disposition. He was just as knowledgeable as you can hope for in the business. He knew his products, his inventory and his oils well and he didn't have an ounce of pretentiousness to him.

The cartridge: The half gram bullet was easy to pull from. You feel the effects immediately. At Buds Cannabis, Travis gave us a breakdown of how the bullet-shaped carts slide to the left. They are equipped to open up a certain amount of air-flow for your personal dosing and intake control.

Overall for Evolvd's Philosopher's breath:

To start, it is fun to purchase it. The box comes in an artistic lavender packaging with a bearded man in the front. The bearded man has clouds coming from his eyes. Dope artwork.

The rectangle lavender box opens up and boom -there is your little plant-based bullet.


Straight Up-

We would absolutely recommend this cart. Toro Oro without a doubt!!

With a cup of buttery Peru Apesi or Chocolatey Colombia from our farms, it made for a fantastic pairing.

When they say terpene steeped they mean it. You feel light and happy. This cart helps with anxiety. I know because I suffer from it. You can feel the CBD benefits immediately. We sipped our morning coffees and puffed on the citrusy and clean taste. As strong as a dab but as smooth and sweet as the hug in a mug of Toro Coffee we were drinking.

You will not cough your lungs away because Evolvd has created a product that is true to the palate and polite to the throat. This cart will last about 4 days for moderate solo tokers. Not too shabby.

Check out their site: Evolvd Oregon & a technical breakdown of Philosopher's Breath:

  • Terpene-Steeped
  • 70.05% THC / 0.14% CBD / 5.58% CBG / .92% CBC
  • Total Cannabinoids: 78.43
  • Blend: OG Pie Breath + Purple Punch + Presidential Kush
  • Cultivated by: Eugreen
  • Experience: Creative, Tranquil, Psychoactive & Grapey-Haze Mouth-Feel


back of Evolvd

This strain which is a hybrid- Indica dominant blend, makes you feel uplifted yet relaxed. You can work on this oil and still function like a normal human. I would even say a better one. All nerd aside, I found it is great for minor aches and pains after a workout. Wonderful post a 12-hour entrepreneur workday.

It's better than a drink after work. No hangover. Just holistic relaxation. 

On another note:

In July this year, the country of Canada will be fully legalized. Our beautiful neighbors in Mexico, have decriminalized cannabis. End the stigma and remember that cannabis helps save people from pain with addiction, ailments from arthritis to Alzheimer's.

Outside Of Buds- Graffiti By Tristan- Check Out More pics on Instagram.

Buds Cannabis

We will be writing a short blog about dispensaries and talking more about Buds, Herbal Nation run by my friends in Bothell, American Mary in Northgate Seattle- and why these dispensaries to us lead by example in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay Tuned & Stay Lifted & Gifted, Friends!



We write about products, places, people and adventures we adore. We are never here to talk about brands that we are not fond of. We are not sponsored unless noted as such. These are our opinions. 

No cannabis products for sale at this time. 18+ only.

Happy New Year- Coffee & Cannabliss January 01 2018

Hello, Coffee and Cannabis loving Amigos! Happy New Year!
Toro Organics will be at CannaCon this February in our old stomping grounds and home of some of the most altering and reinventive times of our life, Seattle, WA.
I am thrilled to come back home although being in Oregon gives us the best of all worlds in our opinion for the cannabis cultivation. We are eager to immerse ourselves in cannabis agriculture cultivation at this stage of legalized cannabis. We immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee and cannabis industry in the city and now are excited what we have to offer from the vast array of farms out here in less developed but more agriculturally cannabis developed, Oregon.
Toro Organics in 2018 will continue...
Cannacrawling the finest dispensaries, farms, and artisans.
There are an array of new artisans who have introduced us to products yet to make it to Washington shelves and Vice Versa.
We will be taking an in-depth look at what has changed since 2013. It will be exactly 11 months since we left in Seattle in February 2017. There is no doubt the industry has boomed even greater since then. We have also learned a lot that we intend to bring with us up north.
Coffee and Cannabliss
We will also be making the round and attending Dope Cup again this year like every year. It is the most fun party thrown in the Pacific Northwest. 
Mela from Toro Coffee Co at Cannacon 2013
Follow us on our coffee and cannabliss page to learn about the three best cannabis stocks to invest in RIGHT NOW to get ahead of this already blossoming cash crop and industry!

Original Artwork & Photography January 01 2018


This 2018 we will be offering our photography and artwork from our adventures fueled by Toro CoffeeCo. This will be launched little by little so make sure to check out the new collections and what they have to offer!


Happy New Year! 

Toro Launchers: Worldly Specialty Coffee in 14 gram Pour Overs December 31 2017

Sold out in 72 hours in its release on this webshop; Learn more about delicious, roasted to order, Toro Coffee Launchers!

New Organic Loose Leaf Teas & More November 19 2017

Hola Conquistadors of the Soul-
Thank you for being Bold, Living Free, and Never Settling!
We always want to thank you first before we do anything for being Human Oro.
Now, let's get into the brews:
Our mother company Toro Organics is not only adamant about the finest specialty coffee 87+, freshest of harvest, fair trade, eco-friendly from your favorite farms all over the world; We believe in healthy choices via food/drink incorporating mind/body/soul. Health via all organic and specialty harvested goodies is imperative at the Toro MarketPlace. All natural goods must meet all of our standards or it doesn't make it into the webshop. That strict mentality on how fresh and healthy things should be goes for coffee, cacao, cannabis, loose leaf tea to the high-quality sourced items we will be drop-shipping for brewing.
You will find our first set of organic Toro teas ready for the holidays this Black Friday! These long loose leaf wonders will be blended, artisanally crafted by yours truly with so much gratitude and passion for health and mental wellbeing. I have been waiting for this since the beginning of the opening of our webshop but this was not done in vain. We used this time to sample so many different teas with an array of textures and flavors we felt would fit the webshop and your worldly palate.
Toro Loose Leaf Teas
I realized a long time ago all of the healthy changes we make start with what we put in our body/vessel. I have dealt with autoimmune diseases. I have learned a lot about meditation, teas, cannabis, plants, herbs and other soothing diet ideas that heal the SOUL! It is my honor to share them with you.
With inspiration from other leaders in the industry such as help from friends that are nutritionists to doctors, gurus, yogis and so forth, I feel exhilarated releasing our teas that promote well-being with proven studies. I am excited to roll out our holistic teas one by one and layout the benefits as we go along. In regards to our other favorite harvest, cannabis, we are making strides in our cannabis production, where we source our cannabis, and how our cannabis-infused ghee is used for our Budda Brew™ and other products we are exploring to promote healing via organic/clean cannabis. 
Our first staple in organic teas will be the 'Mad Love Tea' which we have been talking about. One clue, Peppermint. Another clue: Healing. Our Mad Love Tea will give you the caffeine you need but a soothing and sweet layer of warmth to protect your belly and its inner lining. We are really excited about non-caffeinated teas too to help stop the rush of caffeine if that is something you are looking for health wise.
Stay tuned for our newsletter/blog and more announcements for more information about the fair, fresh, locally sourced when possible, organic & healing loose leaf teas, highest graded and farm to cup specialty coffees, freshly harvested, tested and proven cannabis products, and the finest brewing devices we will be drop-shipping to the store to make sure you have the worldliest of all harvest at home.
This Holiday season when you give the gift of Toro, it will be a gift of healing the soul!
The other gifts of the season are giving back. With grants and fundraising, we look forward to building on the nonprofit work that means the most to us through our own TORO foundation. We want to make sure we are at the top of our game -so we have been enjoying our new menu featuring the highest graded Honduras, Rwanda, and Colombia. 'Hug in a mug season' calls for our Cinnakin Spice to be warm and nice and other epic blends to have these roaring regions as their base.
LOVE & Cheers to a smooth & sweet Sunday!
Your Shifu Roaster & Friend,
Melissa Toro

Chemex/Shop Small Win Big Loop Giveaway #GirlBoss November 06 2017


Toro Loop Giveaway

This was Toro Organics' first loop giveaway and we had a blast. We love giveaways so it made it even more valuable when we networked with fellow #GirlBosses of every field.

Shout out to these brands:

Our winner is Jennifer Wolfe of Pennsylvania. Cheers!

And last but not least, let's talk about our Chemex winner!

Judes Viskoe of Utah won our Chemex giveaway that also took place on Halloween. This prize is worth $80+.

Her BRAND NEW Chemex is on the way with 3 fresh roasted bags of Toro Oro!

Toro Chemex Giveaway

If you love WINNING, being bold, giveaways, giving back, specialty coffee, dry organic goods, and never settling you are at the right place!

We are your marketplace for the artisan craftspeople & worldly! Please follow us on all of our social media platforms. Facebook is where these two giveaways took place. Stay Tuned for our Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter giveaways!

A thank you to Randomizer app that you can find in the Google app store for free.

Most importantly, thank you to all of you for supporting Toro Coffee Co. Thank you to all the Girl Bosses who partook, with families and obligations. We are all very busy but the consensus is clear when it comes to our customers, it is all worth it.

We are here to give back, and keep things lit when times seem dark. Cheers to delicious specialty coffee/ organic/ fair goodies, and all the giveaways to come!

25 of the Best Coffee Memes Online November 02 2017

Grab your hot coffee, and scroll your way through the 25 of the best coffee memes found on the internet.

Toro Coffee Co. Tips for Activism in a Modern World July 10 2017

This is a list of tips that are not to embrace a set of ideologies or another. It is to help others who are set out to protect the foundation in which we fight for the basic fundamentals:  medicines, clean air/ food/water, and obviously shelter. We are activists for our fellow people, the animals who inhabit our earth to keep the cycle going, food, water, and shelter.



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