Voz de Nuestros Amigos (Reviews) June 08 2014


"It was fun to be surprised with all the goodies and a variety of flavors to try. That was my favorite part! And the packaging was so cool! I'm sure I'll be ordering again and if I ever travel to Seattle I will definitely stop in!"

Bloomington, IL 6/5/14


"Just in time for summer! Finally a delicious cold coffee! Yum!!!"


Germantown, TN 5/6/14


"I seriously can't get enough. I'm savoring what I have left and not drinking any other coffee at this point. You have spoiled me and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!"


Raleigh, NC 5/2/14


"Thanks to Melissa, Lauren, and Toro Coffee Company for making my Thursday awesome!!! You ladies are doin' big things and it's my pleasure to help support what you're doing!! Thanks again for the yummies!♡"

- LP

Creedmoor, NC


"Mmmm the coffee beans smell delicious & taste even better! Thank you so much!! And the added extras were yummy too. I will definitely be back to order again soon!"


Weedville, PA 4/24/14


"I am obsessed with you. I woke up this morning craving Toro coffee. So good!"


Seattle, WA 4/21/14


"I 'borrowed' a coffee grinder from my mom so I was able to try some of the amazing coffee I received in my promo pack!!! Not only did it smell amazing brewing, it tastes wonderful! To me it is a little nutty and strong, but not overpowering at all which I really love! Finally a good coffee, makes it seem like I have been drinking an impostor this whole time!!! Great coffee and organic to boot, can't get better than that! Thanks guys"


Jacksonville Beach, FL 4/17/14


"Got to savor my first cup - amazing"


Knightdale, NC 3/31/14


"I might not be a coffee drinker - but I support Toro Coffee because I know the love and care they put into every package. Give Toro Coffee a try."


Everett, WA 3/23/14


""Smells great will try tomorrow am. Thanks. Ps couldnt wait doin it now...ummm great!"


Rockledge, FL


""Both of the bags are wonderful. My wife loves the chocolate as well. Thank you so much again. I will def be a repeat customer."


Katy, TX