Veritas Coffee- Toro Coffee Co.'s Blend Collection April 16 2015

There was this book that always followed me around through many years of my life. One that was always packed, but that I perhaps let dust on it's shelf. It's a "Harvard Classics Deluxe Edition, Marlowe, Shakespeare". The emblem, a shield that spells out "Veritas".

While Veritas is now used as a motto for elite universities & schools, this Latin word meaning TRUTH is also owned through Toro Coffee Co. as a unique product: Conquistador Blend, Veritas Coffee, a Toro Coffee Co. Collection.

While single origin coffees are delightful on the tongue, after creating an always individual blend of beans with only single origin, freshest harvested, hand-picked fincas: this is a MUST taste.

Our roaster, after cupping and tasting each region, farm by farm, specifically decides how to make each Conquistador Blend ordered.

I'll always love the distinct flavors and characteristics of single origin regions. Knowing the finca they are from, the history, always interesting. I have changed my point of view on blends. I'd hesitate to drink an "unknown" blend, but with Toro Coffee Co., each region and bean is hand-selected for an ultimate mouth pleasure.

Like us, and the world in which we live, the Conquistador Blend is always changing, yet always remaining true to it's source, and to you, the consumer. Aiming to bring you the best of "todo el mundo" is our mission.