Café Cubano - Toro Style April 26 2015

We miss SoFlo & We love making Cuban Coffees Toro Coffee Co. style.

See, here is the deal, most people wouldn't dare prepare Café Cubano through a pre-ground bag. This is usually reserved for streets of Cuba y Calle Ocho en The Magic City, where you can get the real deal from any shop hot and ready with your perfectly sweet, paper cupped shot.

We found a way to capture it. Uniquely different, yet sweetly familiar pays homage to our roots. Now you can bring that vibe home. 

You need to drink enough Cuban coffees (& we have) to do this justice through and through. Whether a Pour Over, Chemex, French Press, or preferred Espresso machine (which pulls a sweet shot of heaven) your palate will sparkle with FELICIDAD with this Cuban Style Roasted to Order Specialty Coffee!

You can take us out of Miami but you can't take the Miami out of us!!