Sad You Missed the Deal? Secret Is, the Savings Never End at Toro Coffee Co. October 02 2015

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Here you are, The "new wave" Coffee Connoisseur. You are evolved. Not in a fake way either, you really are making a difference in your way of buying your favorite foods and drinks. Thank you for choosing us as your roasters. You finally came to the realization that other coffee choices probably weren't healthy as they sat in warehouses for years and were mass produced at charred roast profiles (those REALLY dark roasts everyone "loves") only the devil can create and sell to you as "good" or even "decent coffee". It took me 30 years and a trip to the land of my blood in Colombia to really appreciate what I was drinking. I have been drinking coffee since I was four, so don't be mad at yourself for waiting too long. That pueblito style: where you had them roasted next to the very finca that the farmers just picked from harvest, that is now found here economically with the pennywise yet high end roast styles that are unique to us, and only us. 

Your budget savvy conscience has helped to set up your own coffee bar, and sip on your single origin, artisan, roasted to order, personalized Toro Oro-- which is a small, USA based, two person start up, with a back story that fuels reinvention in each bag, and carries its motto of "devote your heart and passion to your customer" -- A business mindset we wear like a badge of honor- because it is.  Saving money with the Maserati of specialty coffee is how Toro Coffee Co. consumers roll! 

Your piggy bank is filling up as you continue to be your own barista. Here at YOUR web-shop, you know you can ask any question because you feel you at home, plus it is nice to order from home and have it delivered to you. You paid for your specialty coffee. With Toro you paid for a personalized roaster, who knows you and how you like your high end brew. 

With the last name Toro, this is generations of coffee. This is serious business and you KNOW your roaster. You are the boss and you make sure you are getting what is worthy of your hard earned cash in this day and age.

We wanted you all to know some quick $ saving stats as we move into our last quarter of the year... as a baby company with big dreams, BIG LEAPS, and even bigger deals with loyalty points and fair, out of this world, price points. This company is YOU! We grow together and we learn together as we build a platform to give back and make the world a better place-- Again,Together.

From a competitor, a 12 oz bag of specialty coffee runs you about $18.50 plus. Most of these shops roast weeks ahead- some even hours ahead, yet not roasted to order, and not small batch that is roasted rfo only you. Here, this is not a buzz phrase--Their roasters can roast 20 lbs at once, still can be considered small batch?!  Is that a batch roasted just for you?! Starbucks which also uses the term "small batch roaster"  is using a roaster that is bigger than a SUV. Eventually we will have to roast larger amounts as we continue to grow, and we won't be able to provide the type of gourmet roast to consumer delicacy that is happening now but our hope is to figure out a way to do it where we don't lose the essence of you, and the freshest operations you have fallen in love with us in these two short years. I refuse to lose the essence of true small batch.

Toro Small batch is the latest harvest form each region across the globe, roasted at 250 grams/roast. It take 3 of these micro roasts to get to one pound of perfect coffee.
The coffee celebration deal was killer, but it as also a reminder that without a deal like this Toro Coffee Co. is here for you, to make this fun, easy, worldly, and ALWAYS Affordable.
This is an idea to show you how much you save:
This is based on a monthly order of 2 $20 pound bags (our most expensive bags based on harvest availability/region; with shipping) being consumed in 30 days.
Broken down, this equates to 0.77 per cup, based on 2 cups per day, which is 1.53 a day. These are approximate numbers but do the math yourself to see how much you save based upon your personal coffee consumption..
This is without any special, or loyalty points! Pretty fabulous right?!
If you use our discount code: "Oro" you'll get 10% off, so your daily cost would be:  0.69 per cup, 1.38 a day for 2 cups. That's less than $10 a week! 9.66 to be exact. 
With all the options in our webshop, we often hear "where do I start?", "I feel overwhelmed, I know very little about specialty coffee."...give yourself more credit, it is specialty, but that is what is fun about learning... We make sure to get the most well rounded cups so people can slowly get their feet wet, and start opening their palate. We will walk with you every step of the finca. We are always available by email ( from ordering to pre-order to post-order.
Conquistadores, we blow our competition out of the water in price, small batch roasted to order freshness, and overall personalization. It is hard to make a decision on what type of fresh roasted, hand-crafted specialty beans to order when they are all so divine...but here at Toro Coffee Co. it is always going to be The Fresh Roasted Movement- which means, we make this platform so tasty, so real, so about YOU, that the foundation is strong to execute our kindness in action with all the missions we hold deep to all of our hearts.
When we do deals, we want people to take a chance on specialty coffee and taste the difference. Without the deals and steals, your choice to go with Toro Coffee Co.saves so much money, time, IT IS A DEAL.  End those drive thru throw away $6 trips (not including gas & idle time in a car) and start saving and drinking true Oro. 
We will always do deals, points, and giveaways.
These beans come from the hands of my ancestors and my family today. From bean to brew, if you order Toro Coffee Co., the deal is, it is GREAT to be YOU!