Almost 2017, and there is a lot to do... December 27 2016

Hi guys,

I hope everyone had an epic Christmas! There is a feeling in the air, despite it all, that we are feeling closer to our friends and family. Also, that we are thinking about what matters most, what's tangible and how fragile and short life is. Let's cheers to fabulous coffee, the highest graded, specialty reserve, micro batched just for you! Let's cheers to the risk takers and farmers that bring these harvests to life! Thank you for all you do farmers, analysts, writers, exporters, and importers down the agricultural, multicultural, and business line! Most if all Mother Earth!

Twenty Seventeen is going to be a FABULOUS year. If there is a hot cup of coffee around to sip on, life is good. No matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, life is GRAND with a hot or cold brew in possession. <3

As for your roaster, I am working on so much today...The Host(ess) box- which really, if someone is throwing a party, let's help them wind everyone down after drinks, with some fresh cocoa and coffee, and scrubs for he or she post party for coffee bath, and a few cocktails for them etc. Or for yourself!

Cinnakin Spice had another KILLA year. It's gone from the worldly menu until next year! You Conquistadors know how to do it all natural, and deliciously fair.

We are almost sold out of the 'Sweet Memories box' and once the themed boxes are gone, they are GONE! I am searching for the finest goods around the PNW and the rest of the US, to partner and create these boxes. One we try them out, we then try brand new vendors out. If we like something, we will bring it back! That is how many fantastic small businesses there are running out here right now. Sourced fairly and crafted in the USA is our standard.

Furthermore, the shirts, the mugs you all have been requesting, and pricing for the new year are being handled! We upgraded the shop account wise and I am excited about 2017. I have done this slow but meticulously. Our seed money was lkiterally a road trip and 8 lbs of green beans from a remote region of Colombia from the family farms. Point is, we started this from scratch. Organically. We have all done it together. Even if you just got here, this is a passion project from  dreams, that is so much more than coffee- it's about life and reinvention.

This is your micro-batch roastery, webshop, small business, love fest, and YOUR place you shop to get your life fuel, to be bold, live free, and never settle!

We love you guys, I am grateful for all your orders. We will build and get out there more so people know who we are even more THIS coming up year. What's great is it is starting to happen more and more this year, and we did it with LOVE and taking chances and being Bold, and being driven, Living Free! Being who we are! Never Settling!

Fact is, Nothing is possible without you guys! 

MAD LOVE & ABUNDANCE, and very shortly Happy 2017! Cheers to you!



Mad Love Forever,