Are You Human Oro Ready? September 27 2020

Charlotte, NC


What up you magnificent, brilliant, bold, free-thinking, golden palates aka Human Oro (gold)??
We got emails/messages this past week, and even had a few things in stock forgetting that we are moving to a new city to build this venture even more going into our 7th year...& many of you asked if we are closing because of COVID-19, or just in general...& the answer, you guys know me, NO FREAKING WAY!
We have too much to do together as a tea/ specialty coffee drinking, activist based, humanity first, freshly roasted movement!!
It is over a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that the greatest ideas in time were thought of.
Whether it is tea, or our coffee from our farms in Colombia, or that we source from all over the world, that are sustainable and family owned, 87+, roasted to order Toro Oro, I swear I feel like we are just getting started. Your support, whether you purchase coffee/tea, merch or just support this endeavor makes this what it is.
We are NOTHING without you! NADA!
So this is what's up-- #ToroCoffee is opening a brand NEW warehouse in the NODA district in Charlotte, NC., to roast and hold our greens from every harvest per usual. We will continue our venture to be bold, live free, and never fucking settle.
New regions from all over the world arrive in Charlotte before we even do on the 30th of Sept with all of our equipment. We arrive on the 1st.
We have new ads, new influencers we are working with, new art...just a new era. Artisan, unique, US. Or shall I say, YOU!
We are not this small but bold brand without you! That's why we are always imitated but never duplicated. You make us what we are.
So, hang tight, as soon as we settle in, I will be here putting updates and trying to make up for lost time after a crazy 2 years from the pandemic to us having to move again. It's just life and we love reinvention. It means we are ALIVE!
We chose this city for us. It's just like it was when we chose Seattle, or Eugene. It's time. It's time to change the world one hug in a mug at a time and come together like we always have.
With all the fire in my soul ignited by you,
Mel Toro