But First Humanity February 27 2020

Dear Toritos, Human Oro (Gold), Conquistadors of the Soul,

This blog is long overdue. I haven't been writing as much as I would like to for Toro, but that content drought is going to end soon. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to make sure we relaunch in 2020. And now that we have slowly but surely, we are picking up where we left off! It's exciting and there's lots of growth to come.

I am writing this because in order to grow there are policies we believe Andrew Yang offers that not only helps business owners but it helps our customers grow too. We fully supported Andrew Yang as a candidate and all his campaign represents. From second chances/reinvention which is the heart of Toro Coffee, to a UBI (Universal Basic Income) that would put the capital we need back into the business to give back to the community.

These past 3 years have been a teaching experience for me in so many aspects of life. First, let me start out by saying welcome to the many people flooding to our website. It has been nothing short of exciting to see our analytics. Thank you especially to #YangGang and your interest and support.

Coffee and tea have a way of bringing us all together so grab a cup this is long as hell. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you why we are 'Yang Gang' as a company, and why it is so important to us to echo those ideas here at Toro Coffee Company now that 3 years of fascism, racist ideals, and an influx of violence have been a platform from a tactless US president who naturally sets the tone for the world.

Some people say, why do you even get into politics? "Stick to coffee."

Well, that's the thing, I never thought I would "get into coffee". It was an unknown in life. In middle school and high-school, even as I struggled to attend the last two years, which I openly talk about my upcoming memoir and first book, 'Cartel Baby,' I was a stellar English student and debate champion. I have always loved political science and sociology.  In my last two years of high-school I showed up for only 3 classes; Physical Education, Sociology, Paideia- two classes melded together for an advanced study of Civics and English, which I took all 4 years of high-school. This is what I cared about. I lived for the theater, debate, politics, and history.

If I hadn't had such a difficult last two high school years dealing with my sexuality and an all white school in then very small Raleigh, NC, that saw my presence there as something of a token piece, I would have been able to focus better on what it was I wanted from life. Add the complexities of my youth, sexuality, and larger than life backstory which led us to live in witness protection as a family with financial problems and you can see how my family was disseminating. This is only part of why a UBI means so much to me.

The idea of what I could do in life and what was possible didn't enter my then barely formed mind until long after I lost myself to addiction and anything that would keep me from embracing my sexuality, back story, and the complex reality of being the daughter of someone infamous, Colombian, a lesbian and a POC that looked "white".

When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I  wanted to be an artist of some sort and help others. That's all I knew and that hasn't changed. I know art is subjective, but helping others is not. You either do or you don't try to make the world a better place. If it wasn't for the families of my friends who helped me escape when I wasn't fully aware I needed to, I may not be here today. I knew I wanted to make this about reinvention. I wanted to take my story of being born into a life that was anything but normal, as stable as possible and beat all odds. I demanded to change the narrative.

Toro Coffee has always been about so much more than specialty coffee. It is about YOU. It's been about all of us as a collective. When I first walked onto the coffee plantations of Colombia from Bogota, Armenia to Medellin, and I made this investment in life I wanted to help my community. It was based on what my grandfather had built with his legacy, and much like in the movie COCO, making sure his picture was in the "ofrenda of the internet"..

So in honor of my grandfather and all he built to inspire me today and that mixed with Yang's policies I guarantee us here at Toro Coffee will be looking forward to supporting any candidates that support UBI and doing all we can as a small business to push the narrative of big picture thinking, and putting the power back into the hands of the people.

Andrew is no longer in the race but his policies were ahead of his time. I believe they  should have been implemented long before Yang was born. Point is, Toro Coffee is going Humanity First and will fight for UBI any way we can as a small business that mixes coffee, tea and conversations. As we say on our podcast, a broad analysis of the zeitgeist.

Cheers to the Humanity First Era!