Coffee, Cannabis, & Cannacrawlz April 25 2017

Cheers Amigos!

I am writing this blog after my morning Toro Coffee combo. Despite the world being an utter mess when I turn on the news, I find solace in the finest harvest. What a time to be alive. With my Toro Coffee combo, I feel euphoric and optimistic. I did do about 100 jumping Jacks and 20 burpees as well, so I believe it is all about balance. Balance is something I struggle with even today, but more and more I am starting to believe balance is the purpose of life. A little love, a little specialty coffee, a little workout, a little cannabis, and BOOM, my life is made. I have learned to appreciate the small things and do everything in moderation. 

You all know we love specialty coffee and our high end, fresh cannabis. It's a wonderful way to stay lifted and gifted. Legalization has really given us an opportunity to get more acquainted with top of the line cannabis without the stigma. However, there is still a bad connotation with it at times. It's so important we keep trekking forward with the progress we all have made. When we stop criminalizing weed we stop overfilling our jails and causing people harm. As a company, and with generations of family farms, and a Toro brand we are speaking for, we have never held back our optimism and support for legalization.

Fact is, Cannabis has been an intricate part in my healing process when it comes to PTSD from past traumatic events. During my triathlons I used capsules to deal with my chronically weak, and often sprained ankle. Being a person who has faced their own demons in regards to sobriety in my earlier life, I found cannabis to be the safest solution to many of life's ailments. Depression, anxiety, and pain have been said to all be treated with cannabis without it becoming addictive like other substances and with success. I can only speak for myself on this matter, but that is one more person you can add to the growing number of people who realize cannabis has healing properties. 

Personally, cannabis has a calming effect on my nerves. Some strains make me happy when I am down, and some make me sleepy when I am insomniatic. Some strains may make me anxious, so I remember to choose something that better fits my mood. There are two types of cannabis, Indica & Sativa. I am more of a hybrid type of a person, which is more of a centered high. It is all about the strain, and today I have chosen some Dutch Treat.

People find what is called "waking and baking" a wonderful way to open your mind after a good night's sleep. I add fresh roasted Toro Coffee for a strong and smooth start to my morning without feeling groggy. Smooth like butta', Strong like Hulk!

Cannacrawlz is our information portion about cannabis and this new era. With Cannacralwz, my small team and I, scope out the Pacific Northwest and all over the world, in a quest to find the finest in cannabis. From seed to sale we scope out the most progressive and true activists who help this freedom project become a reality and showcase them. Many families in the PNW have been farming hemp and cannabis for generations, so it is their hard-work and activism that deserve some real recognition and admiration. We hope to shed more light on the history of cannabis cultivation.

After we meet with our spectacular growers, scientists, and/or entrepreneurial green thumb friends- we tour grow warehouses, outdoor farms, dispensaries, and even the highest end of production for eventual sale. We bring this information back to you guys to talk about over a cuppa specialty coffee.

We know many of you are waiting patiently as your states figure out how they will navigate cannabis and the revenue it brings. The better we explain our opinions about the pros, and yes, even cons, of voting yes for cannabis/hemp, the more we hope it will inspire you all to vote locally. You are in control when you research the details about the freedom you and your community are entitled to. It's imperative we speak openly without the stigma, and think clearly for the generation ahead. Whether it is infrastructure or schools, it is important to note the money is most definitely present with cannabis. Technically, even legalized states are working with an almost blank canvas in regards to laws. They are aware the assured revenue is not something they can pass up. This is money, growth, and revenue for your state and community that is unmatched with any other harvest. With the most intense of battles taking place at council meetings and town-halls, maybe the solution is smoking with your counterparts prior to making those "clear" decisions for the future of humanity. 


Our nation is sadly divided. I think of this divide as I  reflect on the past 100 days of this presidency that has changed all of us. The world is divided. However, there seems to be one thing we agree on, and that is freedom. Cannabis equals freedom. When you decriminalize things humans consume, it allows us to better produce and regulate these things at higher quality, no pun intended.  

Obviously, Toro Coffee Co. having a stance on cannabis can be controversial, but we have seen real change and progress from the decriminalization of cannabis in WA & Oregon. The laws differ, but the opportunities are similar. Some of the opportunities that come from deregulation and decriminalization is the fact more jobs are created, legally! I am proud of the USA and its stance on decriminalization as of late. Hopefully, the Trump administration will continue forth with this beautiful business that creates revenue for every aspect of life. This puts drug dealers at a disadvantage. We see massive amounts of money being properly funneled into programs that are in serious need of aid in this country. We should not be buying this plant off a black market where people can cut it with fillers and cartels dominate. I have been able to compare the way of life here versus the way of life I left in South Florida. Living in in these two states where marijuana is legal the way of life is staggeringly different and calmer. People are just more chill on the left coast.

Because of our strong stance on decriminalization we have also been referred to as the "Specialty Coffee of the Cannabis Industry" by connoisseurs in both the industries. Are we proud of that? Sure!! We want people to know we respect their lives, decisions, and ways of holistic operation. We hope people will do the same with us. We are passionate about cannabis the way we are about coffee, cacao, and many other fine harvests. The most important information to us is knowing where the things we put in our body come from. When you eat or drink something, you want to know know when and where it was planted and harvested. You want to know where it was sourced. You can always find that information right here about any good we produce.  

To clarify if Toro products have cannabis in them- Not anything on this marketplace.What I can tell you is, we have even released some products in beta that show our deep appreciation for the pairing of coffee and cannabis. Our product is called Budda Brew. Until we are able to release our cannabis infused product in full force, we have an excellent recipe for people to make their own capsules at home which we will share with you all soon. It is so simple. Stay Tuned!

In closing, despite the chaos and controversy that surrounds the world right now with social media and us all feeling intertwined, it is best to remember, human nature is human nature. As for nature itself, it offers us an array of alternatives and solutions to ailments and afflictions caused by this cruel world. Cannabis and Coffee are marvelous antidotes.

When I get frustrated with the divide, I smoke a joint and realize that people with a brain know our politics are simple... coffee, cannabis, and conquering ON!