Cheers to you, Ms. Reynolds! December 29 2016

Hello My Coffee & Life Loving friends,

Last night, we lost another legend. Debbie Reynolds was a leading lady of the Golden era of film. When she came back in 1996 in the movie 'Mother' the comedy, she was as endearing and as legitimate as an actress as she was 20 years prior. To summarize who she was, in a few words to me as a fan of film in all its eras, she came off as charming, classy, and gorgeous. A doll. Like the saying, "they don't make them like they used to". 

Debbie passed on December 28th. A day after her daughter, Carrie passed away. What appeals to me about Debbie and Carrie was their relationship with one another in adulthood. A mother and daughter relationship can be complicated, and trying. And, like anything that is complicated and trying, it's because it holds great significance in its complexities. Your mom knows you. You know your mother understands your mind, your body, your womanhood, your personality, your soul. From a daughter's perspective, it is one of the greatest gifts of a relationship you can have.  

Whatever awaits us, I hope both Debbie and Carrie her daughter, are with one another. These two powerful "empaths" leave Earth with fine legacies. One of the most attractive things about Debbie Reynolds as a person, is that she was ahead of her time. When I look back on her work, I see a youthful, yet wise force, as bright as the sun. I saw that genuine shine in interviews she had done as recently as a few years ago, where she spoke so candidly, and with a self deprecating humor you couldn't help but admire. She recently spoke of her relationships, and Carrie, her "Star Wars princess". She seemed timeless with a youthful expression that never faded.

I know some people aren't as fortunate as others when it comes to parents, dependent on circumstances. If you are lucky, there is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter-- Especially a relationship where a mother accepts her daughter with understanding, love, and joy, the way Debbie did Carrie. I know this love and acceptance from my own mother. We have had our ups and downs because life is difficult and quite the ride. Yet after a while, if your mom supports and understands your core, you tend to feel complete in a way that only a mother can make you feel with their acceptance and warmth.

This week has me reflecting on the greats, especially the BOLD women. I believe in the spirits and souls within us. I believe we are given a shell. If you learn to love what is inside your shell, and appreciate your spirit, and see others for who their spirit is, not their shell, I believe you have found the meaning of life. You still must move forth in the world, with the biases that live externally in regards to your shell. Which brings me back to the topic at hand, these two women, who handled being women with a grace and charisma. That should make any woman proud to be in a woman's shell. Their souls were fiery, brave, and unapologetic. 

These two spirits knew who they were. They lived openly and honestly. Here in Greater Seattle, that gives me more reason, to keep singin' in the rain.

We Cheers to you, Ms.Reynolds!




As I wrote this, my first cup of the day is Honduras San Antonio- Las Botijas

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