Happy New Year- Coffee & Cannabliss January 01 2018

Hello, Coffee and Cannabis loving Amigos! Happy New Year!
Toro Organics will be at CannaCon this February in our old stomping grounds and home of some of the most altering and reinventive times of our life, Seattle, WA.
I am thrilled to come back home although being in Oregon gives us the best of all worlds in our opinion for the cannabis cultivation. We are eager to immerse ourselves in cannabis agriculture cultivation at this stage of legalized cannabis. We immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee and cannabis industry in the city and now are excited what we have to offer from the vast array of farms out here in less developed but more agriculturally cannabis developed, Oregon.
Toro Organics in 2018 will continue...
Cannacrawling the finest dispensaries, farms, and artisans.
There are an array of new artisans who have introduced us to products yet to make it to Washington shelves and Vice Versa.
We will be taking an in-depth look at what has changed since 2013. It will be exactly 11 months since we left in Seattle in February 2017. There is no doubt the industry has boomed even greater since then. We have also learned a lot that we intend to bring with us up north.
Coffee and Cannabliss
We will also be making the round and attending Dope Cup again this year like every year. It is the most fun party thrown in the Pacific Northwest. 
Mela from Toro Coffee Co at Cannacon 2013
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