Coffee & Cannabliss Pairing- Brand- Evolvd Oregon February 01 2018


We have heard people in the industry speaking about Evolvd Oregon and their Artisn extracted oil and carts. I am never too convinced by word of mouth because many times it is just hype produced by people who genuinely want to support one another. I love that, but it is also misleading when talking about something you want to "review".

Let's get to the point: this is no certain "hype". This is a humble brand with a larger than life product, packaging, and design we can only admire. I say humble because when we put together this little piece on Ripple they swung by on Instagram to show some love about the post with a little comment.

We appreciate that kind of engagement from brands minus all the pretentiousness flooding the market.

In order to write these blogs, we manage and always strive to create long-lasting relationships with humble and kind owners of dispensaries, producers, cannabis writers, growers, and entrepreneurs. Thank you for your ability to network. It is what sets amateurs apart from people who understand how important it is to work openly with paraprofessionals in cannabis and in all fields. It is imperative to keep power in possession of many small/medium sized businesses in order keep the peoples' leverage out of the hands of greedy corporations and our very own government(s) that started the epically failed  'war on drugs'.

When Lala and I traveled down to Oregon we knew we would be learning a lot about how Washington State and Oregon operate differently when it comes to legalization/quality of cannabis and hemp production. Washington had a technical head start being right behind Colorado in legalization, but both were already operating for decades in the cannabis/hemp markets. 

What we have noticed is Seattle & Portland obviously have more of a population of producers that are able to meet the demand of the many dispensaries there that call for quality oil and bud. When it comes to prices, they are higher on the outskirts of any PNW major town. Seattle has enough dispensaries in an overpopulated place to offer those inexpensive prices. When you start exploring the "outskirts" so to say, of any state, things get pricier.

Toro Evolvd Review

For a half gram of Philosopher's Breath, we paid $32 bucks. That's a steal in Eugene. Shout out to Bud's Cannabis Collection LLC, in Eugene, Oregon. It is usually about a $35/40 price point for half a gram.

Travis at Bud's piloted us through Evolvd and his experience with this clean burn. He was kind and straightforward. A tall and strong looking fella with a calm disposition. He was just as knowledgeable as you can hope for in the business. He knew his products, his inventory and his oils well and he didn't have an ounce of pretentiousness to him.

The cartridge: The half gram bullet was easy to pull from. You feel the effects immediately. At Buds Cannabis, Travis gave us a breakdown of how the bullet-shaped carts slide to the left. They are equipped to open up a certain amount of air-flow for your personal dosing and intake control.

Overall for Evolvd's Philosopher's breath:

To start, it is fun to purchase it. The box comes in an artistic lavender packaging with a bearded man in the front. The bearded man has clouds coming from his eyes. Dope artwork.

The rectangle lavender box opens up and boom -there is your little plant-based bullet.


Straight Up-

We would absolutely recommend this cart. Toro Oro without a doubt!!

With a cup of buttery Peru Apesi or Chocolatey Colombia from our farms, it made for a fantastic pairing.

When they say terpene steeped they mean it. You feel light and happy. This cart helps with anxiety. I know because I suffer from it. You can feel the CBD benefits immediately. We sipped our morning coffees and puffed on the citrusy and clean taste. As strong as a dab but as smooth and sweet as the hug in a mug of Toro Coffee we were drinking.

You will not cough your lungs away because Evolvd has created a product that is true to the palate and polite to the throat. This cart will last about 4 days for moderate solo tokers. Not too shabby.

Check out their site: Evolvd Oregon & a technical breakdown of Philosopher's Breath:

  • Terpene-Steeped
  • 70.05% THC / 0.14% CBD / 5.58% CBG / .92% CBC
  • Total Cannabinoids: 78.43
  • Blend: OG Pie Breath + Purple Punch + Presidential Kush
  • Cultivated by: Eugreen
  • Experience: Creative, Tranquil, Psychoactive & Grapey-Haze Mouth-Feel


back of Evolvd

This strain which is a hybrid- Indica dominant blend, makes you feel uplifted yet relaxed. You can work on this oil and still function like a normal human. I would even say a better one. All nerd aside, I found it is great for minor aches and pains after a workout. Wonderful post a 12-hour entrepreneur workday.

It's better than a drink after work. No hangover. Just holistic relaxation. 

On another note:

In July this year, the country of Canada will be fully legalized. Our beautiful neighbors in Mexico, have decriminalized cannabis. End the stigma and remember that cannabis helps save people from pain with addiction, ailments from arthritis to Alzheimer's.

Outside Of Buds- Graffiti By Tristan- Check Out More pics on Instagram.

Buds Cannabis

We will be writing a short blog about dispensaries and talking more about Buds, Herbal Nation run by my friends in Bothell, American Mary in Northgate Seattle- and why these dispensaries to us lead by example in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay Tuned & Stay Lifted & Gifted, Friends!



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