India Coffee Talk, Non-profit, Mental Health & Chris Cornell June 29 2017

Hola Human Oro!

Thank you for joining me for another blog. May this blog find you with a hot cup of Toro Oro in hand, and the conquering energy that makes you a true Conquistador of the Soul!

The world may be wild and unpredictable, but with Toro in hand, you know you are fueling to Be bold, Live Free, and to NEVER SETTLE.

Furthermost, we need you to send that energy out, so there is no dispute; No matter the situations we face, we know with a little bit of soul, passion, and strength, we can get through anything!

It's so nice we are in our summer days because of the sweet summer vibes that flow with it. It's also time for those yummy, smooth, cold brews- and nitro infused affogatos. I saw my good friend the other day post an epic photo of a nitro-infused cold brew which has been a hit. Delicioso!

More, On The Important Non-Profit Part Of Things:

Now your hard earned money will be going to charity when you place your order. Those few chosen charities are being added to for more variety in charity choice. If there is a charity that means a lot to you, shoot us a message and we will probably add it to the list if it meets our standards of being overall human rights and LGBT+ friendly.

Stay tuned for more charity approvals and updates. We want to give everyone a chance to choose a charity that means something to them.

As we start, we will start with 5% of each order, and the rest goes back into cover for overhead costs. 

Specialty coffee is finer than ever and a perfect commodity to help us give back. Whether you get it from us or the local coffee shop; You are going to get beans from private harvests that a lot of blood, sweat, tears, but most importantly, mad love were put into for a most abundant harvest(s). Only the highest graded micro-lots are featured on our menu.

We are going to earn our way to determined non-profit status, and we are anxiously awaiting the chance to do that over and over, with pride and heart.

Again, this has always been so much more than specialty coffee. It's about you, Human Oro, and our community of Human Oro.

As for Toro Coffee as a fresh coffee web-shop, there is so much to come, and we thank you all for being a part of it. The gratitude is so deep there are no words except, thank you. For every single thing. 

What Am I Drinking Today?

Today, I am sipping on a beautiful Toro Coffee Co. exclusive:

Conquistador Blend of India and Ethiopia.

I keep regions in the back that are perfect for precise, sweet and smooth, worldly blends. The Indian region by itself is something I adore to drink. I just blended Ethiopia and India because it is fun, exotic, and why not?! The flavors of these two regions blend so impeccably well like all of our Conquistador Blends.

India Peaberry with malted barley, dense caramel, citrus, cocoa, and jasmine, is a bold cup with a clean finish. It is divine, and why we made sure to get in extra fresh beans from India this time around. This is an impressive everyday cup. 

India is just too delicious to not have enough to fuel part of summer and those cold brew seeps. Plus, we have to wait for these harvests through climate change, sometimes war, and economic reasons. You never know when you will see it again. We are at the mercy of the freshest specialty bean.

The Roasting Soundtrack & thoughts of Chris Cornell Replay Today;

When I was 17 years old, Chris Cornell became one of my favorite singers. I listened to Soundgarden, Audio Slave; However, my true admiration came when Chris Cornell released his first mainstream solo album, Euphoria Morning. 

I find myself to be an extremely independent person that sometimes I feel like my closest friends are the ones I find via headphones on my stereo system. Chris' voice was raspy, bold and straight up, haunting.

Chris is a music legend who will live in the hearts of the ones who walk the world feeling like they too, walk it independently even if surrounded by friends and family.

Chris Cornell has stayed with me for decades. He will never leave my personal favorites of all time preferred music. This artist isn't another passerby. This is a man who pulled at my heartstrings and captured my soul like he was playing it like the perfectly plucked strings in, Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart.

Respectfully, I write this- Chris Cornell died young of what was apparently a suicide. He left behind a beautiful wife, and two young kids that I am sure undeniably lived to love their talented dad. Just as well, I am positive Chris' deep soul depended on their support and loved them beyond measure. I sincerely don't personally believe Chris wanted to leave his family or this world yet.

Obviously, depression hit when he was far from home, in a concert environment, after chemicals were put in his body that didn't mix well together. Sometimes it's as simple, yet also as profoundly painful as that. With the world evolving, I can only pray to the higher ups of the universe to please help people acknowledge depression as a true injury and as something that needs to be treated openly.

Mental Health and the stigma around it must be shed. Brains do get hurt often and run down like anything in our body. It is the most important and intricate part of our body. I know we are making strides, but we must do more. I talk about these things because I have my own demons, my own depression, my own down times--that's why I started Toro Coffee Co.-- I wanted to help the world in some capacity with my story and also work with my hands- the tangible. I needed to keep my mind busy with what I am passionate about. It's why it means so much to me. It's why people like Chris Cornell and his words/music speak to my soul.

He was blessed and had a wife who knew him so well she knew he wouldn't leave this earth to hurt his family purposely. In the end, we are only human. Although Chris was beloved, he felt like he was walking this earth alone in some regard.

I listened to Chris as I did prior to his death. Religiously-- Over and Over again. What I always noticed from Chris' expressions was that he lived many lifetimes in one. 

The week of his death, including up to this morning, writing this blog, I would play 'Preaching the End of The World' the most, because of Chris' facial expressions in that video. I always change the lyrics when he sings "I'm 24 and I've got everything to live for", to the age 35 or whatever age I am at the time. (The geeky things I share with you guys never ceases to surprise me). 

The thing with Chris Cornell is that he always seemed immortal. The people I tend to be inspired by having that quality to them.

Chris Cornell, Bruce Lee and others came out of the Pacific Northwest. I know this place changes you because it changes me daily. I am sure wherever you are, you see the beauty in your terrain and realize we live on maybe the most beautiful planets in the world. One earth, one love, one epic cup of specialty reserve to fuel the monumental times in life! Craft Roasted to order, just. for. you. 

Cheers to Conquistador Blends, Reinvention, Music, Adventure, Summer, and most of all, Cheers to you, Human Oro!

Talk to you beautiful people soon- a million and five hugs in a mug, abundance, and MAD LOVE,