Twitter, Black Rifle Coffee and the NRA June 13 2019



This blog has since been edited to maintain a dialogue between people of different walks of life- eg: what the #2A in the USA means post the shooting in Parkland, FL. 

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer

We have sat with many veterans and teachers who are friends of ours. We asked what mattered in general overall, guns at all? Many said that having healthcare, enough in savings, and a home. It all outweighed having an M16 reformatted as an AR15 by a long shot. Pun intended. My friends are not the voice of America but the US has spoken loud and clear too and we don't want people bringing more travesty to our streets. Every time you say it is OK for someone to have a militarized weapon, you are saying the police should carry an even stringer artillery. That's making our own community a war zone.

Dana Loeche has taken so much time out of her life, as has her misguided husband Chris, and have been TRIGGRED by Toro Coffee. Enough to talk about us for weeks and have their extremists send Russian bots to try to shut our business down. When that didn't work, Chris and Dana felt so desperate they went on their radio show, which I have never heard of but the Twitter-verse let us know about how trashy it was so I didn't even bother.

Then of course they found out how we confronted Black Rifle before we even confronted the NRA, and Dana was thrilled to know she wasn't the only one to be made a fool of, and paired the NRA with BRC (which had never heard of one another until they ran to each other like babies after we confronted them) to prove my very point....these fools (BRC) use death/revenge/hate to sell coffee and are in bed with the NRA, and Trump's prehistoric rhetoric.

This is also after our controversial & bold stance in saying we would no longer entertain nor normalize the notion of a world with military grade weapons that have been adapted for civilian use as a way to sell the greatest harvest of all time- coffee, like many who are NRA- backed, such as Black Rifle Coffee.

To us, it is much more valuable as a company to inform our customers that we are as anti- unnecessary war such as companies like BRC are pro-war.

We know sometimes war was necessary. In modern times (the last 18 years) we have been toppling regions and killing civilians. This was never necessary. This is to keep the war industry booming, literally.

I don't pretend Obama  perfect because I know that is what someone will say next. he was perfect, but comparatively to the rhetoric Black Rifle, Trump, and the NRA use to peddle death, bigotry, and war as a way to promote hate against immigrants, the LGBT (unless they find one they like), Muslims (unless they find one to work for them as a token after ruining this persons life- you can find a story of an immigrant they are exploiting), you will see they are nothing more than a "coffee and hate" company. When did being a war veteran mean bringing the war home literally? Isn't that unfair to pretend veterans are enough of a monolithic group of souls to pigeonhole them?! 

As a company that has always used this platform with specialty coffee, cannabis, and harvest as a whole to fuel tough conversations, I felt as an owner it was imperative to show my support to the evolved souls growing up, making real change happen, that Toro Coffee Co. stands with them! Always! Just like we do our veterans.

Two quotes:

“I do this real moron thing, and it's called thinking. And apparently, I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions.” 
― George Carlin

Also, the first amendment comes before the second.

To be a Toro is to be a Conquistador of the SOUL.

Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves

Not the Conquest we as Americans know in our revised history; It's about conquering the past, present, your future, and the soul. You can only conquer through hardship and an understanding of life. Through pain and agony, some of our greatest battles are won. We learn the most about who we are and what we stand for.

We do not condone war but do support veterans. Always will. Always have. We walk the walk always. We also know that everybody fights in their own war in this world.

Honestly, if it were up to Toro Coffee we would want every gun melted down that isn't used as a tool for farming and basic hunting and gathering. That doesn't mean we don't believe in the second amendment, it solely means we personally believe that the constitution may have a different meaning than what many believe entitles them to weapons of war. 

Since our inception (5 yrs) we have not only offered free coffee to all veterans, we have provided care packages to those serving overseas. We have many vets who we proudly fuel with Toro Coffee Co.! We are honored. But no, we hate war and we aren't going to pretend anything good comes from it.

We support EMS, our police, humanity and serve all, but never will deny the atrocities committed by human beings that hold positions of authority and abuse them. We are in the midst of an awakening but in my opinion, it will take some honest communication about private prisons, abuse of power, corruption, war, military style weapons on the street, addiction, reinvention, and redemption to even start peeling back what is needed to live a healthy existence.

Maybe that calls for some of us to be a little blunt.

Our fundamentals such as food, water, and shelter are massively more important to me than your desire to keep shooting sprees a way of life. 

We believe in reinvention and redemption, while you, BRC believe in weapons of war with your morning coffee and promoting making your first "kill".

BRC is my opinion is a weak brand. It's made up of misogyny and projecting fears. They are a funded military war brand. We know you feel lost right now. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution (some say third). Get creative and stop searching for weapons of war as the answer. Coffee & hate? Really Bruh?

We fuel the bold, the free, the never settling.

When you drink coffee in the morning there are over 5 farms in Colombia that have provided it to you in correlation to us. If you support "shooting" you would know there is an Olympic sport for it, and in fact, an individual of the Toro family has already won many medals (including Olympic) for Colombia. 

Why do I even take such risks speaking up against these pretentious brands?

My grandfather started a radio show about politics as he harvested coffee and built his community during the 40's and 50's to bring attention to the world and Colombia at the time. More and more I am realizing that Toro is exactly who we have always been- Outspoken and true to harvest and what it means to learn every day via trial and error. I will take my chances in how I am outspoken about weapons of war. Anything to bring attention to the fact that this is long past normal -This is extremism. 

This is about weapons of war and our community. We at Toro have always been political. Always. 

If you keep saying an AR15 can't hurt a bunny... We will keep telling you how to clean it. Get it?!

How hard is it for you all to see your hypocrisy? We don't care about you wanting to bear arms but this is past that. This is your fear eating you alive. If you are a responsible gun owner with reasonable protection, this isn't for you. 

This was sent to us last night:

via Twitter by @HaegerGaming. Let the herd know, extremists attempted about 1000 times to hack into our Paypal, email, and to change our handles. They have defamed our logo etc all because we pointed out that YES, GUNS KILL PEOPLE!