It's Time for All That's Lovely and Nice, It's Time for Cinnakin Spice™! September 10 2018

Your private roaster and fiery souled friends at Toro Coffee Co. are preparing for the most exciting time of the year!

The 2018 holidays are fast approaching with pumpkins, change, and all the reasons we have to celebrate life and be more present. To top it all like a metaphor for whipped cream on the sundae of life, the finest, artisan crafted gift of a blend with Specialty Coffee, demerara azucar, organic pumpkin spice, cinnamon spice and more is back!!

September 23rd CINNAKIN SPICE™ makes its return to the marketplace for the worldly!

We are entering Fall 2018. Much has changed for so many of us since Toro Coffee started early in March 2014 as a webshop. It's an honor to fuel the one constant in life: change!


What started as an idea to take on a mainstream drink that is filled with artificial flavors turned into a magical specialty style dry coffee with only natural holiday spices. Cinnakin is handcrafted, roasted to order and blended just for you.

Humanity is trekking through some of the most reinventive and redemptive times in history. We are evolving into better and more intellectually aware people. We are more connected. We are bolder and ready to free ourselves from the truths that have been exposed as we become more inundated with social media and our devices.

Being Bold, Living Free, and Never Settling is a way of life. It is a state of mind. It's also naturally infused in the specialty coffee you drink at Toro with every order that comes in. It's undeniable. There is still a company that wants you to feel something tangible. Something Real. Something Free and Something Bold! 

We do this for the love. Cheers to you and the Toro Coffee roasted to order next to your coffee maker every morning and all day long. 

Conquer on, Champions! See you September 23rd!