New Organic Loose Leaf Teas & More November 19 2017

Hola Conquistadors of the Soul-
Thank you for being Bold, Living Free, and Never Settling!
We always want to thank you first before we do anything for being Human Oro.
Now, let's get into the brews:
Our mother company Toro Organics is not only adamant about the finest specialty coffee 87+, freshest of harvest, fair trade, eco-friendly from your favorite farms all over the world; We believe in healthy choices via food/drink incorporating mind/body/soul. Health via all organic and specialty harvested goodies is imperative at the Toro MarketPlace. All natural goods must meet all of our standards or it doesn't make it into the webshop. That strict mentality on how fresh and healthy things should be goes for coffee, cacao, cannabis, loose leaf tea to the high-quality sourced items we will be drop-shipping for brewing.
You will find our first set of organic Toro teas ready for the holidays this Black Friday! These long loose leaf wonders will be blended, artisanally crafted by yours truly with so much gratitude and passion for health and mental wellbeing. I have been waiting for this since the beginning of the opening of our webshop but this was not done in vain. We used this time to sample so many different teas with an array of textures and flavors we felt would fit the webshop and your worldly palate.
Toro Loose Leaf Teas
I realized a long time ago all of the healthy changes we make start with what we put in our body/vessel. I have dealt with autoimmune diseases. I have learned a lot about meditation, teas, cannabis, plants, herbs and other soothing diet ideas that heal the SOUL! It is my honor to share them with you.
With inspiration from other leaders in the industry such as help from friends that are nutritionists to doctors, gurus, yogis and so forth, I feel exhilarated releasing our teas that promote well-being with proven studies. I am excited to roll out our holistic teas one by one and layout the benefits as we go along. In regards to our other favorite harvest, cannabis, we are making strides in our cannabis production, where we source our cannabis, and how our cannabis-infused ghee is used for our Budda Brew™ and other products we are exploring to promote healing via organic/clean cannabis. 
Our first staple in organic teas will be the 'Mad Love Tea' which we have been talking about. One clue, Peppermint. Another clue: Healing. Our Mad Love Tea will give you the caffeine you need but a soothing and sweet layer of warmth to protect your belly and its inner lining. We are really excited about non-caffeinated teas too to help stop the rush of caffeine if that is something you are looking for health wise.
Stay tuned for our newsletter/blog and more announcements for more information about the fair, fresh, locally sourced when possible, organic & healing loose leaf teas, highest graded and farm to cup specialty coffees, freshly harvested, tested and proven cannabis products, and the finest brewing devices we will be drop-shipping to the store to make sure you have the worldliest of all harvest at home.
This Holiday season when you give the gift of Toro, it will be a gift of healing the soul!
The other gifts of the season are giving back. With grants and fundraising, we look forward to building on the nonprofit work that means the most to us through our own TORO foundation. We want to make sure we are at the top of our game -so we have been enjoying our new menu featuring the highest graded Honduras, Rwanda, and Colombia. 'Hug in a mug season' calls for our Cinnakin Spice to be warm and nice and other epic blends to have these roaring regions as their base.
LOVE & Cheers to a smooth & sweet Sunday!
Your Shifu Roaster & Friend,
Melissa Toro