Rest In Power- Juárez artist and activist Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre January 24 2020

CAUTION: This blog touches on sensitive topics such as femicide.
Isabel was a  26 -year- old clothing designer, painter and active member of a women’s collective,Mothers & Daughters of Maquila Workers. She disappeared riding home on her bike after swinging by a bar in Juarez, Mexico. Chihuahua prosecutors announced on Sunday morning the discovery of a woman’s body in the downtown area. It was confirmed to be Isabel.
Stories like this break our soul. The fact we have to justify why women should be treated equal is beyond me. How hard is this to understand? Our message at Toro is about standing up for what you believe in.  It's a message to stop being scared of people who disagree with you and stand up. Fact is, it is a dangerous world out there and being outspoken can get you killed at any moment. You never know when it's your time to die but Isabel didn't die in vain.
"Fellow activists of Isabel are demanding justice for her murder and an end to the femicides and disappearances of women that have plagued Juárez since it became a center of cheap manufacturing for American companies under the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA."
- Mexico News Daily
I just want to give credit to secure men out there who know women dropping dead all over the world for speaking their mind is not something that should be occurring in 2020, even in such a politically charged era. It's not an excuse for violence and murder. This is not the first and it certainly won't be the last time a woman/ political activist will be killed for protesting for fundamental women's rights.
This idea that men are still intimidated is not a surprise. It's an epidemic. Thank you to all you men who set examples in front of your friends and family in why this is beyond unacceptable. If we are going to set an example for future generations and evolve as human beings we need men to be as active as women in this messaging. We all understand the narrative of "men are better" not only hurts women, it hurts men as well. There are infinite issues affected by machismo culture that hurt men.
For example, when dealing with homophobia gay men often are being bulls-eyed by straight men so the straight men can assert their manhood.
We witness unceasing acts of having to be a "certain way" to the point many men place social restrictions on male friendships and how they "should be". Men feel like they can't just be who they are.
There are also the issues of skewed court cases regarding custody of children with gender roles hindering progress and assuming that the norm is that women should look after their children more frequently than men, resulting in judges favoring mothers and sometimes subconsciously affecting not only the outcome in the courtroom but the children themselves.
The reason I mention all these things regarding men is because this ends with men taking charge along with women to end misogyny. It's not easy but it's also not impossible. That is because of people like Isabel who were killed standing up for what she knows to be right and what we all know to be fair.
No matter our differences some things are a given; Women shouldn't be killed on the regular for being bold, living free, and never settling for less.