Social Media Cleanse May 01 2019

Dear Toritos/ Conquistadors of the Soul/ Human Oro,

I am taking this time to take a short social media cleanse. It seems impossible for a business to do this. However, more podcast hosts, life coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, public speakers, business owners, YouTubers, etc., are essentially in the same mood. Saying things along the lines of, 'I am going to try to exit social media to focus more on my content, channel, website, tangible businesses, my work detail overall; Maybe I'll even take some time to better me. I need to be sure not to pour from an empty cup, metaphorically'.

Even if I were the only one thinking this, it's something I must do.

When you are never living in the present moment to engage people every second on social media, you probably aren't offering your best work despite what you think. 

Toro Coffee taking time off social media means revamping a team (meaning hire people we know see this vision and can handle 'the freshly roasted movement' and what it entails), working on our CBD coffee, working on fundraising, expanding the outreach portion of the Toro Foundation, exporting/ importing, the family farms, business development, project managing, and a new podcast which is evolving from the last one, The Antihero Voice. 

It's about not letting Toro Coffee go at any cost. We are dealing with MULTIPLE copycats. We are an international brand. I know how beloved the power behind the Toro name is and our messaging has been to bounce off of since our inception. It's my name and message so I feel honored and flattered. It's generations of really incredible coffee harvest, our Toro named and blooded ancestors, not just some copycat who wants to be us. We are the one and only Toro Coffee. Nothing will change that. Trademark/Copyright.

We are taking this time to solidify that difference. It is about big picture thinking. Self care. Love of my customers, and fans of the brand. It's about taking action to make sure perseverance continues until I get the beyond epic results I want for this bold brand you all helped me build.

It is about making sure I am ready with full transparency, health, and energy to give you what you all deserve like I always have, but taking it up the many notches I have been dying to raise it, yet haven't had the chance, because of the fact there are not enough hours in the day.

It is about the optimization of achieving a goal and doing what you have to do to stay clear and keep the power of our message going. A legacy.

With projects, a vision of so much more than specialty coffee and cannabis, I have future travels, and fundamental personal growth that is needed to build the brand/who I envision to be as a leader as I move forward. I will be taking on as many orders as I can on the side and working on that very reinvention, public speaking and focusing on what I need to work on to become even stronger to give you everything you expect from this unique and bold AF movement.

You will receive all my love and attention with each order as always. If you are able to place an order for a private roast to order it means you were able to make the list for that time period. It is my honor and all proceeds go to charity.

I'm your private roaster to fuel your life as you raise down to earth kids, start college, get released from jail after that mistake and start over, beat that odd, make that team, transition, come out, take that new risk, leave that toxic relationship, when you return from war, the front lines of the medical field, after standing in that picket line, after nights of litigation in the courtroom, for the good intention based people working the border who "didn't sign up for this", the migrant who is you in another time, the professor, the activist, aka the bold and free of every walk of life. We are fueling butterfly effects of change.

How is this more than specialty coffee? It's reinvention. We are multidimensional beings, and we need a caliber of a brand that encompasses that message of abundance in willpower and fuel the wealthy forces of your complex lives.

That's exactly what I am doing. I am focusing on what matters after 6 years. I am still here, and you know I am not going anywhere. This is Toro Coffee, the real deal. After I return from my travels to Mexico I may or may not turn the lights back on social media. Otherwise, you know where to find me. I will be posting blogs and vlogs much more on the site.

Always imitated, never replicated,


Melissa Toro (Mel)


Illegitimi non carborundum

If you need me you know you can contact me at: or