About That Virus March 30 2020

Fact of the matter is there is no us without you.

This is how things go down at Toro Coffee:

We get your green beans from our farm or one just like it. We literally disinfect the box before we remove the beans. We then put it in our small warehouse to keep them dry and cool. When we are ready to roast, we put on a masks which I have since the very beginning. It was always to prevent inhaling smoke but also to keep precautions in place from the start. We then put on gloves that are changed again when we package your coffee in your shipment and take it to the mail.

We are dealing with an invisible enemy as we all know. We keep all of our roasting equipment, roasters, and tables spotless for packaging and disinfected after each day. Many times during the day.

We are all in this together and we want all of our customers to make it with us to the other side of this. We follow all federally, state and local standards to bring you the fresh roasted movement.

Love Always,





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