Toro Coffee admires Nanea Hoffman (Sweatpants & Coffee) September 06 2018

It was November 2016, and our country had shifted massively after 45's nomination in the primaries-  then to the shift that occurred when he won on such a disturbing platform. A year later, we are still in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with technology. 45's rhetoric is as tumultuous as ever, but the hope is still alive by the will of the people and brands that are willing to take the risk to stand for civility.

It's FRIDAY! April 28 2017

Toro Coffee Co.

What's Up, Magnificent Human Oro!!

Happy Friday!! I hope this finds you with an abundant cuppa Toro in your hand. With this weather it's clear, Cold Brew Season is ahead! We miss you guys. We still see a lot of you on Facebook and Twitter but we've had a diverse crowd on each media platform. Leaving Facebook was leaving a place we used to chill with you all on our personal pages even if you were a customer. If you are a customer, you are a friend. However, there is good news! There is a chat you that pops up now when you enter the site. It may say we are offline, but whether it is coffee or anything in the world please hit us up on that chat. We get the messages if we are away on our phones and via email. We make sure to promptly get back to you. Even off-line, write us any questions or things on your mind. Yes, we are busy roasting and making sure we source the most epic harvest and goods, but our customers/friends come first. 

Despite leaving the main monster, Facebook, I see more and more people visiting the website. Sweet! That means you know We are always with you, sharing a cup of Toro Oro and keeping it REAL! 

Right now I am sipping on the sample roast I did of :

India Karnataka Plantation Peaberry

Divine!! Cheers!! Our Friday Soundtrack for roasting on this dope sunny, PNW, Spring Day started with:

I feel the weekend coming! I feel my smooth Toro Oro kicking in! I feel the good vibes flowing!

Be Free, Be You, Be Conquistadors -- Happy Weekend!

Mad Love,



Instagram Today:

(For all those intelligent people who don't have social media)

It is all about balance. That's something I am working out daily. Getting rid of the mediocre. Doing more always, to be the best I can be en esta vida. It's all about drinking the finest coffee. Loving your customers. It's about getting rid of toxic people in your life who are intimidated by you and live long in the past. You can't balance with people holding onto you like they are entitled to your future, or you in general. It's about toking on the highest graded strains of harvests in cannabis instead of taking pills. We must continue ending the stigma. Balance to me, is also having the ability to know how you have grown and why everything that's happened in your life makes you a better person. I am so proud of Toro Coffee Co. and all the things we are doing--today is just one beautiful Friday. Friends, come check out the menu @ToroCoffeeco

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


May Your Acceptance & Coffee Be Super Strong! November 15 2016



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