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I know right now things seem dire. They feel surreal. With politics, wildfires, and a pandemic. I mean, we are living through so much history at once. It is our generation who will teach others how to be strong, how to build, how to persevere like no other generation prior and how to be bold, live free, and never settle in a time when all those things seem decided for us. However, you were literally made for the times.

Toro Merch - Live Boldly August 12 2019

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Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Scroll left to see our take on the #handmaidstale. Leave the grinding for coffee and for making your dreams come true. This is so much more than #specialtycoffee.💥💥💥 #ToroCoffee is a #movement & always has been! You guys have been asking for merch for FOREVER. We are starting small with some thought out tees that represent perseverance and strength—here are the first two shirts. I just ordered mine. La just ordered hers. They are American made. American Apparel soft. Toro cozy. Join the freshly roasted movement. Let’s change the world one bold buttery effect at a time. ☮️#abundancemindset PS- we have a few pounds, first come, first serve, of fresh farm to cup 87+ specialty reserve from the #torocarofincas en #Colombia. Grab yours while you can. You guys know if you have a bag in your possession it’s #ORO!! Fall we will have a full menu as we wait on more harvests to come in. 🌍 ............ #torocoffee #toroorganics #coffee #resist #torocoffeehouse #beboldlivefreeneversettle #fuckfascism #coffeeandactivism #persist #coffeesesh #toromewithcoffee #igdaily #humanityfirst #yanggang2020 #lgbt #americanmade #softaesthetic #socialactivism #coffeeandcannabis #coffeeholic #coffeecoffeecoffee #coffeeislife #coffeebringsustogether

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Toro Coffee admires Nanea Hoffman (Sweatpants & Coffee) September 06 2018

It was November 2016, and our country had shifted massively after 45's nomination in the primaries-  then to the shift that occurred when he won on such a disturbing platform. A year later, we are still in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with technology. 45's rhetoric is as tumultuous as ever, but the hope is still alive by the will of the people and brands that are willing to take the risk to stand for civility.

Happy Easter April 01 2018

Happy Easter- Toro Coffee

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Happy Holidays From Your Artisan Roaster November 27 2015

25% OFF! We've got this weekend of giving started. It smells like roasted nut, cocoa, and s'mores (Guatemala and Rwanda...

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Toro Coffee Co Sparkles this Holiday Weekend in Specialty Coffee November 27 2015

Today a new shipment awaits! We are waiting for many green oro pounds and they WILL be here in a few hours!!If you...

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Veritas Coffee- Toro Coffee Co.'s Blend Collection April 16 2015

There was this book that always followed me around through many years of my life. One that was always packed, but that I perhaps let dust on it's shelf. It's a "Harvard Classics Deluxe Edition, Marlowe, Shakespeare". The emblem, a shield that spells out "Veritas".

While Veritas is now used as a motto for elite universities & schools, this Latin word meaning TRUTH is also owned through Toro Coffee Co. as a unique product: Conquistador Blend, Veritas Coffee, a Toro Coffee Co. Collection.

While single origin coffees are delightful on the tongue, after creating an always individual blend of beans with only single origin, freshest harvested, hand-picked fincas: this is a MUST taste.

Our roaster, after cupping and tasting each region, farm by farm, specifically decides how to make each Conquistador Blend ordered.

I'll always love the distinct flavors and characteristics of single origin regions. Knowing the finca they are from, the history, always interesting. I have changed my point of view on blends. I'd hesitate to drink an "unknown" blend, but with Toro Coffee Co., each region and bean is hand-selected for an ultimate mouth pleasure.

Like us, and the world in which we live, the Conquistador Blend is always changing, yet always remaining true to it's source, and to you, the consumer. Aiming to bring you the best of "todo el mundo" is our mission. 



The Reinvention Project April 15 2015

Photo Credit : business partner and COO Lauren Castaldi while on a trip to the coffee farms of Génova, Colombia. 

There's a light in the darkness where hope is the dream of those who are AWAKE.


Our cause here at Toro Coffee Co. and Toro Organics is being laid out as we get ready to release a very amateur yet one day brilliant blog.

We WILL become journalists.   All of us!

We all do it every single day, and as the world changes we want to talk to you about the PROBLEM with the "War on Drugs" and how it affects EVERYBODY: Our troops are fighting a war they cannot see in many regions against opium and cocaine- Some of them treat their PTSD with street drugs because of the war on drugs. Our mental health, children, families of addicts, mass incarceration, mandatory sentences are all affected in some way by the war on drugs. The list is NEVER ending.

It is a topic that is relative to everything. A drug can be whatever the government says it is.

In a few years alone, marijuana became legal in a few states when people thought that was a dream never to be full-filled- Now you know where your flowers come from just like the food you eat. You can now treat Cancer patients openly with cannabis.

Also, everybody is their own BRAND:

We ask that you share your story of REINVENTION and strength with us and let us take a chance on what may be bigger than what we can realize today.

Conditions: You must speak in PRO language. No negatives. Your story can be negative but it is all about finding the light within through all of that.That is the story- Strength.

Example: Even the story of adventurer Chris McCandless who roamed away to get away from civilization ended up being such a big part of our conversation no matter how secluded he was or wanted to be. His story lived passed him. That's the point- Share your story or someone will tell it for you. You never know who you are inspiring. He left enough to tell his story in pictures and in writing, and continues in death to inspire other adventurers yearning to get away from the status quo.

People are able to share their life stories and help someone else. We ALL have one, and there are 7 billion of us. No one's pain is greater than someone else's.

Through Specialty Coffee, Classy Cannabis, Sporting events like endurance walks while going on an adventure, triathlons and marathons (all in time)...we will build a platform we all can come to. It will ALWAYS be safe. Here, it is ok to be whomever you are.

Every day you are here is another chance to prove yourself right or wrong- whichever is holding you back.

And drink the dankest coffee in all the land to fuel your adventures.

Stay Tuned.

We are so grateful for you awesome people who like this page. Seriously, it is the classiest list of people.


Melissa Toro
Founder of Toro Organics/ Toro Coffee Co/Bull Marketing/ The Reinvention Project/ Toro Oro hotlist/ Co-Founder, No Attorney Needed






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