SCAA 2015- Take 3 April 15 2015

Seattle again hosted and held the annual coffee event that has everyone from the coffee belt and beyond paying massive dues to network. We still pay and do it anyway. 

SCAA is fun but is it worth it? Probably not.

The classes, are valuable, yes, but have gone up a large percentage since coffee hit that "third wave".

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks were sponsors of the event. This was usually an event held for the FINEST specialty roasters and underground yet highly in demand coffee suppliers and parts- Now it has become what most would call a corporate event and beyond.

We expect the same for CannaCon that we know will not be the 40 dollar admittance it once was for a whole exhibit hall- meaning access to the best new brands and gadgets.  Looks like we may have to shell out more as these expo organizations grow. 

We are hoping they stay 'stoner hospitable' and keep the prices low because it really is about passion for anyone who even takes the time to come.

At SCAA in Seattle, Starbucks we let slide having paved the way for burnt yet better sourced coffee, and some political moves that have shaped an industry for what some may debate, yet I believe for the better in some realms.

It is all about who you know. For us, all that matters is representing for all of us.



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