Twitter, Black Rifle Coffee and the NRA June 13 2019

Toro Rekts Right Wing Nut Job Site Twitchy "News", The NRA, their hypocrisy, and how weapons of war and a war mentality are for the unevolved.

Happy New Year- Coffee & Cannabliss January 01 2018

Hello, Coffee and Cannabis loving Amigos! Happy New Year!
Toro Organics will be at CannaCon this February in our old stomping grounds and home of some of the most altering and reinventive times of our life, Seattle, WA.
I am thrilled to come back home although being in Oregon gives us the best of all worlds in our opinion for the cannabis cultivation. We are eager to immerse ourselves in cannabis agriculture cultivation at this stage of legalized cannabis. We immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee and cannabis industry in the city and now are excited what we have to offer from the vast array of farms out here in less developed but more agriculturally cannabis developed, Oregon.
Toro Organics in 2018 will continue...
Cannacrawling the finest dispensaries, farms, and artisans.
There are an array of new artisans who have introduced us to products yet to make it to Washington shelves and Vice Versa.
We will be taking an in-depth look at what has changed since 2013. It will be exactly 11 months since we left in Seattle in February 2017. There is no doubt the industry has boomed even greater since then. We have also learned a lot that we intend to bring with us up north.
Coffee and Cannabliss
We will also be making the round and attending Dope Cup again this year like every year. It is the most fun party thrown in the Pacific Northwest. 
Mela from Toro Coffee Co at Cannacon 2013
Follow us on our coffee and cannabliss page to learn about the three best cannabis stocks to invest in RIGHT NOW to get ahead of this already blossoming cash crop and industry!

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New Worldly Menu - July 15, 2016 July 15 2016

Weekend Bliss; ‎Cupcakes & ‪‎Toro Coffee Signature Cold Brew (Cold Brew Concentrate) May 21 2016

This Guatemala Cold Press, signature cold brew by Toro Coffee Co. will likely literally, blow your mind. We love it sweet here at Toro Organics, but we didn't add any sugar to this cup!

This cold brew bottle is filled w/brownie tasting Guatemala & seeped for 30 hours! It's strong, smooth, bold yet subtle, a true "mouthgasm" as some of your fellow Conquistos proclaim!

Stay tuned in for more Cold Press news along w/more of what's ahead this summer!

Worldly Pack Upgraded to 12 ounce Option May 09 2016

Happy Holidays From Your Artisan Roaster November 27 2015

25% OFF! We've got this weekend of giving started. It smells like roasted nut, cocoa, and s'mores (Guatemala and Rwanda...

Posted by Toro Coffee Co. on Friday, November 27, 2015

Toro Coffee Co Sparkles this Holiday Weekend in Specialty Coffee November 27 2015

Today a new shipment awaits! We are waiting for many green oro pounds and they WILL be here in a few hours!!If you...

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End of Summer Harvests: Colombia, Mexico, Brazil & Sumatra September 04 2015

Let the excitement and passion ensue. Tomorrow I announce new deals for these new fincas -we couldn't fit it all in one...

Posted by Toro Coffee Co. on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Fincas July 15, 2015 - Another Journey Around The World July 15 2015

Good Evening Adventurers:The New Menu is on its way! Worldly Packs-- Fresca Summer Harvests. Your Roaster is thrilled....

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Summer of Dreams Promo - Never Settle July 12 2015

You guys have 20% OFF! It may be Tuesday but the Summer of Dreams is not even close to over--> Make it count! Promo: Summer of Dreams It is that simple. You can even shop from Facebook! Never ever settle.

Uganda Try It! June 14 2015

Uganda is BOLD, Different, and Rustic. Fair Trade and Organic-- It is similar to a cup of Yemen. It is almost...

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Sangre de Café - COLOMBIA June 14 2015

Are you Conquistadores Ready?! This Worldly Menu has us up late with our palates watering. Can you ever have too much...

Posted by Toro Coffee Co. on Saturday, June 13, 2015

Café Cubano - Toro Style April 26 2015

We miss SoFlo & We love making Cuban Coffees Toro Coffee Co. style.

See, here is the deal, most people wouldn't dare prepare Café Cubano through a pre-ground bag. This is usually reserved for streets of Cuba y Calle Ocho en The Magic City, where you can get the real deal from any shop hot and ready with your perfectly sweet, paper cupped shot.

We found a way to capture it. Uniquely different, yet sweetly familiar pays homage to our roots. Now you can bring that vibe home. 

You need to drink enough Cuban coffees (& we have) to do this justice through and through. Whether a Pour Over, Chemex, French Press, or preferred Espresso machine (which pulls a sweet shot of heaven) your palate will sparkle with FELICIDAD with this Cuban Style Roasted to Order Specialty Coffee!

You can take us out of Miami but you can't take the Miami out of us!! 

Veritas Coffee- Toro Coffee Co.'s Blend Collection April 16 2015

There was this book that always followed me around through many years of my life. One that was always packed, but that I perhaps let dust on it's shelf. It's a "Harvard Classics Deluxe Edition, Marlowe, Shakespeare". The emblem, a shield that spells out "Veritas".

While Veritas is now used as a motto for elite universities & schools, this Latin word meaning TRUTH is also owned through Toro Coffee Co. as a unique product: Conquistador Blend, Veritas Coffee, a Toro Coffee Co. Collection.

While single origin coffees are delightful on the tongue, after creating an always individual blend of beans with only single origin, freshest harvested, hand-picked fincas: this is a MUST taste.

Our roaster, after cupping and tasting each region, farm by farm, specifically decides how to make each Conquistador Blend ordered.

I'll always love the distinct flavors and characteristics of single origin regions. Knowing the finca they are from, the history, always interesting. I have changed my point of view on blends. I'd hesitate to drink an "unknown" blend, but with Toro Coffee Co., each region and bean is hand-selected for an ultimate mouth pleasure.

Like us, and the world in which we live, the Conquistador Blend is always changing, yet always remaining true to it's source, and to you, the consumer. Aiming to bring you the best of "todo el mundo" is our mission. 



SCAA 2015- Take 3 April 15 2015

Seattle again hosted and held the annual coffee event that has everyone from the coffee belt and beyond paying massive dues to network. We still pay and do it anyway. 

SCAA is fun but is it worth it? Probably not.

The classes, are valuable, yes, but have gone up a large percentage since coffee hit that "third wave".

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks were sponsors of the event. This was usually an event held for the FINEST specialty roasters and underground yet highly in demand coffee suppliers and parts- Now it has become what most would call a corporate event and beyond.

We expect the same for CannaCon that we know will not be the 40 dollar admittance it once was for a whole exhibit hall- meaning access to the best new brands and gadgets.  Looks like we may have to shell out more as these expo organizations grow. 

We are hoping they stay 'stoner hospitable' and keep the prices low because it really is about passion for anyone who even takes the time to come.

At SCAA in Seattle, Starbucks we let slide having paved the way for burnt yet better sourced coffee, and some political moves that have shaped an industry for what some may debate, yet I believe for the better in some realms.

It is all about who you know. For us, all that matters is representing for all of us.

Holiday Worldly Specialty Coffee Gift Pack December 10 2014

Now, on special and for a limited time, Holiday Worldly Gift Pack starting at $20!


  • FOUR 5 ounce bags of the highest grade specialty coffee, worldly selections, roasted to order. 
  • Holiday Box and packaging, note, gift tag & holiday dressings.

Regions: Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico (Decaf only), Ethiopia


The gift boxes are filled with worldly passion from the harvests, to me roasting them, to you drinking them. Spread the holiday love, Conquistadores! $20.00 with $12.95 medium priority box.

$20 Holiday Worldly Gift Pack (normally $30) 

Also, on special, Toro Coffee Co.'s Worldly Gift Pack

$20 Worldly Gift Pack (like holiday pack, without holiday packaging- can be given altogether or individually, pictured below)

‪Promo‬ codes:

  • Oro: 10% all orders, including subscriptions
  • Holiday: 30% off orders over $100

Also new this month, ‪LOYALTY POINTS‬!!!! When you place an order, you automatically earn 2 Oro Points on every order! Although you already have a Shopify login, you will see at the bottom right on any of our site's pages, there's a black box that says "Join Our Points Program"- do that!! That will automatically give you 500 Oro Points which is $5 off! Or save your order to earn $10 or $25 off! It's all for YOU!

*Please note, promo codes do not apply to the Holiday World Gift boxes or Worldly Gift Pack as they are currently on sale for the holidays. 

Bringing back the best for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday November 26 2014

My friends,


What is Toro Coffee Co. grateful for?

YOU ALL! What a year this is shaping up to be.

There is only one way we can show our gratitude, and it is to give you the most popular deal of all the deals we have presented:

$15 off $40
Promo Code: HolidayVeritas
This code is starting Thanksgiving continuing through #BlackFriday,#SmallBusinessSaturday to #CyberMonday.

Your roaster will not be able to start roasting your #ORO until after I spend time with my family and friends (like I hope the rest of you will) on Friday. Don't worry though, it will be the very first thing I come home to, and nothing makes me happier than roasting for you!

For anyone who ordered before this deal...I made sure to throw in extra love in the 'priority flat rate boxes', because I can always fit a *special touch* of this or that. Do not feel like you missed out, because I always made sure to make it count above and beyond in making sure you feel appreciated for what you are, Toro Coffee Co. Coffee Conquistadors.

With all my gratitude and heart, here is to you,

Melissa Toro



Hi Guys,

I, too, want to thank each of you for your love, support, faith and hope these past 6 months! As a company, and personally, gratitude for each one of you is GRAND! Your energy and shared love of only the best drives us to constantly be better.

We are proud to now offer #LOYALTY Oro points for all your purchases! Not only will you earn 2 Oro points for every dollar that you spend, you will also get 500 Oro points for just signing up!

There's a small black box on the bottom right of every page on our site that says "Join Our Points Program Login Now" --CLICK THAT! That's how you sign up to earn your initial 500 points. & what does 500 Oro points equate to? $5 off your next purchase! You can save your points and 1000 = $10 off, 2500= $25.

We are always running promos as you guys know, and you can use these in combo with your earned oro points! If you've purchased in the past few days, your loyalty oro points have been recorded, even if you haven't yet signed up!

Also, we are proud to partner with Paywhirl to provide monthly subscription services for 1-4 lb bags per month. You can ALWAYS use "ORO" as a promo code for 10% off-even on recurring subscriptions!


Wishing you all an overflow of love, joy, happiness, peace & mas amor,

Lala Castaldi

Our Holiday Jingle Deal November 02 2014

Here is... The Great #DEAL!

Happy November and holidays to come, and THANK YOU guys, so much, for choosing to shop small- It is smarter and always sustainable for everyone to have a better quality of life;
Here we go:

Any orders of $65 or more (no limit, 4 bags of 1lb fresh roasted, seasonal harvested Oro), and you get 30% OFF, which is at least $20 off your order!

That is starting at $6 off a bag!!!

Tell me if you find this at any small batch coffee shop (they truly don't exist) or roaster; fresh roasted to order, personalized, freshest harvest, with the Toro touch- you won't !

How do we do it being so small? Who knows.
We do know, we want to selfishly share all the holidays being your number #1 brew and being with YOU.

We are coming together with a #holiday Fuego Box™, that will also be a FANTASTIC deal. Stay tuned!!

Remember, now by popular demand and for cost effectiveness as coffee goes extinct slowly, 1lb bags (more to savor).

There have been many changes yet we are in this together/juntos.

***Also, You can ALWAYS use our ongoing special code for 10% off any order!! If you only want two bags....Code word: Oro ***

For any questions please contact us at

Peace. Love y Black Oro.


*Please make sure you guys choose the right shipping. Anything over 3 bags needs a medium box to get to you.
*Working on "frequent buyer" cards. 

*Our scrubs are getting revamped as we make our first holiday if you don't see them, note, they are coming back soon.

*We are NEVER ever, done. We are making sure to order the nicest French Presses, Moka Pots, single cup brewers, etc....THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

*Cinnakin' Spice Coffee is getting better and better with each fresh roast!

*Chocolates, and anything sustainable through coffee is coming your way. We want you to be able to add more to your cart to add to your coffee adventure.

*Anything regarding cannabis please PM us...YES, we are HARD AT WORK!

*As we navigate we hope to offer even more deals...and don't forget...MT loves giveaways!



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