Coffee Conversation- The Only Way Out Is Through September 13 2020 1 Comment

The Only Way Out Is Through- Coffee Conversations, Toro Coffee


Fueling a New Way Forward Together Was Always The Plan...

As I sip my Sunday Toro Coffee, I am thinking about the people who follow this brand and why. I am reminded with each sip of how lucky I am to have started this with you and us all be in this together. It was always because people knew I had risen from what seemed like an impossible path that I started Toro Coffee. I wanted people to know that even in our darkest hours, that we are alive... and there are days ahead that wait for us with peace and understanding.

We cohesively came together to share our honest experiences about life and the human condition. We started a conversation over coffee about reinvention, redemption, and activism. We agreed we were not humble nor evolving without giving people a chance to grow or redeem themselves. Now as we are exposed to the many depths of humanity and what we as humans have done to animals, the earth, the skies, and to other humans, we know more than ever it's time to reinvent. It's time to redeem ourselves.

This was always about so much more than coffee as I always say, but in a way, it was the coffee harvest that saved me. It was the promise of harvest that made me see that you must water the seeds for anything to grow, and before you can even water them, you must first have the nerve to plant them. Without a doubt, I see it as a metaphor for all things. I had made so many wrong turns in life. Now I can say with confidence they actually were the only detours that could bring me to where I am today, which is a person with an innate need to give back to my community. A person who is desperate to find a way to bring us together even if it's just for the time it takes to drink a cup of high-end coffee.

My hardships were the only way to grow into this person who I am immensely proud of today, and I say that with absolute humility. Even if it was just with a cup of coffee, I was going to spread messages of reinvention because I knew as did so many, that we were all in agreement but too scared to share out loud what we were really thinking; That we as humanity had lost our way, long before we were even born.

Now 7 years later, we have broken down those boundaries and ridiculous stigmas, but it's time to take it up another notch, and make sure the world knows we aren't kidding. Who are we to think we can change the world? We are Toros. We Tackle Obstacles, Reinvent Ourselves, daily. We know our time here is short and we are going to make it count with all we do. If you haven't noticed, look around you.

You, yes you, are changing the world one butterfly effect at a time. With every post about equality, every march for BLM, against children in cages, against animal cruelty, for protecting our drinking water, and all that your heart knows is right, with every donation you make to your community, by supporting small business, by not accepting the status quo of unchecked corruption, etc. you have become the embodiment of change!!

Did we ever say that we would do this quietly? Or try to appease everyone? Or better yet, did we ever say we wouldn't even get a little dirty in order to make a point? We weren't going to be fucked when it came to not settling for what we knew was just repeating history.

We are here to create "Good Trouble" as the late John Lewis said.

I know right now things seem dire. They feel surreal. With politics, wildfires, and a pandemic. I mean, we are living through so much history at once. It is our generation who will teach others how to be strong, how to build, how to persevere like no other generation prior and how to be bold, live free, and never settle in a time when all those things seem decided for us. However, you were literally made for the times.

Not many know, but this venture is now headed to Charlotte, NC. It was headed back west to Washington state, but our plans were dashed with California, Oregon, and Washington being engulfed by unprecedented wildfires. This is climate change ignited with human- fueled turmoil, creating the mess we are in now. 

There's good news though. There's give and take with everything in life. Think about the "critics," the people who have the nerve to stand up for a cleaner world, a better way, a message of activism. Believe it it not, those are the optimists. It is the optimist who through activism will plant the seeds for a harvest that will be as abundant as ever. Because like all things this shall pass. But like all harvests it takes blood, sweat, tears, patience and of course, the ability to adapt to the unexpected weather and conditions of the day.

I guess what I am trying to say is, we need to embrace every unexpected turn, because it means we are still here. The pain you are feeling, means you are still alive. The hurt and agony you feel means you are humble enough and feel love enough to know the difference, and know truth. The unexpected moves means a new chapter: Growth.

Many see activism, of which this brand is based, as polarizing at times, really all the time; The things many of us are controversially fighting for shouldn't be controversial at all. We are saying, black lives must matter so all lives can matter. That LGBTQIA + rights are human rights. That we are ready to finally talk about 9/11 and the 60 million displaced so we never get revenge like that again, because then what is the true price of "peace?" That we must move on climate change because our one world, our home, can't wait one second more. That we must get paid for our data because we deserve to own our minds. We have a youth that will no longer have any ties to a once only tangible world, but now a complex matrix that takes us further away from the true human condition. It's imperative we control what we as humans created. Let's come together and fight for a Universal Basic Income so we can bridge the divide between the rich and poor. We must plant the seeds NOW.

Toro Coffee will be moving to Charlotte, North Carolina to do what all great leaders, philosophers, thinkers, and activists before us have done, and that's share and discuss over a cup of specialty coffee/the highest graded teas, how we can make the world a better place by having the nerve to plant the seeds of change and follow through by being around long enough to harvest what we have grown together. Don't give up now, we are half way there.

The only way out is through.