Toro Coffee Co. Tips for Activism in a Modern World July 10 2017

Hola Conquistadors of the SOUL,

I know in every era there have been conflicting times. Think of JFK's assassination, 9/11, the great depression, WW1, WW2, etc. Maybe you weren't alive during many of these events or any of these events but you were alive for the 2016 election. You are alive during the fourth industrial revolution! When we call you Conquistadors of the soul, we mean to tap into exploring in your innermost soul and the depths of it! Many times when you are grateful for what you have you realized what could potentially be at risk.  

Maybe you have always wanted to stand up for your own rights, from clean water to gun control, but don't know how. We have a few tips for how to be an activist and stand up for what's right. Many people tend to ask nowadays, what IS right? When we say activist, what does that mean in this day and age?

It is up to interpretation. Let's talk about what has changed and what we didn't use to debate back in the day. We never debated mutual respect or respecting the disabled, elderly, and our veterans. I think if you start out with, What should be right- which is having civility and manners toward others. Your voice may cover the voices of the voiceless. Never forget that.

Countries which of whom take pride in being our allies are openly having to adjust to a country that was once a beacon for all immigrants. The leader of the world, which was once the United States, and has been for about 100 years, is alienated by its own choosing. The new path of the USA takes some getting used to. For all of us. Before all this chaos and controversy we used to just 'set it and forget' when it came to our privileged life in the US. If it is a major shift, let's hope it is toward enlightenment. 

This is a list of tips that are not to embrace a set of ideologies or another. It is to help others who are set out to protect the foundation in which we fight for the basic fundamentals:  medicines, clean air/ food/water, and obviously shelter. We are activists for our fellow people, the animals who inhabit our earth to keep the cycle going, food, water, and shelter.

TIP: Be grateful for what you already have.

Give THANKS daily! When you wake up, give thanks for your coffee, the water to brew it, and the ability to have a place to drink it in. Many people don't even have that, or the ability to read this blog because they don't have internet.

That gratitude will spread to the rest of your life and to the people you know, so you can fight for what really matters. Do not get caught up on someone else's agenda. It is easy to follow someone to the extreme. Stay an individualist/independent thinker while working with others. 

Now that your mind, body, and soul are in the right place, we can talk about what matters most to you and your family.

Why would we even need to be activists? Isn't that for people who carry signs, and dress in all black to break stuff?! 

Answer: No.

You are an activist when you sign a petition. That petition is an act to make something happen. Speaking of happenings, in this past election cycle in November 2016, for the first time that we can think of, or know for sure, cyber warfare was used to help hijack the USA and its vulnerabilities during the most disturbing times in political history. We were infiltrated with ideologies implemented by foreign entities. This is why we say, make sure you stay independent in thought. Our mistakes, hypocrisy, and wrongdoings as a country are highlighted. As were cause by the alt-right that later turned out to be so extreme many people who voted with that groupthink are now getting help for being inducted into a hate group without realizing it! We also saw how things were being rigged and bureaucratically changed to favor others in the most local of levels.

TIP: Find out your district and go volunteer your time to campaign for local candidates and issues.

With the acknowledgment of the times we live in and the digital age comes recognition of your own local/ federal/ state's/country's shortcomings.

You are aware of your own water issues, your local municipal races and how you need to be active because your friends and family are being affected by outdated mentalities. I read one post, that whatever you are doing today, is what you would've done during the civil rights era.

TIP: There Is No "Better Way" To Be An Activist

With Fascism and "alternative facts", what can we do to make a better impact?

Whether you are running an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube Channel, or any preferred platform with the theme of human rights and protesting the unjust...We applaud you! It doesn't mean you will be perfect or right about everything you say. Things evolve, we all evolve but if you stand up for what is right, others will see and will applaud if not follow.

We March. We Protest. We Vlog, We Blog. We Stand Up for What's Right, even when it seems like the world is against us. If you don't have haters you aren't doing it right.

Don't let people tell you are not an activist because you use the internet. Look at how many movements have started online. If the enemy is using the internet/ cyber warfare to brainwash people, then it makes absolute sense the fight the ideology at the source.

It takes time, heart, courage, thick skin, and the ability to deal with haters all the time. Tip, work out often so your mind is always clear and in the right place.

  1. the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

"Equality does not always mean justice, don't always look to be "equal" with someone else. Try to establish justice and what is right with impartiality." 

Chances are it is you that needs to execute that very mission. The world is calling you, Conquistador of the soul.

Toro Activism

We use our page News, Activism, Nature to vent with articles Lauren and I have vetted, that project the progressive message. Social Media has gotten lost in complacency as fascism rolls through the world. When you ask yourself, "why hasn't anyone done this yet?"? Chances are it is because you are the one who needs to execute that mission!

TIP: Being Vocal and Not Being Complicit Is Imperative When Proving Your Side of the Argument. Always Speak In Facts

Educate yourself. Do not only get your news from one outlet. Read stories from the other sides of things so you can think objectively. 

There are consistent daily miscarriages of justice everywhere blinding us into submission. Don't let all this news stress you out. Lobby for a cause that makes you feel better about being on this small earth for such a short time.

TIP: Start a Petition 

This is self-explanatory. If you want something done in this world but have social anxiety the way I do, the best way to get people together is to start a petition. You never know how many people you can reach.

TIP: Look into Super Pacs

Super Pacs helped fund the infamous travel ban and other discriminatory measures that work for the 1%. Self Explanatory Discrimination. Stay vigilant on the corruption cases and funding. Follow the money.

Tip: Write the Supreme Court

General Contact Information:

U.S. Mail: Supreme Court of the United States
 1 First Street, NE
 Washington, DC 20543

 (Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern)

We see people refusing to take DUI tests because it's against their rights to be administered against their will. The bad policeman who do not have real-world training, are taking blood without consent. Videos of people strapped down screaming "what country is this?"! Good nurses are being detained because they are preserving someone's rights while in a coma to not have their blood drawn are happening all over the country.

The Federal government is trying to fill private prisons. Be careful when detained. Do as they say, and post-release, or better yet, while in custody, contact an attorney. If anything sue. If you need help please contact us in our Conquistador Contact where we can help you file pro se. 

Tip: March, Sit-In, Protest!

We see people like Philando Castile, a model citizen, who taught children, had a concealed weapons permit, followed the status quo rules. He was shot by the police and died. It was all streamed LIVE. 

Although Philando followed procedure during the traffic stop, he was shot and killed by Jeronimo Yanez, a St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer.

Yanez was acquitted of all charges on June 16, 2017. Mind Boggling. 

Where's the almighty NRA to put out a statement when the case involves a man who had the right to carry that gun? Where is the justice? People took to the streets and social media to make sure the facts of who Philando was as a person were released.

These miscarriages of justice are not the first, nor will it be the last. Like any miscarriage, do what is humanly possible without threat or violence to bring attention to cases like this. When there is a time to stand in unity against these issues, be there if you feel it is important to your livelihood, your kid's livelihood, Humanity's future.

TIP: Organize a Rally

It was brave groups such as BLM who stood up and took to the streets for all the many POC who have been shot and killed for no reason whatsoever, other than the color of their skin. Or think of the Women's March who brought together strong women activists to them bring one of the largest protests in history. These groups are made up of ordinary people who want to make a difference. They will lead you in the right direction. If you want to start a more defined rally or a rally that no one has thought of yet, do it! 

MAIN TIP: Always have a good lawyer on call 

This may be a lawyer friend or someone you know you can count on. Always find a responsible and caring, open-minded attorney/ Paralegal friend/bail bondsman who can navigate the legal system. 

We see town halls being held with representatives only sending big donors invitations to ask questions like, "what's your favorite baseball team?" Instead of, "Why the F*** are you cutting Medicare/Medicaid? Why aren't you cutting your own government-funded healthcare, you Washington Crooks?" They may censor us- however, families from all over are storming courthouses with picket signs, and an ear full. It's not working no matter how hard these paid shills try to silence the people. 

TIP: Never Stand For Censorship

No matter if the censorship is a message you disagree with...They can use that to one day censor your real message of truth! 

Richard Spencer is only a reminder Nazis still exist with sad pride. They cannot hide since they are owning it so openly and tainting themselves forever. Do I believe people like Spencer even deserve a platform? No. I don't believe that hate deserves a platform. But, in regards to people like Ben Shapiro, Anne Culter, Milo Y. etc. -there are venues for various levels of showmanship. Let extremists find stages that best suits Alt-light-isms, like the county carnival, behind the port-o-potties. The second we act like they are important enough to try to censor, the more empowered they become. I would prefer them to own their racism openly like they have so the FBI can see with their own resources, this is not a left or right issue. 

TIP: Don't be Blind to Our Modern Day Slavery

We see that according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in US federal and state prisons, and county jails in 2013 – about 0.91% of adults (1 in 110) in the U.S. resident population. Additionally, 4,751,400 adults in 2013 (1 in 51) were on probation or on parole.

TIP: Tell Your Story. Try to Think of the Consequences, but understand that Life Happens. You can teach people from what you've been through.

How are we supposed to know about injustice if you don't tell the world about these atrocities? This is activism. We thank you for your courage to share your story. 

Many activists use their life story as the foundation of their activism. That is a fantastic starting point. No matter how you decide to enact your activism, it is powerful to have lived through things that give you greater insight. 

Toro Activism

TIP: Boycott Brands that Support Oppression

It was misleading when Standing Rock had that temporary "victory" in court for a short injunction to stop the work of the pipeline. That ruling unfortunately made people comfortable in dispersing from the area after months of turning it into a thriving activist based community. We saw people openly brutalized and jailed without cause. Many had been pepper sprayed, hosed with water, jailed, and froze fighting for clean water activism. They were standing up for the fundamental right of fresh drinking water. The very thing needed to brew coffee.Too big to fail money proceeded with the dirty pipeline. Our 45th president touted his "American Steel" investment/conflict of interest as an accomplishment.

Was the activism all in vain?

Nothing was in vain. We are aware of pipelines, the word pipeline, our watersheds, the 3,000 communities+ in the USA without clean water, and what it means when they run a pipeline below your home. We are more aware of the problem with private water companies and the monopolies than ever before. The water protectors' activism, and yours by posting, sharing, or maybe even going up there for a day or two absolutely mattered. 

Here are the 36 banks the movement is boycotting:

  • Wells Fargo
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • HSBC Bank
  • Citibank (and Citigroup)
  • TD Securities
  • BNP Paribas
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Mizuho Bank
  • DNB Capital
  • BBVA Securities
  • SunTrust
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
  • Credit Agricole
  • ABN Amro Capital
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • ING Bank
  • Natixis
  • BayernLB
  • ICBC London
  • Societe General
  • Scotiabank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Comerica Bank
  • US Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Barclays
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Compass Bank
  • Credit Suisse
  • DNB Capital/ASA
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • UBS
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Origin Bank (formerly Community Trust)

TIP: Never Stop Living Authentically.

I'm devoted to standing up for the generations of people died for me to have more rights. All those "crazy witches, wetbacks, coloreds and faggots" who were burned and tortured. I can't be subtle about this. I may not get tomorrow. Love is love. Be private, but take chances. Love. Being who you are is the ultimate activism in a world that tries to put us in molds.

Human rights. Human Evolution. Live and Let Live.

For these reasons, I do believe in Civil Disobedience, but for me personally, I know my work is best appreciated when I am not in trouble with the man

When real tragedies hit, like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, etc; That's when society realizes this infighting is absolutely insane about who we love, race, and gender roles. Most people are on the same side. We forget to look at the bigger picture. Clean Water, Education, Homes, Jobs.

TIP: Always Remember, Humanity is Humanity. For Good Or For Bad

As we trek forward on this adventure of the soul, leading the path of activism should be the forgiveness, gratitude, and wisdom that comes from surviving.

You need to be properly fueled with the highest graded brew for all you do.  It reminds us that there is much to lose if we don't stand up for what's right. Coffee is one of those commodities. Without fresh water, we can't make divine specialty coffee.

We Always Say That We Are 'Coffee Activists'- What Does That Mean?

To Toro Organics, it means that we adore the specialty coffee process. We like to spark conversations that matter over a cup of coffee. We want to keep micro-lots micro, and copious amounts of deforestation to end. We bring the message of a high-graded cup of coffee that aims to fuel all to be Human Oro. The universal coffee message of, let's take a minute and have a cuppa coffee together and talk. 

And what do we want to talk about? Well, for instance, people, healthcare, addiction/mental health awareness, and to aid in the stigma being dropped. It means we care a lot about juveniles, BLM, LGBTQIA+, Vets, PTSD, homelessness, the economy, wildlife, animals, prison reform, immigration, ending the War on Drugs, legalizing cannabis, absolute freedom of the press, how technology is putting people out of work, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc.

 PRO TIP: Be Bold, Live Free, Never Settle.