Toro- Fourth Wave Specialty Coffee Steeper February 09 2018

Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Natural & Chlorine Free.

While we TORO- tackle obstacles & reinvent ourselves with every cuppa handcrafted love -we need as much time as we can get to execute our worldly goals and travels.

More time means eliminating bulky machines and costly to the earth pods that clog up our very earth, bodies, and coffee machines with old stale debris.

We take all of the steps you require, a craft, artisan, personalized fresh roast, highest graded beans, single origins, epic blends, and perfectly ground. Biodegradable in rice paper. You then open up your steeper and conquer the world. Place one in your favorite backpack, or your briefcase for an adventure of the soul!

Always replicated but never duplicated- Toro Oro.

Be Bold, Live Free, Never Settle.