Toro Coffee admires Nanea Hoffman (Sweatpants & Coffee) September 06 2018

A year ago today I made a post on Facebook about how proud I was to have Sweatpants and Coffee notice us. Almost three have passed, and Toro has gone through a lot of changes. What stays the same is how Nanea still motivates us to this day. I can only write this hoping Nanea understands how grateful we are to have her as a creator in this generation, a writer, and an overall cheerleader for the coffee loving human race and for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases.
It was November 2016, and our country had shifted massively after 45's nomination in the primaries-  then to the shift that occurred when he won on such a disturbing platform. A year later, we are still in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with technology. 45's rhetoric is as tumultuous as ever, but the hope is still alive by the will of the people and brands that are willing to take the risk to stand for civility.
It was during my own down times plagued with stress and worry about a better tomorrow that I looked for Nanea's posts. I needed to know I could pull myself out of an entrepreneurial slump of creativity. I looked to Nanea and her words of honest, simplified, raw, humble wisdom. 
We as humans many times long for knowledge and insight of what others are feeling in times of drastic change. It is a gift if they are brave enough to share the obvious words many are too afraid to utter. Nanea took risks in an age of embracing hate, to share her soul and her story while battling cancer.
Hundreds of thousands read her posts daily that inspire, cause laughter, and sometimes even heartache but with a smile. her survival and writing remind us to be bold, live free, and never settle.
Nanea Hoffman is a leader in the coffee community. I would say even more in the mental health community. The day Nanea followed us she empowered us to be more, do more, etc. These were all things I was executing yet it is always nice to have that push to "do more" when scrolling along Instagram. When we empower one another through the subtle support we offer, it could light a spark to be as bold as your mentors. You naturally aim to constantly be worthy of their recognition. That is why her support lit such a fire under us.
We were fans long before she followed. It was like a Christmas gift. I feel like such a dweeb "stanning out" but it is true. I watched Nanea as she used all of the short hours in a day, when not fighting cancer, to inspire others. Not to mention the fact she was caring for a family as well. That is what it means to be a woman entrepreneur- Or better yet, Human Oro. 
It is that inner nurturer gift we as women embrace the older we get. It is a power that gives you the strength to spread yourself and share your love in even the darkest of times. It means being a driving force always. Remarkably it was inspiring and pairing others with a network while fighting their own battles.
That to us is a Conquistador of the Soul! 
Sweatpants and Coffee
Every day as a woman run company, you never know what your hurdles will be. We are proud to be a 100% woman run company. Daily we are reminded through Nanea and her immense social media presence that we are recognized.
I find myself in a sense of mentorship that comes in unique places such as Instagram. I don't know if Nanea truly understands she is a mentor of mine, yet I follow her lead of compassion and understanding every single day. With a coffee company that is so much more than coffee, she inspires me to diversify emotionally. The similarities I like to think I share with Nanea are a love of coffee, the longing for acceptance everywhere, and big-picture thinking. She is a survivor who talks about being HUMAN over a cup of coffee. The Anxiety Blob she created has been a hit for the obvious of reasons. she made a plush version you can literally cuddle with to remind you, you aren't alone in your thoughts.
To me, perfection is when someone who can make people smile. It is someone who can see that life is hard at its core and needs to be taken less seriously day to day. Nanea has made it abundantly clear with her release of Anxiety Blob that she is here to nurture our darkest places and shine a light to walk us through our social anxiety and anything else we may be plagued with in these ever-changing technological times.
We are so much more than the sum of our parts. We make mistakes, we are addicts, we are walking in a life we don't understand doing the best we can. We are only Human. Many of us understand that the world is too sick to judge others the immature ways we all naturally do. With those experiences comes a strength you can only get by walking through hell on earth. It is wisdom. We get cancer, and survive, and struggle. That is the point. We get wiser. One day we are up and maybe one day we are down. Embrace it the ups and downs because they make us better humans. More aware humans.
Moral of the story is with enough love, acceptance, coffee, a dash of reinvention and redemption, you can move mountains. You never know who you are inspiring. Maybe it is not just a person, but a small company with big dreams to move people like you do. Next Nanea is coming out with the Persistent Potato. She knows her audience well. Cheers to you, Sweatpants & Coffee.
Melissa Toro 
Toro Coffee Co.
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