India Coffee Talk, Non-profit, Mental Health & Chris Cornell June 29 2017

I talk about these things because I have my own demons, my own depression, my own down times--that's why I started Toro Coffee Co.-- I wanted to help the world in some capacity with my story and also work with my hands- the tangible. I needed to keep my mind busy with what I am passionate about. It's why it means so much to me. It's why people like Chris Cornell and his words/music speak to my soul.

The Seven Wonders of Oregon Explored, Fueled by Toro June 29 2017


We invite you, Conquistadors of the soul and epic specialty reserve, to join us as we fuel ourselves with Toro Coffee Co.'s finest Signature Blends and single origins and attempt to conquer all 7 wonders of Oregon before my 36th birthday on August 27th.

We are using these adventures to explore our souls as we venture into the biggest role of our lives as a nonprofit organization.

We love you all so much. Thank you for standing with us as we evolve. We hope to find some cool artifacts along the way that we can share with you. All of these adventures are dedicated to you!

Check them out, and remember at checkout to use code word ORO or for 10% off.

We will be receiving fresh harvests to add to Mexico, Colombia y India, and Our Signature Hits. New regions should arrive post our first trip to the Painted Hills Oregon, this Friday.

Stay Tuned, and Cheers to Being Bold, Living Free, and Never Settling!

Mad Love,

Mel & La

P.S. the shop on FB directly has some quantities incorrect, so if you are looking for something that is "unavailable" please contact us as we may have it in stock!


Coffee & Cubs June 24 2017

Happy Thursday Gangstas! 

A video I waited to share... June 24 2017

Hola My Coffee Conquistadors,

I wanted to share with you a video I put out weeks before, when we were in the works of becoming a nonprofit. We still have a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to do, but I wanted to share with you guys my raw feelings that were filled with excitement about what is to come.

The real reason I never published it, was because prior to this we were cyber-bullied by a lot of sheeple post the Trump inauguration. It was gang stalking and it was brutal. After this, I ended up cutting off all my hair because I was so depressed and I didn't know what to do with my life even though I had everything in front of me going forward.

I always tell you guys to be bold, to live free, to never settle, but honestly, I was so depressed I thought I was going to take my life.

I realize that if you want to take on the world, you WILL face people that aren't happy in general and are willing to bring you down at any cost because it makes them feel better... maybe for all the things they wish they could do or don't have the drive to do. You can't stoop to their level, yet I found myself doing that. 😔

I want you Conquistadors of the soul to know, I am the most imperfect person there is. MOST IMPERFECT! That's exactly why TORO stands for tackling obstacles,reinventing ourselves. I feel like I've lived many lifetimes in this one life, but the thing that has kept me going is helping others and Toro Coffee. 

Here's my long winded video because you guys know me, but I just wanted to share with you the vlog that I had promised but you guys probably thought I didn't do. I did do it, I was just going through one of the hardest times of my life, and wondered if anyone even wanted to hear from me.

It took weeks upon weeks of self searching and all the things that it happened to realize that I have to find TRUE self-love and acceptance in order to take on the world the way I want to.

Thank you guys for being my compass and being the best support system anyone could ask for. Mad love, mad, mad love. -Mel PS - obviously this video is from the end of March a couple weeks ago, so that inventory did come in, now it's sold out!

We are expecting new regions to be put on the menu at the end of next week stay tuned. Do not forget to grab a bag of the Toro family fincas while you can. They only come around when harvest comes around. Always Remember to be bold, live free, and never settle.

Love you all so much on here. I know who all of you are. Thank you. If you guys ever have a problem with a cyber bully or need someone to talk to you can always direct message me on Instagram, or send me an email me at

It may take me a little bit to answer but I'm always here for anyone that needs help getting through ordeals that I don't think society is quite ready for like cyber bullying.

Stay Strong and remember to NEVER engage with a shellfish nor a sheep. Melissa Toro #ToroCoffeeCo #SwishSwish 😉😎☕️ #Coffee

A Closer Look at the Oregon Dunes Fueled By Toro June 24 2017


Grab a bag of Toro Coffee Co. and follow us on our next adventure to the Painted Hills, this last week of June. Code Word: Oro for 10% Off!

Spring Fueled by Toro Coffee Co. May 08 2017

It's FRIDAY! April 28 2017

Toro Coffee Co.

What's Up, Magnificent Human Oro!!

Happy Friday!! I hope this finds you with an abundant cuppa Toro in your hand. With this weather it's clear, Cold Brew Season is ahead! We miss you guys. We still see a lot of you on Facebook and Twitter but we've had a diverse crowd on each media platform. Leaving Facebook was leaving a place we used to chill with you all on our personal pages even if you were a customer. If you are a customer, you are a friend. However, there is good news! There is a chat you that pops up now when you enter the site. It may say we are offline, but whether it is coffee or anything in the world please hit us up on that chat. We get the messages if we are away on our phones and via email. We make sure to promptly get back to you. Even off-line, write us any questions or things on your mind. Yes, we are busy roasting and making sure we source the most epic harvest and goods, but our customers/friends come first. 

Despite leaving the main monster, Facebook, I see more and more people visiting the website. Sweet! That means you know We are always with you, sharing a cup of Toro Oro and keeping it REAL! 

Right now I am sipping on the sample roast I did of :

India Karnataka Plantation Peaberry

Divine!! Cheers!! Our Friday Soundtrack for roasting on this dope sunny, PNW, Spring Day started with:

I feel the weekend coming! I feel my smooth Toro Oro kicking in! I feel the good vibes flowing!

Be Free, Be You, Be Conquistadors -- Happy Weekend!

Mad Love,



Instagram Today:

(For all those intelligent people who don't have social media)

It is all about balance. That's something I am working out daily. Getting rid of the mediocre. Doing more always, to be the best I can be en esta vida. It's all about drinking the finest coffee. Loving your customers. It's about getting rid of toxic people in your life who are intimidated by you and live long in the past. You can't balance with people holding onto you like they are entitled to your future, or you in general. It's about toking on the highest graded strains of harvests in cannabis instead of taking pills. We must continue ending the stigma. Balance to me, is also having the ability to know how you have grown and why everything that's happened in your life makes you a better person. I am so proud of Toro Coffee Co. and all the things we are doing--today is just one beautiful Friday. Friends, come check out the menu @ToroCoffeeco

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra April 27 2017

A little Coffee and a little Illumination. The day is Ok!

This was just released! Perfect timing for my soul was craving more beauty. To add to that beauty, I wanted to share a cuppa Toro Coffee with you. Will you join me?

I hope you guys are digging the new menu. Right now I am sipping on India Peaberry. It's delicious. Let the coffee and music flow all day until it's Friday. :)

Mad Love,


Beware! "Coffee Blogger" aka Allen Glines= Coffee Freeloader April 26 2017



Coffee Roasters and Crafts-people of all sorts, Connoisseurs & Entrepreneurs, Beware!

Have you heard about the coffee bloggers who are scamming companies out of specialty coffee but most importantly time? They parade as real coffee bloggers but are they really the "Coffee Bible" as they claim (it is called something else actually, but I am being nice)?

One of these so-called "coffee bloggers", who somehow has an impressive over 50,000+ Twitter followers, reached out to us by finding us on Facebook. We no longer use Facebook as a social platform but he as extremely desperate. This "blogger" obviously doesn't want to pay for his own high-end specialty coffee, which is fine, but the hassle that many small and larger brands may go through being scammed by this guy is what I want to talk about. His name is Allen Glines and now is a good time to pay attention if you don't want this annoyance.

Alan Glines frames himself as a typical coffee drinker. The deal is a blog for a free bag of specialty coffee reserve after he reaches out and begs for it. You may or may not hear back from him until he is "ready" to write your blog a month or six later... maybe years. I would still like to think maybe I am mistaken about the fact he scammed our small business but he did. This is after telling us in multiple receipts that he adored our coffee. Plus, it's specialty coffee roasted to order that he had already claimed to have love but "was working on the blog". It's not about the specialty coffee but the actions he took and the time he wasted. A collab is a collab. The biggest faux paux is when someone ghosts you with product in hand after you have gone out of your way to send 3 different specialty reserve coffees. That's an exchange where only one party has come through.

Allen was excited when he reached out and THRILLED, to say the least to try the Toro Coffee brand. He even states that he is most excited to hear back from us, as we are most interesting to him out of any brand he had spoken to in his entire "coffee bible" blogging life. We have receipts.

He explained that he would write a no-frills blog about our company profile. It is what he calls the coffee bible, the point is to write something about all the coffee companies in the USA.

We even spoke to Allen candidly about the many requests we get for free farm to cup coffee and how people use "blogging" as a scam. This was October 2016. Update it is 5/29/2019* and I re-reading this asking myself if it is too petty but Nah, he deserves.  I started working on his order with so much love and passion as I do all my orders as a professional craft roaster, hoping he wouldn't scam us and would taste the love of what we do. He received the coffee in a beautiful package, but we never got the blog. Typical.

Allen Glines was taking so long to write the blog we wondering if he would turn on us just for following up. Some coffee companies openly do follow up with him online, but it is clear they are going through the anguish of potentially a PR conflict by having a bad blog written by a typical dude with no credentials other than he has 50k followers and that he likes coffee. 

You can see the more coffee companies send him coffee for free publicity even if it is for his lazy writing. The problem is, the smugger he gets about the free high-end goods you send. He is some random dude passively aggressively, threatening craft coffee shops on Twitter and then gets defensive when these companies openly ask: "Hey bro, where are your part of the bargain and why is it taking months if even ever?" 

I have been a roaster for a long time. I am not only a roaster, but I am also a 5th generation coffee entrepreneur. I have slept next to these beans in a tent by myself as a woman in the highest altitudes of the coffee belt. Humblebrag here, along with the fact, when we get a review it is always 5 stars. We take coffee seriously. When this dude came to us with enthusiasm about our brand and desperately wanting to try our coffee, with hesitation, we agreed because we always want to believe in people.

Does he have lots of followers? Yes. I believe he built them at the height of Twitter when they were throwing out Twitter verifications like candy. Does he actually do reviews? Sometimes. You can find a lot if basic worded reviews that are not worth the anguish of this guy getting some of your high-quality beans, time, or products.

Toro Coffee Co. did try to reach out to him but we still got no reply. We thought about Twitter, but again, the retaliation. He didn't say he wanted to review it, but I am always ready for such an occasion. We always micro-batch our high graded coffee from either our family farms or the greatest sourced farms we work with. We roast on everything from our Huky500t to the largest commercial machines. I am so proud of Toro Coffee Co. we actually sent him three different roast styles.

I feel that Allen doesn't know what he is doing. I believe he WANTS to be a real blogger but has problems writing content that actually matters. I see more and more random posts, that he calls blogs speaking about the numerous coffee companies that continue to shut him down. I wish Toro Coffee Co. had been one of them. 

Coffee, Cannabis, & Cannacrawlz April 25 2017

Cheers Amigos!

I am writing this blog after my morning Toro Coffee combo. Despite the world being an utter mess when I turn on the news, I find solace in the finest harvest. What a time to be alive. With my Toro Coffee combo, I feel euphoric and optimistic. I did do about 100 jumping Jacks and 20 burpees as well, so I believe it is all about balance. Balance is something I struggle with even today, but more and more I am starting to believe balance is the purpose of life. A little love, a little specialty coffee, a little workout, a little cannabis, and BOOM, my life is made. I have learned to appreciate the small things and do everything in moderation. 

You all know we love specialty coffee and our high end, fresh cannabis. It's a wonderful way to stay lifted and gifted. Legalization has really given us an opportunity to get more acquainted with top of the line cannabis without the stigma. However, there is still a bad connotation with it at times. It's so important we keep trekking forward with the progress we all have made. When we stop criminalizing weed we stop overfilling our jails and causing people harm. As a company, and with generations of family farms, and a Toro brand we are speaking for, we have never held back our optimism and support for legalization.

Fact is, Cannabis has been an intricate part in my healing process when it comes to PTSD from past traumatic events. During my triathlons I used capsules to deal with my chronically weak, and often sprained ankle. Being a person who has faced their own demons in regards to sobriety in my earlier life, I found cannabis to be the safest solution to many of life's ailments. Depression, anxiety, and pain have been said to all be treated with cannabis without it becoming addictive like other substances and with success. I can only speak for myself on this matter, but that is one more person you can add to the growing number of people who realize cannabis has healing properties. 

Personally, cannabis has a calming effect on my nerves. Some strains make me happy when I am down, and some make me sleepy when I am insomniatic. Some strains may make me anxious, so I remember to choose something that better fits my mood. There are two types of cannabis, Indica & Sativa. I am more of a hybrid type of a person, which is more of a centered high. It is all about the strain, and today I have chosen some Dutch Treat.

People find what is called "waking and baking" a wonderful way to open your mind after a good night's sleep. I add fresh roasted Toro Coffee for a strong and smooth start to my morning without feeling groggy. Smooth like butta', Strong like Hulk!

Cannacrawlz is our information portion about cannabis and this new era. With Cannacralwz, my small team and I, scope out the Pacific Northwest and all over the world, in a quest to find the finest in cannabis. From seed to sale we scope out the most progressive and true activists who help this freedom project become a reality and showcase them. Many families in the PNW have been farming hemp and cannabis for generations, so it is their hard-work and activism that deserve some real recognition and admiration. We hope to shed more light on the history of cannabis cultivation.

After we meet with our spectacular growers, scientists, and/or entrepreneurial green thumb friends- we tour grow warehouses, outdoor farms, dispensaries, and even the highest end of production for eventual sale. We bring this information back to you guys to talk about over a cuppa specialty coffee.

We know many of you are waiting patiently as your states figure out how they will navigate cannabis and the revenue it brings. The better we explain our opinions about the pros, and yes, even cons, of voting yes for cannabis/hemp, the more we hope it will inspire you all to vote locally. You are in control when you research the details about the freedom you and your community are entitled to. It's imperative we speak openly without the stigma, and think clearly for the generation ahead. Whether it is infrastructure or schools, it is important to note the money is most definitely present with cannabis. Technically, even legalized states are working with an almost blank canvas in regards to laws. They are aware the assured revenue is not something they can pass up. This is money, growth, and revenue for your state and community that is unmatched with any other harvest. With the most intense of battles taking place at council meetings and town-halls, maybe the solution is smoking with your counterparts prior to making those "clear" decisions for the future of humanity. 


Our nation is sadly divided. I think of this divide as I  reflect on the past 100 days of this presidency that has changed all of us. The world is divided. However, there seems to be one thing we agree on, and that is freedom. Cannabis equals freedom. When you decriminalize things humans consume, it allows us to better produce and regulate these things at higher quality, no pun intended.  

Obviously, Toro Coffee Co. having a stance on cannabis can be controversial, but we have seen real change and progress from the decriminalization of cannabis in WA & Oregon. The laws differ, but the opportunities are similar. Some of the opportunities that come from deregulation and decriminalization is the fact more jobs are created, legally! I am proud of the USA and its stance on decriminalization as of late. Hopefully, the Trump administration will continue forth with this beautiful business that creates revenue for every aspect of life. This puts drug dealers at a disadvantage. We see massive amounts of money being properly funneled into programs that are in serious need of aid in this country. We should not be buying this plant off a black market where people can cut it with fillers and cartels dominate. I have been able to compare the way of life here versus the way of life I left in South Florida. Living in in these two states where marijuana is legal the way of life is staggeringly different and calmer. People are just more chill on the left coast.

Because of our strong stance on decriminalization we have also been referred to as the "Specialty Coffee of the Cannabis Industry" by connoisseurs in both the industries. Are we proud of that? Sure!! We want people to know we respect their lives, decisions, and ways of holistic operation. We hope people will do the same with us. We are passionate about cannabis the way we are about coffee, cacao, and many other fine harvests. The most important information to us is knowing where the things we put in our body come from. When you eat or drink something, you want to know know when and where it was planted and harvested. You want to know where it was sourced. You can always find that information right here about any good we produce.  

To clarify if Toro products have cannabis in them- Not anything on this marketplace.What I can tell you is, we have even released some products in beta that show our deep appreciation for the pairing of coffee and cannabis. Our product is called Budda Brew. Until we are able to release our cannabis infused product in full force, we have an excellent recipe for people to make their own capsules at home which we will share with you all soon. It is so simple. Stay Tuned!

In closing, despite the chaos and controversy that surrounds the world right now with social media and us all feeling intertwined, it is best to remember, human nature is human nature. As for nature itself, it offers us an array of alternatives and solutions to ailments and afflictions caused by this cruel world. Cannabis and Coffee are marvelous antidotes.

When I get frustrated with the divide, I smoke a joint and realize that people with a brain know our politics are simple... coffee, cannabis, and conquering ON!



A Cup of Toro Oro, Some Post Obama Blues, and to Keep the Faith January 20 2017

Cheers to you, Ms. Reynolds! December 29 2016

Hello My Coffee & Life Loving friends,

Last night, we lost another legend. Debbie Reynolds was a leading lady of the Golden era of film. When she came back in 1996 in the movie 'Mother' the comedy, she was as endearing and as legitimate as an actress as she was 20 years prior. To summarize who she was, in a few words to me as a fan of film in all its eras, she came off as charming, classy, and gorgeous. A doll. Like the saying, "they don't make them like they used to". 

Debbie passed on December 28th. A day after her daughter, Carrie passed away. What appeals to me about Debbie and Carrie was their relationship with one another in adulthood. A mother and daughter relationship can be complicated, and trying. And, like anything that is complicated and trying, it's because it holds great significance in its complexities. Your mom knows you. You know your mother understands your mind, your body, your womanhood, your personality, your soul. From a daughter's perspective, it is one of the greatest gifts of a relationship you can have.  

Whatever awaits us, I hope both Debbie and Carrie her daughter, are with one another. These two powerful "empaths" leave Earth with fine legacies. One of the most attractive things about Debbie Reynolds as a person, is that she was ahead of her time. When I look back on her work, I see a youthful, yet wise force, as bright as the sun. I saw that genuine shine in interviews she had done as recently as a few years ago, where she spoke so candidly, and with a self deprecating humor you couldn't help but admire. She recently spoke of her relationships, and Carrie, her "Star Wars princess". She seemed timeless with a youthful expression that never faded.

I know some people aren't as fortunate as others when it comes to parents, dependent on circumstances. If you are lucky, there is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter-- Especially a relationship where a mother accepts her daughter with understanding, love, and joy, the way Debbie did Carrie. I know this love and acceptance from my own mother. We have had our ups and downs because life is difficult and quite the ride. Yet after a while, if your mom supports and understands your core, you tend to feel complete in a way that only a mother can make you feel with their acceptance and warmth.

This week has me reflecting on the greats, especially the BOLD women. I believe in the spirits and souls within us. I believe we are given a shell. If you learn to love what is inside your shell, and appreciate your spirit, and see others for who their spirit is, not their shell, I believe you have found the meaning of life. You still must move forth in the world, with the biases that live externally in regards to your shell. Which brings me back to the topic at hand, these two women, who handled being women with a grace and charisma. That should make any woman proud to be in a woman's shell. Their souls were fiery, brave, and unapologetic. 

These two spirits knew who they were. They lived openly and honestly. Here in Greater Seattle, that gives me more reason, to keep singin' in the rain.

We Cheers to you, Ms.Reynolds!




As I wrote this, my first cup of the day is Honduras San Antonio- Las Botijas

Ripe Palatanos, Deep Caramel, Sweet Cocoa notes

Content Matters?! December 14 December 28 2016

Toro Coffee Co. with Melissa Toro. Published by Melissa Toro · December 14 at 1:38pm ·

*Not so quick update about content, before we restock on the night of the 15th after an unexpected seasonal sell out. #Gratitude #UpdateAbove 🎅🏼☕️✨ As I enter school Full Time next year, I will be keeping Toro Coffee Co. but will not be able to share the same amount of content. I will be pursuing agriculture and law.

However, I want to get better at making more rounded and exciting content instead. What I have decided is, no matter what, I am just going to do what I want, be genuine and continue sharing what I hope is the most interesting content. Whether it's a $10 dollar order or a $500 dollar order, we want to show off the goodies and also entertain and speak to everyone who supports Toro Coffee Co. for our love of people.

My goal is to make sure my followers, friends, family and most importantly, customers know they are loved and appreciated, and that a message of hope, evolution, reinvention, and redemption, grows with a second chance movement. That becomes closer to reality with every like and follow, and most importantly ORDER! This is so much more than coffee as you all know.

I will be sharing a video on Christmas from somewhere cool, I hope. Even if it is at the house, I will see you then! LOVE YOU GUYS!

When I said North Africa, I also meant Syria or any other surrounding regions in the Middle East. #Aleppo…/moroccans-stand-solidar…/ Our thoughts and prayers are with 3/4 of the world right now.

The whole world during these insanely trying times! Regions expected tonight on the worldly menu:Rwanda, Colombia, Honduras- For business inquiries, inbestments, and/or to donate to the cause:


Carrie Fisher, & George Michael Over a Cuppa December 27 2016

Cheers, My Friends!

I hope you had an incredible holiday and are still doing so as we enter Hanukkah! What a year 2016 is turning out to be. I believe spiritually we must be evolving forward through these testing and troublesome times. I see more self awareness. I also see signs of massive change with the evolution in technology and in business. We all do.

I believe these almost impenetrable and stressful times have now stretched since 2001. Hopefully now, after a divisive election and a year that has taken so many legends, it will start a more evolved dialogue over cups of hot coffee as we enter 2017 and beyond. Or, to be, as some may call "dramatic", maybe these are the end of times, as we know it. Honestly, I anticipate we will cherish everything more, and maybe that's the turning point in all of this. Nothing, and no one is forever. However, It does seem as if we are appreciating life's gems more. I am grateful to feel the yearning to learn, in a way that allows me to open up with you, Conquistadors of the Soul.

You can always come to me too.

If these are the end of times as we know it, I am sure thrilled to be sipping on the finest coffee in the world and sharing a cup in spirit with you. That's not a selling point. It's a fact.

Stressful 2016 started with my best friend, my dog, Tyson, dying after 14 years, practically on his birthday in March.

Handsome Tyson pictured below:

Then, like a meteor, came the loss of Bowie (Master of Reinvention), and then revolutionary for a lifetime, Prince. Many others this year have seemed to leave us faster than years before...

Pictured below: a take on Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Cover, but with the loss & madness that is 2016- Photo by: Chris Baker

Is it old age?

Well, all of them barely made it to the actual "old age" of our time which falls much later in these stars' lives. We live in millennia- old age for us, with smart technological developments in medicine, and knowing how to maintain our bodies better, now falls into the late eighties, nineties, and hundreds even. However, statistics show we are dying for different reasons at all ages. One theory, is because of the very thing hurting coffee, and that's the stress of man aiding climate change, and overall stress of social global change. I am not sure why it seems all the greats are passing away, but all I know is life feels as if it is fleeting now more than ever.

With that feeling in play, I knew it was important to have a memorable holiday. So here I was, avoiding the thought of our troll- elect who would be leader of the free world in a few weeks. I ignored the feeds, the bad news, wars, the inundation I refuse, and the thought of all the legends we have lost so far.

Through it all, I had an epic Christmas, just relaxing and enjoying the little things. One of those was Colombia Valle de los Puentes as a salted caramel latte-- or just enjoying it black. It's sweet like a caramel apple.

To make sure the festive season was in full swing, I had gone to Leavenworth, WA. Before leaving, and to add to the magic of the season, we went to Pacific Place in Seattle. Lauren accompanied me to the movie 'Lala Land' which was beautifully done.

Above: Picture I took on my Iphone 6s+ after the movie and we walked through the rain. It was as magical as the movie felt.

All in all, it was a lovely holiday that I hope will continue until well past the new year. They say you can keep the holidays in your heart all year long if you try.

Stevens Pass above.

Leavenworth below.

Mission Accomplished: Over the weekend we had done a fantastic job at ignoring the news which is almost impossible nowadays. The next morning, after Christmas, on the 26th, my mom called me and told me George Michael died. Whew, this hit me hard. It brought back instant memories for me. I don't usually get too upset about celebrities, yet George Michael felt like an old friend.

There were so many memories with George Michael's music, such as the make-out sessions I had to his classics. He made timeless ballads that I related to. That voice that haunted any long kiss in the best of ways stayed in my heart as the soundtrack to the memories. However, the most valuable songs and memories, were when I was youngest. I would play tennis with my dad daily after school for a few years until I was a pre-teenager. Back then crushes were secondary to a good run and time with Daddy.

My dad, who is in the hospital today on the 27th. Yea, I woke up to that news today. Don't even think about it 2016!

Back in the day, I would play 'Freedom' and 'Faith' in my head like it were the anthem in which to beat my dad at tennis. My dad is good, always has been. Every single day after school we trained like we were training for the Olympics. The Olympic games never came to fruition, obviously, but back then it ran through our minds as we met up each afternoon to practice.

Essentially, I dissed my young friends to play George Michael in my head and train with my Daddy.

I cheers to George Michael, knowing he may have been one of my favorite singers of all time being part of the soundtrack of much of my life. He was also an inspiration to me in ways that go far past his music. He was a philanthropist. He also came out when many of us had no one to look to in the LGBTQ+ community. I remember thinking how brave he was, and how I could NEVER do that. I later did, around the same age he did.

Above: La and I doing a bunch of holiday things. Fourteen years of riding holiday style!


Today this is a moment where again, my dad has me playing George Michael in my head. This time, 'Praying for Time'. 

Below: My mom and Dad on Christmas, 3,500 miles away in South Florida, two days ago. 

"My dad is making a weird hand gesture. Idk. No Nazi. Maybe a little Fem at times!" - MT (FB)

Just when you think 2016 is done, Boom, Carrie Fisher is up. She lived such a full life with an awareness of who she was. It makes you strive to spend more time understanding yourself. This is a spirit many strong women & men look up to. Carrie Fisher was one of those women who showed us all that your spirit made you sexy. She had swag of an immense bad-ass energy. Growing up as a kid of the eighties, Star Wars wasn't just a movie, it was breath. It was our culture, and has continued to be something we all cling to.

Times were different when Star Wars was around in its prime, same for George Michael, Prince and Bowie. No one was in their "so called prime anymore" but their work was still being celebrated, and new work was being worked on by all these artists.

Fact is, it was too soon. It all seems too soon. Life is too short.

Which begs the question, when is our prime? How many prime moments do we get? Are they limited to our 20's, 30's, 40's, early 50's? None of these people had souls of a person of "old age". I think old age is an accomplishment if we are lucky to experience it, not a destination. 

Many of us know there was a message in Star Wars among many righteous messages. The Star Wars franchise and its story symbolizes the conflicts in life, and acceptance of others, where good beats out evil. Much like the theme of the franchise, the characters were larger than life. However, Carrie Fisher was so much more than the franchise. She herself, was a trailblazer and someone I looked up to as a kid and into my adulthood. She was larger than Star Wars and LIFE. One of a kind. Unique. Genuine.

Fisher transcended her life, handling addiction and mental illness with an awareness that made her wiser than her time. She helped us understand the human condition, while maintaining that appreciation, and respect from others. With her candor and openness about her inability to change the things she simply could not change, she allowed us all to accept our own quirks, abilities, and to learn humbly and honestly from our mistakes. Sharing her many stories has changed many lives. Mine included.

I have seen Carrie Fisher address sexism, ageism, and womanhood with the spirit of a warrior. Today we lost another legend. We lost another soldier in the battle of patience. I thank her for her words that will live on, and remind us all to live a little bolder, freer, and to never settle.

Carrie Fisher quotes:

Instant gratification takes too long.
Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
I was street smart, but unfortunately the street was Rodeo Drive.
You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood, because everybody does the fake closeness so well.
As you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don't.
There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.”
I really love the internet. They say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing.
I don't think Christmas is necessarily about things. It's about being good to one another, it's about the Christian ethic, it's about kindness.
I don't want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art.
I am a spy in the house of me. I report back from the front lines of the battle that is me. I am somewhat nonplused by the event that is my life.


Cheers to you, Princess Leia, or more fittingly, Queen Carrie! 

This picture was drawn by artist: John, why?

Twenty Sixteen has ended an entire era in a year. We all need to not only pray for time, no matter what you believe, but appreciate every second of it. 

Update: My dad will be in the hospital another few days, but my mom says he is in good spirits and feeling better. 

Also, mad love to Debbie Reynolds who passed on the 28th, only a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

Almost 2017, and there is a lot to do... December 27 2016

Hi guys,

I hope everyone had an epic Christmas! There is a feeling in the air, despite it all, that we are feeling closer to our friends and family. Also, that we are thinking about what matters most, what's tangible and how fragile and short life is. Let's cheers to fabulous coffee, the highest graded, specialty reserve, micro batched just for you! Let's cheers to the risk takers and farmers that bring these harvests to life! Thank you for all you do farmers, analysts, writers, exporters, and importers down the agricultural, multicultural, and business line! Most if all Mother Earth!

Twenty Seventeen is going to be a FABULOUS year. If there is a hot cup of coffee around to sip on, life is good. No matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, life is GRAND with a hot or cold brew in possession. <3

As for your roaster, I am working on so much today...The Host(ess) box- which really, if someone is throwing a party, let's help them wind everyone down after drinks, with some fresh cocoa and coffee, and scrubs for he or she post party for coffee bath, and a few cocktails for them etc. Or for yourself!

Cinnakin Spice had another KILLA year. It's gone from the worldly menu until next year! You Conquistadors know how to do it all natural, and deliciously fair.

We are almost sold out of the 'Sweet Memories box' and once the themed boxes are gone, they are GONE! I am searching for the finest goods around the PNW and the rest of the US, to partner and create these boxes. One we try them out, we then try brand new vendors out. If we like something, we will bring it back! That is how many fantastic small businesses there are running out here right now. Sourced fairly and crafted in the USA is our standard.

Furthermore, the shirts, the mugs you all have been requesting, and pricing for the new year are being handled! We upgraded the shop account wise and I am excited about 2017. I have done this slow but meticulously. Our seed money was lkiterally a road trip and 8 lbs of green beans from a remote region of Colombia from the family farms. Point is, we started this from scratch. Organically. We have all done it together. Even if you just got here, this is a passion project from  dreams, that is so much more than coffee- it's about life and reinvention.

This is your micro-batch roastery, webshop, small business, love fest, and YOUR place you shop to get your life fuel, to be bold, live free, and never settle!

We love you guys, I am grateful for all your orders. We will build and get out there more so people know who we are even more THIS coming up year. What's great is it is starting to happen more and more this year, and we did it with LOVE and taking chances and being Bold, and being driven, Living Free! Being who we are! Never Settling!

Fact is, Nothing is possible without you guys! 

MAD LOVE & ABUNDANCE, and very shortly Happy 2017! Cheers to you!



Mad Love Forever,


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