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Toro Coffee Co. Vlog - Rio 2016 Games Fresh Menu August 10 2016

Toro Coffee, The Fresh Roasted Movement July 15 2016

New Worldly Menu - July 15, 2016 July 15 2016

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Weekend Bliss; ‎Cupcakes & ‪‎Toro Coffee Signature Cold Brew (Cold Brew Concentrate) May 21 2016

This Guatemala Cold Press, signature cold brew by Toro Coffee Co. will likely literally, blow your mind. We love it sweet here at Toro Organics, but we didn't add any sugar to this cup!

This cold brew bottle is filled w/brownie tasting Guatemala & seeped for 30 hours! It's strong, smooth, bold yet subtle, a true "mouthgasm" as some of your fellow Conquistos proclaim!

Stay tuned in for more Cold Press news along w/more of what's ahead this summer!

Worldly Pack Upgraded to 12 ounce Option May 09 2016

White Coffee February 07 2016

White Coffee, aka Killa Brew is a highly caffeinated delicious drink! We are having fun roasting these late night white...

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Tanzania Peaberry makes its way back to the worldly menu February 06 2016

Tanzania Peaberry from Mbeya Iyula Group, is always a favorite here at #torocoffeeco! We choose a #worldly menu so you...

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All You Need Is Love and Toro Coffee Co. exclusive - El Viaje, Coffee and Cacao blends February 06 2016

All you need is love. #torocoffeeco #ToroOro #cacaoycafe another #roastedtoorder #microbatch for a delivery here in...

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New Toro Coffee Co. Roasted To Order Coffee y Cacao Blend January 15 2016

#ToroOrganics pairings #Rwanda #ToroCoffeeCo y #Bolivia #ToroOro #Cacao

Posted by Toro Coffee Co. on Thursday, January 14, 2016
Facts: Coffee is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants. And studies have shown that it may reduce cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods, and stop headaches -- not to mention reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson's diseases.
Cacao is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world. Many of the antioxidants present in cacao are flavonoids, including anthocyanidin. Like all antioxidants, these flavonoids are intimately involved in the prevention of free radical damage, but they also have a central role in boosting collagen protection. This means that antioxidant-rich foods like cacao are not only good at guarding us from cancer and other degenerative diseases, but also provide us with many anti-aging benefits.

Happy Holidays From Your Artisan Roaster November 27 2015

25% OFF! We've got this weekend of giving started. It smells like roasted nut, cocoa, and s'mores (Guatemala and Rwanda...

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Toro Coffee Co Sparkles this Holiday Weekend in Specialty Coffee November 27 2015

Today a new shipment awaits! We are waiting for many green oro pounds and they WILL be here in a few hours!!If you...

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Hug In A Mug November 14 2015

Our thoughts are with #Paris and the #world as we roast this morning! Rain is falling here in the PNW, it is cold but...

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Sad You Missed the Deal? Secret Is, the Savings Never End at Toro Coffee Co. October 02 2015

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License

Here you are, The "new wave" Coffee Connoisseur. You are evolved. Not in a fake way either, you really are making a difference in your way of buying your favorite foods and drinks. Thank you for choosing us as your roasters. You finally came to the realization that other coffee choices probably weren't healthy as they sat in warehouses for years and were mass produced at charred roast profiles (those REALLY dark roasts everyone "loves") only the devil can create and sell to you as "good" or even "decent coffee". It took me 30 years and a trip to the land of my blood in Colombia to really appreciate what I was drinking. I have been drinking coffee since I was four, so don't be mad at yourself for waiting too long. That pueblito style: where you had them roasted next to the very finca that the farmers just picked from harvest, that is now found here economically with the pennywise yet high end roast styles that are unique to us, and only us. 

Your budget savvy conscience has helped to set up your own coffee bar, and sip on your single origin, artisan, roasted to order, personalized Toro Oro-- which is a small, USA based, two person start up, with a back story that fuels reinvention in each bag, and carries its motto of "devote your heart and passion to your customer" -- A business mindset we wear like a badge of honor- because it is.  Saving money with the Maserati of specialty coffee is how Toro Coffee Co. consumers roll! 

Your piggy bank is filling up as you continue to be your own barista. Here at YOUR web-shop, you know you can ask any question because you feel you at home, plus it is nice to order from home and have it delivered to you. You paid for your specialty coffee. With Toro you paid for a personalized roaster, who knows you and how you like your high end brew. 

With the last name Toro, this is generations of coffee. This is serious business and you KNOW your roaster. You are the boss and you make sure you are getting what is worthy of your hard earned cash in this day and age.

We wanted you all to know some quick $ saving stats as we move into our last quarter of the year... as a baby company with big dreams, BIG LEAPS, and even bigger deals with loyalty points and fair, out of this world, price points. This company is YOU! We grow together and we learn together as we build a platform to give back and make the world a better place-- Again,Together.

From a competitor, a 12 oz bag of specialty coffee runs you about $18.50 plus. Most of these shops roast weeks ahead- some even hours ahead, yet not roasted to order, and not small batch that is roasted rfo only you. Here, this is not a buzz phrase--Their roasters can roast 20 lbs at once, still can be considered small batch?!  Is that a batch roasted just for you?! Starbucks which also uses the term "small batch roaster"  is using a roaster that is bigger than a SUV. Eventually we will have to roast larger amounts as we continue to grow, and we won't be able to provide the type of gourmet roast to consumer delicacy that is happening now but our hope is to figure out a way to do it where we don't lose the essence of you, and the freshest operations you have fallen in love with us in these two short years. I refuse to lose the essence of true small batch.

Toro Small batch is the latest harvest form each region across the globe, roasted at 250 grams/roast. It take 3 of these micro roasts to get to one pound of perfect coffee.
The coffee celebration deal was killer, but it as also a reminder that without a deal like this Toro Coffee Co. is here for you, to make this fun, easy, worldly, and ALWAYS Affordable.
This is an idea to show you how much you save:
This is based on a monthly order of 2 $20 pound bags (our most expensive bags based on harvest availability/region; with shipping) being consumed in 30 days.
Broken down, this equates to 0.77 per cup, based on 2 cups per day, which is 1.53 a day. These are approximate numbers but do the math yourself to see how much you save based upon your personal coffee consumption..
This is without any special, or loyalty points! Pretty fabulous right?!
If you use our discount code: "Oro" you'll get 10% off, so your daily cost would be:  0.69 per cup, 1.38 a day for 2 cups. That's less than $10 a week! 9.66 to be exact. 
With all the options in our webshop, we often hear "where do I start?", "I feel overwhelmed, I know very little about specialty coffee."...give yourself more credit, it is specialty, but that is what is fun about learning... We make sure to get the most well rounded cups so people can slowly get their feet wet, and start opening their palate. We will walk with you every step of the finca. We are always available by email ( from ordering to pre-order to post-order.
Conquistadores, we blow our competition out of the water in price, small batch roasted to order freshness, and overall personalization. It is hard to make a decision on what type of fresh roasted, hand-crafted specialty beans to order when they are all so divine...but here at Toro Coffee Co. it is always going to be The Fresh Roasted Movement- which means, we make this platform so tasty, so real, so about YOU, that the foundation is strong to execute our kindness in action with all the missions we hold deep to all of our hearts.
When we do deals, we want people to take a chance on specialty coffee and taste the difference. Without the deals and steals, your choice to go with Toro Coffee Co.saves so much money, time, IT IS A DEAL.  End those drive thru throw away $6 trips (not including gas & idle time in a car) and start saving and drinking true Oro. 
We will always do deals, points, and giveaways.
These beans come from the hands of my ancestors and my family today. From bean to brew, if you order Toro Coffee Co., the deal is, it is GREAT to be YOU!

Toro Coffee Co. Celebrates National Coffee Day & International Coffee Day this Week September 29 2015

HAPPY #NationalCoffeeDay, Conquistadores! We are roasting away on another fine day. I don't usually take selfies, but...

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Fall returns along with Cinnakin' Spice™ - holiday pumpkin cinnamon spiced sweetness September 26 2015

What is new in this year's Cinnakin' Spice™ ? When I brewed my 3rd cup today I realized I had made the simplest yet...

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Good Night Conquistadores- September 10th September 11 2015

As our night of roasting comes to an end, we again thank you guys for all your support. It is a new month and we are off...

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End of Summer Harvests: Colombia, Mexico, Brazil & Sumatra September 04 2015

Let the excitement and passion ensue. Tomorrow I announce new deals for these new fincas -we couldn't fit it all in one...

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New Fincas July 15, 2015 - Another Journey Around The World July 15 2015

Good Evening Adventurers:The New Menu is on its way! Worldly Packs-- Fresca Summer Harvests. Your Roaster is thrilled....

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Summer of Dreams Promo - Never Settle July 12 2015

You guys have 20% OFF! It may be Tuesday but the Summer of Dreams is not even close to over--> Make it count! Promo: Summer of Dreams It is that simple. You can even shop from Facebook! Never ever settle.

Summer of Dreams Special June 14 2015

Don't miss the opportunity to save 20% on the Toro Coffee Co. collection, to fuel your #SummerOfDreams!

Discount Code: Summer Of Dreams20% OFFWe need to make sure everyone starts the summer RIGHT~ stocked up, #WorldCup,...

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Uganda Try It! June 14 2015

Uganda is BOLD, Different, and Rustic. Fair Trade and Organic-- It is similar to a cup of Yemen. It is almost...

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Sangre de Café - COLOMBIA June 14 2015

Are you Conquistadores Ready?! This Worldly Menu has us up late with our palates watering. Can you ever have too much...

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Café Cubano - Toro Style April 26 2015

We miss SoFlo & We love making Cuban Coffees Toro Coffee Co. style.

See, here is the deal, most people wouldn't dare prepare Café Cubano through a pre-ground bag. This is usually reserved for streets of Cuba y Calle Ocho en The Magic City, where you can get the real deal from any shop hot and ready with your perfectly sweet, paper cupped shot.

We found a way to capture it. Uniquely different, yet sweetly familiar pays homage to our roots. Now you can bring that vibe home. 

You need to drink enough Cuban coffees (& we have) to do this justice through and through. Whether a Pour Over, Chemex, French Press, or preferred Espresso machine (which pulls a sweet shot of heaven) your palate will sparkle with FELICIDAD with this Cuban Style Roasted to Order Specialty Coffee!

You can take us out of Miami but you can't take the Miami out of us!! 

Veritas Coffee- Toro Coffee Co.'s Blend Collection April 16 2015

There was this book that always followed me around through many years of my life. One that was always packed, but that I perhaps let dust on it's shelf. It's a "Harvard Classics Deluxe Edition, Marlowe, Shakespeare". The emblem, a shield that spells out "Veritas".

While Veritas is now used as a motto for elite universities & schools, this Latin word meaning TRUTH is also owned through Toro Coffee Co. as a unique product: Conquistador Blend, Veritas Coffee, a Toro Coffee Co. Collection.

While single origin coffees are delightful on the tongue, after creating an always individual blend of beans with only single origin, freshest harvested, hand-picked fincas: this is a MUST taste.

Our roaster, after cupping and tasting each region, farm by farm, specifically decides how to make each Conquistador Blend ordered.

I'll always love the distinct flavors and characteristics of single origin regions. Knowing the finca they are from, the history, always interesting. I have changed my point of view on blends. I'd hesitate to drink an "unknown" blend, but with Toro Coffee Co., each region and bean is hand-selected for an ultimate mouth pleasure.

Like us, and the world in which we live, the Conquistador Blend is always changing, yet always remaining true to it's source, and to you, the consumer. Aiming to bring you the best of "todo el mundo" is our mission. 



SCAA 2015- Take 3 April 15 2015

Seattle again hosted and held the annual coffee event that has everyone from the coffee belt and beyond paying massive dues to network. We still pay and do it anyway. 

SCAA is fun but is it worth it? Probably not.

The classes, are valuable, yes, but have gone up a large percentage since coffee hit that "third wave".

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks were sponsors of the event. This was usually an event held for the FINEST specialty roasters and underground yet highly in demand coffee suppliers and parts- Now it has become what most would call a corporate event and beyond.

We expect the same for CannaCon that we know will not be the 40 dollar admittance it once was for a whole exhibit hall- meaning access to the best new brands and gadgets.  Looks like we may have to shell out more as these expo organizations grow. 

We are hoping they stay 'stoner hospitable' and keep the prices low because it really is about passion for anyone who even takes the time to come.

At SCAA in Seattle, Starbucks we let slide having paved the way for burnt yet better sourced coffee, and some political moves that have shaped an industry for what some may debate, yet I believe for the better in some realms.

It is all about who you know. For us, all that matters is representing for all of us.

Winner for April 12th Giveaway April 15 2015

Our winner is JAY LONG! Jay, Thanks for your support. We are going to try to get in touch with you. If you see this,...

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LOVE & the dankest specialty coffee for The Finest Conquistadors,


The Reinvention Project April 15 2015

Photo Credit : business partner and COO Lauren Castaldi while on a trip to the coffee farms of Génova, Colombia. 

There's a light in the darkness where hope is the dream of those who are AWAKE.


Our cause here at Toro Coffee Co. and Toro Organics is being laid out as we get ready to release a very amateur yet one day brilliant blog.

We WILL become journalists.   All of us!

We all do it every single day, and as the world changes we want to talk to you about the PROBLEM with the "War on Drugs" and how it affects EVERYBODY: Our troops are fighting a war they cannot see in many regions against opium and cocaine- Some of them treat their PTSD with street drugs because of the war on drugs. Our mental health, children, families of addicts, mass incarceration, mandatory sentences are all affected in some way by the war on drugs. The list is NEVER ending.

It is a topic that is relative to everything. A drug can be whatever the government says it is.

In a few years alone, marijuana became legal in a few states when people thought that was a dream never to be full-filled- Now you know where your flowers come from just like the food you eat. You can now treat Cancer patients openly with cannabis.

Also, everybody is their own BRAND:

We ask that you share your story of REINVENTION and strength with us and let us take a chance on what may be bigger than what we can realize today.

Conditions: You must speak in PRO language. No negatives. Your story can be negative but it is all about finding the light within through all of that.That is the story- Strength.

Example: Even the story of adventurer Chris McCandless who roamed away to get away from civilization ended up being such a big part of our conversation no matter how secluded he was or wanted to be. His story lived passed him. That's the point- Share your story or someone will tell it for you. You never know who you are inspiring. He left enough to tell his story in pictures and in writing, and continues in death to inspire other adventurers yearning to get away from the status quo.

People are able to share their life stories and help someone else. We ALL have one, and there are 7 billion of us. No one's pain is greater than someone else's.

Through Specialty Coffee, Classy Cannabis, Sporting events like endurance walks while going on an adventure, triathlons and marathons (all in time)...we will build a platform we all can come to. It will ALWAYS be safe. Here, it is ok to be whomever you are.

Every day you are here is another chance to prove yourself right or wrong- whichever is holding you back.

And drink the dankest coffee in all the land to fuel your adventures.

Stay Tuned.

We are so grateful for you awesome people who like this page. Seriously, it is the classiest list of people.


Melissa Toro
Founder of Toro Organics/ Toro Coffee Co/Bull Marketing/ The Reinvention Project/ Toro Oro hotlist/ Co-Founder, No Attorney Needed




Holiday Worldly Specialty Coffee Gift Pack December 10 2014

Now, on special and for a limited time, Holiday Worldly Gift Pack starting at $20!


  • FOUR 5 ounce bags of the highest grade specialty coffee, worldly selections, roasted to order. 
  • Holiday Box and packaging, note, gift tag & holiday dressings.

Regions: Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico (Decaf only), Ethiopia


The gift boxes are filled with worldly passion from the harvests, to me roasting them, to you drinking them. Spread the holiday love, Conquistadores! $20.00 with $12.95 medium priority box.

$20 Holiday Worldly Gift Pack (normally $30) 

Also, on special, Toro Coffee Co.'s Worldly Gift Pack

$20 Worldly Gift Pack (like holiday pack, without holiday packaging- can be given altogether or individually, pictured below)

‪Promo‬ codes:

  • Oro: 10% all orders, including subscriptions
  • Holiday: 30% off orders over $100

Also new this month, ‪LOYALTY POINTS‬!!!! When you place an order, you automatically earn 2 Oro Points on every order! Although you already have a Shopify login, you will see at the bottom right on any of our site's pages, there's a black box that says "Join Our Points Program"- do that!! That will automatically give you 500 Oro Points which is $5 off! Or save your order to earn $10 or $25 off! It's all for YOU!

*Please note, promo codes do not apply to the Holiday World Gift boxes or Worldly Gift Pack as they are currently on sale for the holidays. 

Bringing back the best for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday November 26 2014

My friends,


What is Toro Coffee Co. grateful for?

YOU ALL! What a year this is shaping up to be.

There is only one way we can show our gratitude, and it is to give you the most popular deal of all the deals we have presented:

$15 off $40
Promo Code: HolidayVeritas
This code is starting Thanksgiving continuing through #BlackFriday,#SmallBusinessSaturday to #CyberMonday.

Your roaster will not be able to start roasting your #ORO until after I spend time with my family and friends (like I hope the rest of you will) on Friday. Don't worry though, it will be the very first thing I come home to, and nothing makes me happier than roasting for you!

For anyone who ordered before this deal...I made sure to throw in extra love in the 'priority flat rate boxes', because I can always fit a *special touch* of this or that. Do not feel like you missed out, because I always made sure to make it count above and beyond in making sure you feel appreciated for what you are, Toro Coffee Co. Coffee Conquistadors.

With all my gratitude and heart, here is to you,

Melissa Toro



Hi Guys,

I, too, want to thank each of you for your love, support, faith and hope these past 6 months! As a company, and personally, gratitude for each one of you is GRAND! Your energy and shared love of only the best drives us to constantly be better.

We are proud to now offer #LOYALTY Oro points for all your purchases! Not only will you earn 2 Oro points for every dollar that you spend, you will also get 500 Oro points for just signing up!

There's a small black box on the bottom right of every page on our site that says "Join Our Points Program Login Now" --CLICK THAT! That's how you sign up to earn your initial 500 points. & what does 500 Oro points equate to? $5 off your next purchase! You can save your points and 1000 = $10 off, 2500= $25.

We are always running promos as you guys know, and you can use these in combo with your earned oro points! If you've purchased in the past few days, your loyalty oro points have been recorded, even if you haven't yet signed up!

Also, we are proud to partner with Paywhirl to provide monthly subscription services for 1-4 lb bags per month. You can ALWAYS use "ORO" as a promo code for 10% off-even on recurring subscriptions!


Wishing you all an overflow of love, joy, happiness, peace & mas amor,

Lala Castaldi

Our Holiday Jingle Deal November 02 2014

Here is... The Great #DEAL!

Happy November and holidays to come, and THANK YOU guys, so much, for choosing to shop small- It is smarter and always sustainable for everyone to have a better quality of life;
Here we go:

Any orders of $65 or more (no limit, 4 bags of 1lb fresh roasted, seasonal harvested Oro), and you get 30% OFF, which is at least $20 off your order!

That is starting at $6 off a bag!!!

Tell me if you find this at any small batch coffee shop (they truly don't exist) or roaster; fresh roasted to order, personalized, freshest harvest, with the Toro touch- you won't !

How do we do it being so small? Who knows.
We do know, we want to selfishly share all the holidays being your number #1 brew and being with YOU.

We are coming together with a #holiday Fuego Box™, that will also be a FANTASTIC deal. Stay tuned!!

Remember, now by popular demand and for cost effectiveness as coffee goes extinct slowly, 1lb bags (more to savor).

There have been many changes yet we are in this together/juntos.

***Also, You can ALWAYS use our ongoing special code for 10% off any order!! If you only want two bags....Code word: Oro ***

For any questions please contact us at

Peace. Love y Black Oro.


*Please make sure you guys choose the right shipping. Anything over 3 bags needs a medium box to get to you.
*Working on "frequent buyer" cards. 

*Our scrubs are getting revamped as we make our first holiday if you don't see them, note, they are coming back soon.

*We are NEVER ever, done. We are making sure to order the nicest French Presses, Moka Pots, single cup brewers, etc....THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

*Cinnakin' Spice Coffee is getting better and better with each fresh roast!

*Chocolates, and anything sustainable through coffee is coming your way. We want you to be able to add more to your cart to add to your coffee adventure.

*Anything regarding cannabis please PM us...YES, we are HARD AT WORK!

*As we navigate we hope to offer even more deals...and don't forget...MT loves giveaways!

    Toro Coffee Co. and Mental Illness Awareness Week October 10 2014

    I just got back from a small adventure in Oak Harbor, at Deception Pass, here in Washington.

    The reason I really wanted to get away was to think of a way to frame a comfortable "post", to tell you all about something that is so close to my heart...

    This week is Mental Illness Awareness week. I am upset with myself it took me so long to acknowledge it (I was supposed to post something Monday). Why? Because, well, I myself have Bipolar, and although it is something I know to be a gift and part of me, there is so much, in fact, if not all, negative stigma around this unseen/internal conundrum that I get embarrassed myself...

    How shameful that is for me to say!! I get heart broken re-reading that but it is true and by doing this helps me relieve my own stigma.

    Today, in particular, is focused on Bipolar Awareness. This is why I did this. How could I wait this long? Yet, I am happy I went camping to clear my mind to write this from my soul.

    I created Toro Coffee Co. to be much more than a farm and specialty coffee... and it is.

    I wanted it to be a way my friends and family could connect with me when I seemed unreachable. Or maybe, I just wanted you all to feel where my passion goes and how useful it is when focused on what you're supposed to be doing with your life.

    With T.Co (Toro Organics) I want to give back to kids like me who feel lost and abuse substances to not feel- Adults who felt like a million chances aren't possible and leave way too soon. I want people to know every time they share a post about Jim Carey and Russel Brand talking about the way life should be lived, that they too, have Bipolar. Their internet viral popular views on love, life, and all around understanding is simple, and a message to the world from their intricate minds.

    There are many deep minds like Robin Williams who used humor to shield him from people knowing the pain he felt from the world, and being/feeling so connected to the world's heartaches- That to me is what bipolar is. And one more time, better yet, forever, Robin, you were in my lifetime and for that I am blessed to have watched such inspiration.

    Bipolar is: "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." -Oscar Wilde
    (also believed to have bipolar)

    I use humor as a shield, coffee as a passion, harvests as a gift, triathlons as discipline, photography as my art, (even writing has come back passionately) etc., to help harness all my desire to stay within the realms and happiness in a world full of pain.

    Helping others has been my mission, so, I get consumed with many of these outlets to harness any energy I am feeling. I feel I can never do enough, be enough, or satisfy enough...until last winter when something so life altering happened personally... I realized that all that matters is what I think of me, what my truth is, and ADVOCATING for the freedom to be that person. We all deserve a right to be who we are without consequence of others' opinions if you live respectfully and are kind to people. You would be surprised how many live in hate and I as well, feel sad for those people, because they may be fighting something I don't understand. That is the whole point and that lesson will stay with me forever.

    By me sharing my work with others and my passion for life in a way that is "owning your truth", I can be understood better by my friends and family when I may be dealing with something that stems from Bipolar.

    What is also interesting is many a time, the greatest moments of my life have been because of my Bipolar (Yes, I am serious)- Because, Bipolar is not a disease to is just part of me. It is the part that makes me see a sunrise or sunset like it could be my last. It is the feeling I get when I live every moment to its fullest. I knew it would give me a platform to maybe help shed a light on what is possible when you give yourself a chance to accept the things you cannot change!!

    I knew starting my company would force me to come out with all of me. This has been so revealing and frightening, but at the end of the day...if you know me personally, or get to know me on here, drink my coffee and see my mentality, (I fail many times too in my mantra about life but never stop striving) is to keep things Real and Positive, Strong, Disciplined, Passionately, then maybe, maybe, maybe, we could change the outlook of one person, just one.

    That is enough for me.

    Thank you all for supporting Toro Coffee Co./Toro Organics. I love my life and my job. You all are starting with us and we never forget that. It is a tough journey, but we will take it together.

    I get amazing emails from people that make me cry. You all are amazing. Please note, I am not kidding, this coffee is magical because of YOU. You let me be me, and what a gift that is. THANK YOU!!


    A Creative

    #MentalIllnessAwarenessWeek #Bipolar

    PS- There is something I want to share with you, and that is how comics portray mental illness. If you get a chance please check out courageous work done by artist Ellen Forney - Cartoonist . She is a Seattle resident and I hope she sees this because if she saw my vision board, she would see, she has really inspired so much since her last comic. I owe her more than a bag of coffee. Like a hat, I owe her a tip of my "crazy" mind, and a thank you in person. Brave.


    Other Famous People With Popular

    Haitian Dondon y Organic Fair Trade Sumatra October 05 2014


    It is finally here, well on its way officially. Here is it guys, the new beans are....

      Haitian Dondon and Organic & Fair Trade certified Sumatra.

      Let's start with the first one, the exotic and thrilling Haitian Dondon,

      Haitian Dondon, is said to be a typically classic Caribbean bean in every sense- chocolaty and sweet with mellow 'citrus-highlights'. It's a perfect cup for those who want to share another cup of Toro Oro after work, with it being hailed as an all day drinking coffee that will bring you to Haitian paradise.

      If you are like me, this is great news, because I love drinking the 'conquerors brew' every time I want a break from this crazy world, and it is quite the escape to have another versatile yet unique cup to add to the menu and our life. 

      This is a roast best served at a nice clean City to City+, even Full City, just meticulously watched after 'second crack', that won't compromise all these beans have to offer. 

      This is one of Haiti's small Co-ops, Fall harvest, so I am thrilled to have these beans here by the latest Wednesday. We are working on the variant this weekend to get ready. These are RARE. These beans are expensive by pound, and like all specialty beans they come with standards that are only found with our shared international grading system (palates included)... they are worth it.

      This is pre- Kona arrival. We look forward to see what to insights are for the Haitian Dondon. Although, both Kona and Dondon are extremely different, they are unique and highly valued throughout the world. Being our store is right here with you guys online...we always want to see what mood you're in.

      I am Very excited about this!

      We always bring you the most fair stay tuned guys. I am seeing what I can do so we can all share in some Dondon. 

      Now, to add to our ever important mission to offer the cleanest best beans in the world starting with them all being Specialty; we have to talk about this Organic Fair Trade Sumatra.

      We are blessed with these beans from coffee plantation:

      Takengon Mandehling (FairTrade)

      These beans are buttery, flowery, bright, complex yet balanced.  I have been very vocal about my adoration for Sumatran coffee. I find Sumatra beans to be some of the most palate pleasing beans, ever. When I saw we could now potentially work with a farm that was not only Specialty, but Fair Trade and Organic, I knew it this was going to be a huge seller. Get ready to book your subscriptions friends. These are beans you want you get in your morning cups of adventure. Epic is no longer an is a standard.

      Since T.Co roasts to order, we carry limited inventory. We only want the freshest harvest, in those modest brown bags. We know the artisan work and care are not only tasted in each can smell them 3500 miles away. We have the magic touch and we will keep bringing them to these beans.

      The second you get the beans you know this is not just quality, this is fresh harvest and that is again what we are working with. The freshest and fastest arrival for you all to enjoy this holiday season, that is quickly approaching.

      And that my friends, is NEWS!


      All Natural Organic Pumpkin Spice - Cinnakin Spice™ September 30 2014

      Growing up in Florida, seasons aren't what the majority of states experience, and us Floridians wait for a hint of fall and winter to latch onto. The Halloween stores pop up and maybe you need a light cardigan on your nighttime beach stroll. For the past few years, we've felt Fall thanks to Starbucks and their Pumpkin Spice Latte. They caught wind and added a few other flavors to their holiday line.

      I am a former PSL consumer. I'd wait in line, often through the drive-thru w/AC blasting to get my holiday on. This drink was always thick and filling. Sometimes, I'd have a tummy ache afterward. Had I known what I now know, of the ingredients/lack therof, I would have chosen a different route to Santa's Enchanted Forest.

      Dissection of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte

      I am especially proud of the premier product in our holiday specialty coffee line: Cinnakin Spice™. With all natural ingredients, and the finest specialty coffee, it will not disappoint and will convert you too, to a former PSL addict. Being a health conscious holiday coffee, we keep the sugar levels low (or you can order sugar-free). With only 8 grams of sugar per serving, you may decide to add more sugar, soy creamer or coconut milk to make your ideal Pumpkin Spice Coffee.  

       Toro Coffee Co.'s Cinnakin Spice™ 

      Since the birth of Toro Organics, Melissa & I brainstormed on creating an organic and naturally fantastic way to jump in that pumpkin craze that comes over us each and every year. Being a partner at T.Co has opened my eyes to an unseen world of coffee, harvests - and being a newbie West Coaster has heightened my care and awareness of what exactly is in the food and drink I put into my body. After all, Seattle is the current holder of the title for #1 spot for coffee snobs in the US.

      "Seattle is definitely a city of coffee snobs. It's just part of the culture. People here value authenticity, even when it comes to the ingredients of their lattes. They want the artisan, hand-crafted experience..."

      The idea was planted, so we moved onto to test kitchen-in July. I provided insight, tastings, holiday season rhetoric as Melissa did what she does best: create. As she stated,

      "When you roast specialty coffee you never want to take away from the natural flavours of the region's harvest. As a roaster, I want people to taste the complex thought I put behind every hand-crafted roast. We knew there was no way to get that extremely sugary concoction that 'other shops' were offering because they use pumps of faux flavours and mixes- which the owners of T.Co have eliminated from our diets and are not something we'd promote being neither natural nor organic. This also means that even Cinnakin, with each order, will never taste the same. It'll always be original and something the consumer will have to be their own barista with, and that is exciting to me."

      We all pay so much for our bills, rent and mortgages, why not provide the coffee with some "spice" so we can all enjoy the best at home or in a to-go cup? Thereby opting out of the extra cash and wasteful minutes we anxiously awaited a liquid heart attack.

      Not only will this be roasted and made to order, like all our coffees, the taste, feel & aroma will only leave you wanting more. It's hand-crafted with a perfect amount of organic pumpkin spice & organic cinnamon to provide the ideal holiday taste. True to it's name, Cinnakin Spice™ at first, brought the sweet fall scent of Pumpkin Spice dancing to my nose. Upon tasting, I recognized the cinnamon, pumpkin, and natural spice- completed with a perfect amount of sweetness (organic coconut palm and cane sugars). I choose to pair my brew with organic milk to make a creamy, delicious, naturally good for your body and soul pumpkin spice, or as we've dubbed: Cinnakin Spice™.

      My go-to hug in a mug, cup to desire by the fire, new brew. 

      Lala C.

      Thank you to Vani Hari, aka Food Babe for fearlessly outing a coffee retail giant without shame nor worry to promote awareness of what we put into our bodies.

      What is Toro Coffee Co.? September 09 2014



      With the beginning of Toro Coffee Co. in the public spectrum, commonly the question is posed:

      'What are we even?'

      Do they roast their own coffee?


      I was initially only going to have the pueblitos near our finca in Colombia roast the beans after harvest, since that is how I fell in love with the sweet Colombian coffee bean. I wanted to keep the roasting with the community that harvested it. They do a brilliant job, probably because they are roasting their means of living. I didn't want to change that sentiment, procedure or style, but the day I roasted coffee for the very first time, I knew I had to make my heritage proud and use my coffee blood accordingly.

      Coffee roasting creates a very meditative place for me. We live for being creative, and me personally, going back to my 'veritas', roots, and being a proud Colombian American, executing the dark art, is artistically satisfying. Thanks to the specialty coffee Gods, at 33, I now know more about roasting than I could have imagined, learning more each minute.

      There has been a tremendously calming realization, that despite all the competition, we could and will rise above and create something interesting from scratch- Something bigger for our loyal following- Something that was indisputable with my Colombian bloodline and our work as a team. Whether it is oven roasting, or the best roaster on the market, if you don't have the my opinion, don't bother.


      We roast small batch, fresh seasonal harvests, in a way that brings out each bean for desired quality and taste, by any cupping standards. All of our beans are no lower than an 85 grade ++, which is  top of the line for the finest coffee beans in the world by international standards, and all standards throughout Specialty Coffee enthusiasts. Something uniquely extra special happens with our coffee; Maybe, it is because we are so passionate about harvest, life, and all things natural, but when you are roasting such small batches, something 'intimate' comes to you when you order.

      Anyone who is a part of us at Toro Coffee Co. feels as close to the bean as we do. From bean to brew.

      Are they Farm Owners?

      Yes, The Toro name is synonymous with coffee farms in Armenia, Colombia and beyond. I was built on a coffee bean as was my whole family. My immediate family and I are currently all partners in a beautiful micro-lot in Genova, Colombia. Toro Coffee Co. resides here in Seattle as we begin the journey of furthering our dreams as a company. Colombia is where our finca and casita are, where animals play and where magical arabica coffee grows in a region that looks like Eden.

      We do business with approximately 10 different farms (and counting), like ours worldwide (small, single origin, and fair), at any given time located from different regions. It is always dependent on what harvest is most recent, and what meets our standards for our company. Every farm has their own identity and flavour profile. If we never knew what it was like to have a finca, we wouldn't have the appreciation we do today for every detail.

      Our farm is in the process of becoming 'Specialty'. Currently my family's finca next door- meaning steps away, went first, and has been picked as specialty coffee. We're up. My ancestors did this, (making sure the finest coffee beans evolved) and we are currently bringing an approach that is new to the business. If you see the name Toro, and it is not on a lawnmower, chances are you are talking about Toro the coffee producers- and that Amigos is us, or my family representing a long lineage of coffee farming.

      T. Co. is currently looking to purchase a second farm in Colombia. The plan is a new generation of coffee growers, specialty coffee being our sole focus, as well as community outreach for those surrounding our farm. This concept is not new, but we plan to do it differently. We plan on staying in the great Northwest as we surround ourselves with the pickiest palates on the planet. The dreams and goals are plentiful and like anything else we just go for it.

      Are they advocates of some sort?

      Most definitely do we believe in helping others. We are advocates of judicial reform. We are for cannabis legalization in all 50 states. Because of people close to us, and our own lives and experiences, we have first hand witnessed the hardships of addiction, ptsd, at-risk youth, mental health stigmas and overall lack of empathy thereof. We solely want to explore these problems as any community does and with our business make strides.

      Those are the issues we are passionate about. We really hope through our goods, services, blogs, and outreach, we can spread a message of a positive embrace on all things LIFE. We live for the moment and hope that we all can be good to each other in a time of so much change- and enjoy the harvest.

      Toro Coffee Co. is so much more than an online coffee shop. It is also cannabis. We are also organic body scrubs and spices, all made from coffee- the list will continue to grow. It is all things you crave. It is, in my mind, what we all want on those days that we are drinking our coffee and all is right in the world. It is that moment you have your favorite hoodie or t-shirt on, and the wind hits you perfectly as you are about to conquer a day. It is that moment you take that flight to a country you weren't sure you would see.

      We are advocates of moments and being present in them!

      Do they sell cannabis?

      Yes and No. No, on Shopify. Yes, in the city of Greater Seattle. We vend edibles to a medicinal dispensary that carries and sells them for us. We do not sell cannabis online as that is illegal. We must abide by all Federal and State standards. We are only medicinal for now.

      Does our coffee have cannabis in it?

      Not at all. The site you are on now, is solely for Specialty Coffee.

      In Medicinal Dispensaries in WA?


      We are about to roll out a line of Specialty, Gourmet coffee products that are cannabis infused, because like all fine goods, we must try to incorporate beauties of both harvests. This has been a year in the making and a very tedious process. We are rolling out a set of different strengths, and flavours in our original cold press coffee concentrate. We are passionate about coffee and cannabis so this was always a fit for us as business owners and fresh, direct trade, harvest enthusiasts...we always want to know the source.

      They will be available for sale through the medicinal dispensaries we work with, until we can get access to CO, and all WA retail stores.

      The T.Co. vision in short is:

      We use ALL our creative forces to share our vision through harvests, travel, writing, photography and media. This is an avenue to explore travel and business with a more well rounded creativity that highlights the important harvests that surround us.

      In essence, I found a way to make all my passions go hand in hand. I want you all to join us.

      In Closing:

      I hope this answers many of your questions about what we are. We are agricultural entrepreneurs who want to evolve as the world does. That means our mother company Toro Organics will be delving into ventures to make our coffee even better while we bring out the best in other harvests as well; The focus being on the community that makes these harvests work.

      It is always about community.

      We want to be the next wave of producers that takes a whole different angle and makes it beneficial for not only us around the world...but the producers and farmers we work with. I know that seems to be the rhetoric in specialty coffee, yet we are coming from deep rooted heritage.

      I am following in the footsteps of my grandfather, Jose Manuel Toro, who was one of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever reside in Armenia. He was 'La Voz de Armenia' - in so many ways. Although La Voz de Armenia was a current events radio show, he was building the city, investing in fincas and properties, while building a community.

      In my opinion, and many others, he built that city. Our goal isn't to build a city but better yet, build up a community, maybe a city, country or better yet 'countries'. Seems pretty ambitious being so small, right?

      This is what Toro Coffee Co. is. Big Dreams, Big Moves. Big EndeavorsAlways, and we do mean ALWAYS, following through to the end.




      Sold Out