Roasting Up New Ideas & Worldly Products in 2020 January 22 2020

This is about so much more than specialty coffee or worldly goods. This is about a message: This is about recovery and reinvention. This is about being raw and using my heritage as a 5th generation coffee connoisseur , a Colombian American, after a crazy ride now w/ you guys during the fourth industrial revolution. I am proud to be a part of a new wave of millennials, zoomers, to boomers who agree that if you are here to take another breath you are here to start again. Forget about judgment. We are who we are. We all make mistakes and the ones who fail and live to tell the tale can be a lesson to those open to hear it. I am not trying to virtue signal, I love doing what I do. We are nothing without you!

Cheers to 2020!

On Youtube I am going to start a segment called Coffee Talk. I want to do what we did on the Antihero Voice and expand and we have re-named it the Toro Podcast.

Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves