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What you need to know...

We wanted to do it right and make sure we had you covered in every realm. All subscriptions are for 3 months, mailed every 28 days, always freshly roasted just for you! 

You know those "Netflix of Coffee" subscriptions you see from 3rd party coffee sellers? Well, they may have variety from different brands, ours included, but now you can come to the source. We offer an array of roasts, fresh farm to cup regions, fresh from harvest, then roasted to order, personalized, just for you. Bean to Brew!

From seed to cup, only 87+ graded specialty coffee from farms to your door. Imagine knowing your artisan craft coffee, from your personalized roaster, delivered with every detail taken care of for 3 whole months in one swoop. You never have to worry, your package will show up without you having to think about it and paying for stale coffee on the shelves. By the time it gets to you, it will be in bloom, and blooming throughout until your next batch comes.

That's Toro fresh ta' death!

We made sure to be the boldest/artisan specialty coffee subscription available so you can have the taste of the fresh roasted movement and some extra savings in your pocket while having the world in your hands.

We recommend the x3 -1 pound bag subscription (which means 3 pound bags a month) because this comes in a box allowing us to surprise you and your bags staying in tact without USPS squishing them during delivery. We are just being real.

Whole Bean/Ground Specialty Coffee Subscription:

Every month we send your choice of 1-3 fresh bags of Toro Oro with your choice of 3 different sizes, to fuel your adventures of the soul.

On every single package- big or small- you save BIG TIME with Toro Subscriptions!

Save $$ as shipping is included all 3 months! 

Choose 1 -3 bag(s)/month!! 

Save an extra $10 with (3) 16oz for 3 months!

Order your hugs in a mug today! ☕️💓


**Subscription months start when you order your subscription. For any special requests, please put them in the notes with your order or private message us anywhere!

**Any of these subscriptions be canceled at any time by contacting The Conquistador Contact. It is found in the home menu and we have linked it here too.**

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