Bangin' Blends- Toro Signature Coffee Blends

Cafe Cubano - Dirty Toro - Veritas Blend - El Viaje - White Coffee

Always roasted to order, custom made & crafted just for YOU!

Toro Coffee Co. is synonymous with the most epic blends. Even our body scrubs are blended too, deliciously, as Conquistadors brew them as bags of coffee. It's really funny but that's how delicious our scrubs are.

Now let's talk about All Toro Signature Blends!!

On the far left you will see Cafe Cubano. This is one of our BIGGEST sellers. Honestly, our signatures are ALWAYS our best sellers!

Cafe Cubanao is a dark roast that's right on the line of a Vienna where we keep the flavours and integrity of our high-end Toro Colombian Coffee beans.

We source these beans from our personal family farms every fresh harvest season. Then upon your order, we blend every batch w/ demerara sugar.

This is the only blend we offer in a 5lb bag!

During the holiday Season, Famous and Vegan Cinnakin Spice, a blend of all natural pumpkin and cinnamon spices blended with our without organic cane sugar. Cinnakin' Spice joins the crew in the Fall every late September.

Dirty Toro- 87+ Conquistador blend of regions your palate lives to die for every morning, with loose leaf Chai tea.

Veritas Blend-  When we mean fresh, we mean it. We walk the talk. Veritas is the truth in all things craft coffee and international flavours peaking in greatness. We blend a worldly mix of 87-90+ specialty coffees to create one of the most popular specialty coffees in the world.

NEW-This is NOW also available in a 5lb bag!

Toro Cinnakin



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