El Viaje™ - Specialty Coffee & Cacao

$ 17.99

Specialty Coffee y Cacao & now Maca Root blended batch by batch to create some brilliant flavours:

Ripe Fruit, Baked Brownie, Roasted Almond, Cocoa Powder, Sweet Honey, Dulce de Leche, MIND GLOWINGLY AMAZING- two super-foods fall in love and make Toro Oro.

Paired with a perfectly blended ratio of...


Buttery and Soft with subtle hints of Tropical Fruit, Dates, Chocolate!

We are on a journey together, Conquistadors. El Viaje is a delicate blend of two harvests we all on this planet adore, chocolate and coffee.

*Filled with antioxidants this drink is fuel for the modern day Conquistador who knows that health is vital part of killing them softly with excellence in El Viaje of life. 

*What goes better with coffee than chocolate?!

*Roast Style: City to Full City+ (What most would call Medium- Medium Dark) dependent on region and what best serves the cacao and coffee blend. . You choose Toro Coffee Co. for a reason. Your Shifu Roaster will be roasting and hand craft blend, your customized brew. Where the Conquistador reigns supreme, and must be fueled smoothly and highly caffeinated for ultimate life dominance.


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