Noche - Darkest of Dark Roast Blend

$ 18.75

When you order Noche you are ordering the freshest harvests best roasted Dark, and we mean DARK.

You know we in the specialty coffee community prefer not "charring" our farm to cup, fresh from harvest neon green coffee beans... so we roast a dark roast that still keeps as much of the complexity as possible. It's that fine line of finessing a bean and caring enough about the micro-batch roast to walk that fine line.

We are indebted to the farmers and harvesters to then the exporters (many times from our own family farms) to when it comes to us to roast and deliver it to your door, Human Oro. We take pride in getting it right!

It is BOLD & smooth like butter.

It's Toro Oro. You know what's up. It's DELICIOUS! It's divine. Here to blow your mind.

Roasted Just For You!


Fabulous for cold brewing and more!





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