Worldly Pack

$ 62.49

Hola Coffee Conquistadors,

If you want a way to start your Toro Coffee Co. adventure, this is one of the most popular ways. Don't forget to add two local candy bars to your order!

Hard to choose from the worldly menu?  We take care of the details for you.

All Fresh Roasted. Different Roast profiles, All Highest Cupped & Graded. All Different.

Fabulous as a gift, The Worldly Pack is a worldly sampler that is sure to please anybody who likes the variety of fair and diverse specialty coffee.

FOUR 12 oz bags of specialty Toro Oro (Oro meaning Gold in Spanish) coffee from a variety of regions around the world.

** NEW March 2019 -  Guatemala, Burundi, Colombia, Peru

We take meticulous care of these hand-picked beauties from the fincas we partner with including our own family farms.

    Always small batch for you, crafted with so much care and love- personalized.


    4 Fresh Roasts from the following Regions:

    • Costa Rica
    • Guatemala
    • Sumatra
    • Ethiopia
    • Nicaragua
    • Tanzania 
    • Panama
    • Kenya
    • Colombia
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Rwanda
    • Brazil
    • El Salvador
    • Congo
    • Bali
    • Burundi
    • Peru
    • Honduras
    • Yemen
    • Ecuador

     The list goes on... 



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