Worldly Packs & Themed Gifts

When I Think of Packs, Themed Boxes, and Specialty Coffee, I think, what would I want someone to gift me?

What do I want for myself?

Let's start with Worldly Packs:

Specialty Coffee in itself is a gift. Highest Graded, From the finest farms in all the world, it's a treat for the coffee enthusiast in all of us. At Toro Coffee Co. we offer an array of micro-lots to fill the need of all divine palates.

Toro Worldly Packs


I like variety. I choose my fincas like I choose anything important to me. They need to be highest graded, and the most recent in harvest. We are drinking this daily. Now we can definitely be our own barista. Plus, the beans are specialty so they come with a standard you know started with an admiration and respect for harvest.


We take these divine regions and bring them to your doorstep, fresh, roasted to order. Four of them to show diversity. Since this is micro-batch and roasted to order, not one batch of the four coffees are the same. What a delight for a worldly palate. What a menu for a barista at home who loves to craft their own drinks.

That's what I would want. That's why I never settle!

Sweet Memories Box:

Now that you have the finest in all specialty coffee, you need some tools for the sweet-toothed artisan. We make sure the Sweet Memories Box comes equipped to handle your coffee lover's desire for sweet and smooth! We make sure they have a special place to hold their leather journal, camera, and love notes. 





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