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Small Batches, Large Fiery, Big Picture Thinking Souls!
Toro Coffee Big Picture Thinking

We live in a world where everybody wants to be judge and jury. Toro Coffee Co. believes if you still live on this earth, your chance to start over is as simple as deciding you won’t be a slave to judgment and will reinvent. The only constant in life is change. Own who you are. Own your mistakes. Own you are a champion. Own we need you here. Own that we need your story of reinvention and transformation, even if it is only told to your closest friend over a cup of Toro Coffee. Like a ripple effect, your story changes the world.
Toro Coffee Co. specialty coffees are cupped at over an 87+, artisan roasted, personalized for the Conquistador of the Soul with every penny going back to the community. It's here to fuel your reinvention, redemption, your dreams, and your bold ways while helping others do the same.
TORO- Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves.
It's about fueling second chances, living your truth, and not following the status quo.
Like a matador who fights the bull because he needs to "prove his manhood"; We are the Toros. The Toros who are here to be courageous and teach the world that strength is not found in oppression but in redemption as man continues to find his way during the 4th industrial revolution.
Our story starts on the golden pineapple fields of Colombia after getting clean. It starts with addiction that was beat and thrown into remission with the spirit of redemption and understood in modern context.
This company stands for reinvention and being whoever the f*ck you want to be without apologies. For some of us, that's actually coming back from a 18-year war, fighting cancer, mental illness, it's starting over, losing someone we love, living through a school shooting, owning our truths, coming out, beating addictions, and conquering our souls' desires.
Toro Coffee/ Organics is about LIFE and being here for you with a cup of deliciousness and acceptance, always. It's about sharing a cup of generations of life stories, migration & travel, survival of my ancestors who made many coffee lovers and worldly thinkers to share a cup of 87+ specialty coffee. We share our hugs in a mug in spirit with the conquistadors of the soul who came before us to plant the seeds of coffee and change.
It's about understanding that this world is upside down today, but beautiful if you can cut yourself a break for being a big picture thinker, understanding this is YOUR TIME, Torito!
The Toro seed was planted over 5+ generations ago. It was in 2011, in vibrant and colorful Colombia, the land of my blood, that it was reborn as a 100% LGBT & woman-owned venture. Toro Organics promotes second chances via coffee, cannabis, and fine worldly goods for a better tomorrow.
You can find our famous green beans roasted at other specialty coffee retailers from Madcap to Azahar and more. Our family’s harvests have been winning awards for generations. For an artisan experience, you are at the source.
Here at Toro we know some of the most brilliant ideas flowed over a cup of coffee or tea.
Toro Coffee Co. openly supports the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, vets, to breast cancer survivors/patients, and working with addiction/mental health.
In the 1940s my grandfather, Jose Manuel Toro started ‘La Voz de Armenia’ which brought harvest and politics together.
He leads the way in starting one of the first major radio stations in the region. With harvests of many kinds, my grandfather starting building the community of Armenia Quindio, Colombia while riskily talking about local politics, current events, and philanthropy. We are a non-profit model that splits our proceeds to the most reputable nonprofits.
Cheers to you, Abuelito- Your grand-daughter is here to carry the torch with a group of incredibly diverse Human Oro. Most of all, thank you, Human Oro for naturally being the seeds of change.
Cheers to the freshly roasted movement to
Be Bold, Live Free, Never Settle.
Melissa Toro 


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