Toro Events

Since our inception, it has been all about bringing the passion to you and delivering worldly goods to your doorstep. For our events, we provide an array of delicious goods and services such as music, table setups, specialty coffee, specialty cannabis, freshly baked goods, and appetizers.
TORO is an acronym and it stands for Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves. The only thing we can count on in life is change and reinvention. With Toro Coffee, you know every cup is a new start.
With that platform, we fuel events that promote a fresh start...for example, some of our events include:
Small Weddings, Meet-Ups for Investing, Fundraisers, TTT (Toro Toke & Talk), town hall meetings, democratically held events, fueling election parties, an event pre- SCAA, or Cannacon. We are honored you choose us because of the bold message of reinvention we stand for.
What personalizes based on what your event is. 


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