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Hola Human Oro (Gold),

Because of our activism our socials have been flooded with alt right activity and hacks since 2017. Many of you remember how we were taking on the evil parts of the NRA and how they took the time to write articles about my personal twitter, even pretending to post as me (Melissa).

Even our website was hacked. But you know we will never let anyone stop us. Never Ever can you stop this freshly roasted movement.

We have over 250+ ONLY 5 star reviews since we have started. So this page is to ensure we can give you extra insights on what makes this brand, YOUR brand and why it's so important to KEEP GOING! We are nothing without you. You can find most of our verified reviews on our "Reviews" page located in the main menu. We have kept the anonymity on this page of beautiful our customers (from all walks of life) who openly share their names, but in this day and age, want to protect since the division in the world has gotten a a bit out of control with cancel culture.

Veterand Love Toro Coffee

Toro Coffee Reviews

March 27, 2020 Testimonial

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Toro Coffee Reviews

Toro Coffee reviews

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