The Toro Podcast

The Toro Coffee Podcast
Hola Toritos!
The Antihero Voice is now The Toro Podcast!
When I decided to take the risk of saying a bunch of things that may not age well, my life experiences, that I knew would be up for debate by the PC police, we started the podcast with some fine quality Select Carts (now known as Social) and let it all hang. We knew it was worth the risk. I knew podcasting was something I could no longer ignore. Meaning my love of broadcasting. My interest of current events and how podcasting was a way to talk about our ever changing culture here in the USA and reach the world. It was a way to also talk about reinvention, the fourth industrial revolution, and even maybe help others. Helping others is our main goal always. It was a way to talk about TORO- Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves.
Lauren and I are now just getting started. After taking that risk of facing our fears of podcasting and talking about things from the #MeToo movement, our stories, #MTGOW, #Incels and all the taboo topics that can cancel you in this culture...we decided we wanted to keep going. We never claimed to be perfect broadcasters. We are women business owners who have been through a lot in life and want to share not only our stories but the stories of others.
With that...If you are interested in being a guest on the new podcast, please contact us! W would love to share a cup of coffee or tea and spill it all over the interwebs. 


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