Brasil Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon

$ 16.49

Apricot, Sweet Chocolate, Hazelnut, Golden Honey,
Ripe Plantains
Score: 87.0
Elevation: 1200 meters
Method: Natural
It has been about 5 months since we have had Brazil in and we absolutely missed it. However, as fantastic as much of Brazillian coffee is, not all lots are created equal. We made sure to make the type of comebacks we love- bold & fuerte!
Santa Lucia is known for coffee excellence in the specialty coffee world. This farm is much like ours in where they harvest much more than specialty coffee. This is a family affair to where farming has been passed down through the generations. It is our honor to carry lots that represent the parallel roots our families were built on.  The coffee belt is connected in many ways and we know this world is too small not to pay homage to our Brazilian neighbors and their divine coffees. This farm is approximately 90 hectares of delicious coffee- Yellow Bourbon, 
 & Yellow Catuai. 


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