Toro Cold Brew Steeper

$ 15.99

Roasted to order, The Toro Cold Brew Steeper will make any summer epic and memorable, fueled by delicious excellence from farm to cup and good vibes, Torito. It's one of our best sellers for a reason. It's a smooth reminder in why we are always sold out. <3

Cold brewing with a TORO STEEPER

Place filled specialty coffee filter in a large container/pitcher that fits the steeper and will fit the 6:1 water to coffee ratio.

Each Toro Steeper order comes with TWO 4 OUNCE packs. Made for use with two larger size pitchers.

Our recipe is a 6:1 water to the coffee ratio for each steeper. Using 8 will make it just as deliciously smooth & fabulous.

It's as simple as placing your Toro Oro Steeper into its brewing container, adding water & allowing the magic to happen overnight! The result will be a true-to-region flavored coffee, on a cold brew level (think Espresso) with:

  • 66 % lower acidity.
  • Cold Brew is naturally smoother and sweeter
  • Fresh harvested Specialty Coffee (HIGH-GRADE 87++)

Cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period. 

Cold brewed coffee naturally seems sweeter due to its lower acidity. Because the coffee beans in cold-press coffee never come into contact with heated water, the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a different chemical profile from conventional brewing methods.

Original Toro Blend guaranteed to be smooth and sweet to awaken your taste-buds to a culturally refreshing coffee experience. We live for exciting the palate via fresh Earthly harvest. 

You can expect a little coffee sediment at the bottom, don't worry, that's normal. 

    That is what makes us different:

    We don't just buy coffee and cold brew it for you- You order, we roast fresh from harvest, from the farms we have partnered up with, to bring you the highest quality beans. We then handbag the steeper the day of your order after it’s ground to a perfectly coarse ground on our burr grinder. 

    You will always know the origin and date of roast with your Cold Brew Steeper! 

    • High Grade 87 and UP ONLY
    • Single Origin Beans
    • Steeped for 18 hours minimum
    • Use Freshly Roasted Coffee ONLY from that day, that order.
    • Tastes fantastic with alcohol (Seriously)
    • Tastes fantastic without (like you are drinking something illegal because it is so darn marvelous)
    • Phenomenal drink while saving the world
    • All day super human powers
    • Smooth like Butta'
    • Strong like BULL
    • Fantastic on ice cream
    • Great on meat as a marinade
    • This is Toro Coffee Co. Brew. You will literally taste the differences within each harvest.
    • You will taste the varietals in all their the elements, flavours, and complexities of these regions.
    • You are in control to make it as strong as you would like it
    • Gets tastier and more developed on the way to your doorstep

    Cold Brew Concentrate serving options:

    • Hot Brew
    • Cold Brew
    • A way to fly and have super energy*
    • A way to have some coffee swag and talk about its richness, smoothness, & silkiness
    • Used as Dessert Topping 
    • For Coffee Cake Recipes
    • Great for sauces like BBQ
    • Perfect for Events

    If you would like it bottled for your Company, or event please contact us. 



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