Colombia Huila

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Cupping Notes:

Warm Brownie, Butterscotch, Ripe Plantains, Ripe Tropical Fruit

You will never EVER be disappointed with a cup of Toro Colombian coffee, only blown away. Seriously! If not, we will give you your money back.

There is a reason Colombia is known for its prestigious coffee and it's only gotten better with the third, now the fourth wave of coffee.

We know because that's the foundation of Toro Coffee. We are 5+ generations of coffee amor, farming, and now 100 percent women-owned import, export, and roasting.

Even when you thought these cups of Colombian Oro, whether from our farms or from our neighbors that we work with couldn't get any better, the system of procedure and production have changed the game for good and these cups are nothing short of BRILLIANT.

To me, life is delicious and worth living because of the sunrise, that first breath of fresh air we get, and the everyday cup of Colombian coffee so many of us rely on in the morning. When it's specialty coffee real life seems like it's a dream.

Not only is this cup of excellence what it is because of the complexities of rich and sweet flavors of one of the most beautiful places on earth, but because they are well-known sweet treats we all adore in life such as brownies, ripe plantains, and ripe fruits you find in each sip. You can also taste the passion of dreams coming true with fairer pay, more competition making these coffees fabulously epic. Sustainable coffee, roasted to order, at 2200 meters, knowing where it's sourced from directly just tastes like a victory because it is. You are changing the world one sip at a time when supporting Toro Coffee Co.


Elevation: 2200 m

Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Country: Colombia 

Region- Huila

Process: Honey

Altitude (meters) 2,200 m

Suggested Brewing Method: Auto-Drip, French Press, Moka- Pot, Chemex, Pour-Over of any type-- Versatile and savory like all Toro regions.

We are Tackling Obstacles, Reinventing Ourselves...

During and post a pandemic, while transitioning into a new presidential team that affects the world trade etc, but we are fueling it with grace and understanding knowing we live in our house, not the White House.

Also, we understand as Human Oro that we are fueling each morning with intention of reinvention and reinvention for all. With every breath, we are starting a new day and a new way. There is no better way to do that than to support small biz, give back to your community from the Dominican Republic to here at home with Feeding America (our chosen charity this quarter)

With each sip, we are changing the world one butterfly effect at a time, contributing our money to non-profits that fight systematic racism, supporting immigrants, trans rights, ending homophobia, helping veterans, feeding America and so much more! Thank you for being apart of the freshly roasted movement!

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