Colombia - Toro Family Fincas- El Vergel (One of our best sellers after VERITAS)

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Toro/Caro Fincas
Balanced & Smooth All Day Cup Fueling Humility & A better Way Forward
 Cherry, Ripe Plantains, Dulce De Leche, Macadamia Nut, Cocoa, Panela
Our Farm- Fincas Caro/Toro
1770 meters- Genova, Quindio
Head Farmer/friend/family & Mi prima Margarita's Husband, Danilo Caro, works side by side with my uncle Fernando Toro to get these highly graded and fresh farm to cup specialty beans via the Toro name to other artisan roasters in this third wave revolution. 
Women have been the foundation of these harvests, and to bring that message worldwide with our aroma and flavor filled fresh roasts. 
More about our director of operations in Colombia:
Danilo Caro is well known for his work in specialty coffee from providing coffee to many specialty coffee roasters and other brands as we enter the third wave the way the Toro name has through all waves.
We are the wave.
We say that humbly yet with a philanthropic aim our souls that started with my grandfather Jose Manuel and with Danilo's family in Italy.
This coffee is in our heart, on a mission to fuel a revolution of giving back and to help others. The wave we speak of is one of evolution, a humane humanity, fair trade, and where women are treated with respect the mothers who birthed this world (women) deserve.
He is a world-class dairy, cattle, and now blueberry farmer. But most interestingly, Danilo is a world renown Olympic Gold Medalist for Colombia.
He married into generations of agricultural harvest with the Toro name, yet has his own legacy from Italy and beyond. 
Danilo Caro- Toro Familia Fincas Head Campesino

This is the truest Toro Oro.

These beans come from a place that can only be described as Eden. This coffee is from Génova, Colombia where three of our family farms are located. Our Finca, El Vergel, is a magical place located in the region that isn't as developed as the rest of Colombia. I literally slept in a tent next to these plants when they were being planted in 2013.

Toro Coffee Co. offers our generations of love and passion with our own farm to cup harvest. This specialty coffee, harvested from newer coffee plants has endured through unexpected mudslides and elements to get to us. It makes these fresh greens even more special. We feel so blessed to have our own beans in stock from such a gorgeous harvest.

Génova is a municipality in the southern part of the department of Quindío, Colombia. It is located 52 km south of the departmental capital Armenia In 2005 Génova had an estimated population of 12,600, of which 7,100 live in the main urban zone. Source: Wikipedia
Area: 115 mi²

Showcasing passion and love from generations of our family's history this cup of coffee is sure to blow your mind. This specific coffee is what called my soul to get into the family business and bring it here to the states in a way that had never been done before.

To get to Génova by car you have to go on some of the most treacherous rides through the narrow and unpaved roads up the highest elevated mountains of Colombia. This special harvest comes right in time for delicious cold brews, and every specialty coffee drink of every variety. It's time to fuel that summer of Abundance! Cheers, my loves. It is an honor to roast for you all, especially these beans- my bloodline, my culture... Toro Oro.



My father, Carlos Toro working on the raised beds 



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