Maui Mango Tea

$ 7.75

Tropical, Organic, MANGO! Come on, it is like a sunrise of mango bliss in a cup. You might as well be on the beaches of Cartagena ;) or Maui of course.

No caffeine. Organic Mango bits, organic pineapple bits, organic orange slices, organic strawberry fruit granules, organic hibiscus, organic marigold petals.

Fresh, delicious, and always an all-day drinking tea if you choose.

The penetration method is to infuse in boiling water and let brew for a minimum of 5 minutes. 

Comes in a pack of 8. You can steep or pour over them. Japanese Cold brew style with some fresh fruit makes for a fabulous party drink. 

4 grams each serving. Contains 8 biodegradable tea bags.

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