Costa Rica Helsar Santa Lucia -Cupped at a 90.1

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Flavor profile: Caramel, peach, coconut, ripe plantains, toffee, semi-sweet chocolate, golden honey

This Costa Rican specialty Toro Oro is uniquely complex but balances at the end for a swift finish that leaves you wanting more. This finca rises 1650 to 1800 meters (5400 feet to 5900 feet) above sea level. This is a well-known farm with a lot of love and passion behind it.

It explains the flavor that can lend to 3- 5 cups for those who are truly an all day drinker. Seriously, it's that wonderful!  This farm produces something really magical with their sweet and divine cups of arabica beans. Sweeter notes with even balance and body. This is specialty Toro Oro is cupped at a 90.1. 

More about the Oro:

The Helsar Micro Mill is well known to coffee enthusiasts located in the Western Valley Region in the gorgeous area of Alajuela. Zarcero is the capital city of the canton of Zarcero in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. It is also the name of the district that includes the city where the beans are sourced from.

OriginCentral Valley, Costa Rica.



Processing Method: Fully washed & sun-dried

Harvest of:

February 2018

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