Guatemala Peña Blanca Familia VillaToro

$ 18.49

Classic Toned, Espresso, Hefty Chocolate, Cocoa, Torta, Dusted Macadamia Nut, Big Body, Mild Acidity, Fantastic for Espresso!
When we think of specialty coffee there are regions that always stand out. Being small batch roasters at Toro Coffee being importers, growers, farmers, pickers, roasters we take pride in the bean roasted to order. It shines the light of fresh harvest. It is like your first ground coffee. Once you get a grinder you never go back. Guatemala has coffees that never make you want to go back to any other region. I love Colombia because it is my region and I am biased. I also know the quality of the beans and how much love is put in but that love is found in all the other specialty coffees we feature. Some farmers I know play classical music to their beans. I know as a roaster I admire certain ways specialty coffees roast and Guatemala always has always played a symphony on my palate. 
Guatemala is known for being an all day specialty coffee with its bright, bold and rich caramel and cocoa flavors. If you are a coffee lover this specialty coffee is for you. If you have a preference in how you wanted it roasted let us know otherwise we are going to switch it up between a City and Full City +. 


Varietal Typica, Bourbon
Grade SHB
Arrival Date Early 2020
.4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Region La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+; definitely on the versatile end of the spectrum
Organic No
Score 89.0
Recommended for Espresso Yes




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