Guatemala San Diego Buena Vista SWP Decaf

$ 19.99

Guatemala SWP is in Conquistadors of the Soul! 

Over and over the question has been 'Can you really enjoy a cup of Decaf?' and the fact is, you can adore it! Prefer it! Fall in love with it daily!


Because it comes with the perfect amount of "pick me up" without the high caffeine some prefer to reduce during certain periods of their life ie: pregnancy, training,  elimination diets, etc.

Specialty coffee is the highest graded coffee in the world. Decaf done in a SWP manner is not only preferred but a fantastic way of bringing on a new coffee drink that has the connotation of not being caffeinated because it is decaf, but also fabulous because it isn't.

It's a fairly new way to enjoy the highest graded harvests in all the world without missing a beat. 

I know you all have been wanting a SWP DECAF for a while. Thank you for your patience. The craze is real with the third, now the fourth wave of specialty coffee.

First come, first serve!

We are dealing with Conquistadors of the Soul here who demand the finest beans in all the land. Just because it is Decaf does it mean any differently. So lets get into it! 

This is an impressive all day cup, with White Wine, Sweet Bread, Brown Sugar, Red Honey, and Sweet Panela come in.

San Diego Buena Vista has a balanced and well-structured flavor profile that makes for a 'classic' Guatemalan coffee working exceptionally well for espresso too. The dry fragrance of the SDVB has a restrained sugar in the raw sweetness, with notes of milk chocolate and cinnamon, smells that build a bit of momentum after adding hot water. The aroma of City+ roasts show more chocolate allusions - milk, cacao, even a grain-like carob - along with dried apple hint. The cup is great in the middle roast range, clean expressions brown sugar and almond, a spiced cinnamon and vanilla essence notes in the aftertaste. Full City ushers in high % cacao bar flavors, slightly fruited and with a pleasant bittering touch. There's a great relationship between sweetness and bittersweetness, striking nice balance in the cup. There's a citrus element too, but more like citrus zest in the finish. The cooling cup shows a bit of raisin, but overall, this coffee is less about fruits and most about structured sweetness and definition. As espresso, this one's a killer - dark cacao, candied nut, and light citrus oil. Nice.



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