Org. Honduras SHG EP Santa Rosa

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Smooth Chocolate, Dulce De Leche, Green Apple,  Walnut,  Nougat, Raisin,
Hibiscus Tea notes
I mean, don't get me wrong, I know you Human Oro adore our Toro Oro roasts because they are focused solely on you like a coffee love letter, but it has as much to do with the highest graded, direct, farm to cup regions selected by generations of coffee love that blow minds. 
Honduras is one of those regions where you never go wrong...It is an all-day cup with notes of nougat, toffee, caramel, chocolate covered raisin, with a tropical yet earthy finish on the palate. 
We ended 2017 with so many beautiful reviews for Honduras. The credit goes to the passion from the farmers who for generations harvest this region. We are only the messengers. We take roasting these beans from these co-ops as seriously as they do working together to make a more sustainable world.
There is a new generation of women growers who are giving Honduras the natural nurturing touch. Grab this harvest while you can.
If you are holding an event and need us to supply please place a pre-order via our Conquistador Contact so everyone can have a taste. All of our coffees are a unique variety of choices we make to make sure you have a full range of variety at Toro
Honduran Org. SHG EP Santa Rosa
Region: Santa Rosa
Lot #: 2557
Arrival Date: 3/11/18
Processing Method: Washed
Comments: delicious all day cup




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