Papua New Guinea Carpenter Estates- Sigri A.X Highlands

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 Papaya, Citrus, Vanilla,  Macadamia Nut,  Ripe Kiwi, Bittersweet Dark Cacao. A Citric Acidity. City to Full City.
This coffee is cupped an 88.1
Papua New Guinea is back for worldly palates. This is perfect for those days of reinvention that will always be remembered with that unique aroma of cocoa, and vanilla. This gorgeous cup will fuel motivation deliciously. You will taste ripe fruits such as kiwi with hints of dark chocolate and citrus to finish. 
Cultivar Bourbon
Grade A/X: A  grade for New Guinea processed coffees, the defects or abnormalities. Also determined by screen size using 350 grams of coffee. 
Appearance .4 d per 300 grams, 15-18 Screen
Processing Method Wet Processed
Toro Cupping Grade 88.1
Roaster's Choice of Roast City+- Full City+
Specialty Yes
Farm size 100 plus hectares

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